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The Originals: Season One
After staunchly refusing to give it a chance* since 2013, I finally gave in and started watching The Klaus Show The Originals. I guess The End of The Vampire Diaries left a hole in my heart or something. You might think I would fill that hole by starting it over from the beginning, and I definitely intend to do just that at some point, but right now I am craving new #DRAMA. Klaus may never be one of my favorite characters, but I have always really liked both Elijah & Rebekah, and of course this show has several witches, so . . .

Anyway, it's actually pretty good! Some characters are only introduced so they can be unceremoniously killed off, but most of them are developed quite well, and eventually I found myself liking almost everyone. Good or evil or wherever in between, everyone with a name and more than two lines proves to be most interesting. Davina is "obviously" my favorite (although I would like her so much more if she was played by Monique's actress!), but Cami is great too, and Marcel is yummy. Oh, and Hayley. SHE IS A COMPLETE BADASS. She doesn't care how ancient you are or how powerful you are, she will not put up with shit from anyone. I think it's equal parts a) her Mama Wolf instincts taking over and b) she is just ~~done~~ letting vampires push her & her people around.

The romance between Rebekah & Marcel is a bit squicky. Sure, it makes sense for him to have a life-long crush on such a gorgeous woman, but you'd think she would have no interest in someone she's known since he was ten years old. Then again, she is literally centuries older than almost everyone else on the planet. I don't know. Either way, Claire Holt & Charles Michael Davis have more than a little bit of chemistry.

This was obviously ZERO SURPRISE, but there were a ton of characters I liked a lot who got killed off for real:

  • Sophie (she became one of my favorites anyway, even though I knew she would ultimately be murdered by her own niece)

  • Bastianna

  • Papa Tunde & his sons

  • Genevieve

  • Diego (although I mostly liked him because he was played by a former Red Ranger slash Malcolm from Jessica Jones)

  • Monique (totally justified: Klaus kills her while she was trying to sacrifice his newborn baby)

  • Father Kieran :(

  • Celeste (SHE WAS SO COOL)

Esther comes back in the last few minutes of the season. I knew this was going to happen, but I'd like to think I would have been able to guess it anyway, since someone mentions that "Our mother was an extremely powerful witch" at least every other episode. I am spoilered enough to know WHY she comes back, and let me tell you, I cannot wait to meet Freya & Dahlia.

Speaking of witches! I am intensely curious to see how the French Quarter witches would react if Bonnie came to town. Especially now that TVD is over and she has successfully saved the world and "figured out this witch thing." She was technically dead for all of season five, so they just might think she's a myth.** Either way, you have to imagine she'd have them on edge. Ancestral magic is pretty much the only branch she doesn't practice . . . and yet, when the time is right, she can cast spells with the aid of EVERY BENNETT WITCH EVER, whether or not she's anywhere near their bones. All I'm saying is, there's no reason her travels around the world shouldn't include a stop in New Orleans at some point. Well, she'd probably want to avoid Klaus. Then again, she's so powerful now that he shouldn't even faze her. Clearly, I can't stop thinking about this!

Oh, this was apparent when they were on TVD, but here's one really nice thing about the Mikaelsons: Can you IMAGINE having that much money and NO JOB? They are like Tony-Stark-Harry-Potter-fairytale-princess rich. So the show is quite escapist in that respect.

*Interestingly, I was just as staunch in my refusal to give TVD a chance . . . until I found out the main character's best friend was a witch!

**Actually, probably not. Unless I'm forgetting someone, Sophie was the only witch on the whole show who didn't die and come back all season. Genevieve & Papa Tunde had been dead since 1919.


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