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Update: Spy Squad!
CAT BURGLAR: Arrived today!!!

TERESA: Ordered! $16.99 on Target.com.

BARBIE: Ordered! $16.99 on Target.com.

RENEE: Tried to order her for the same price as the other two, but Target.com is fucking out of stock. Amazon has has her for $31.79, which is ludicrous. She's only $18.84 on Walmart.com, but their shipping takes so long.

CAT BURGLAR DOLL & BIKE SET: Ordered! Amazon has it for $31.91 PLUS $12.99 shipping. I checked TRU, and they have it for $29.99 with free shipping on orders over $19. #RyanWins

STILL NEED: Ken, pink Junior Agent, all four robo-pets, RENEE, and Barbie's bike (which doesn't come with a doll but does have a variant of the robo-dog).


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