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Things I Love Right Now
1. Ever After High (obviously)
Thursday, this Thursday, three days from now, is payday. I am finally going to order some more shelves, which means I'll be able to justify opening ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of my boxed dolls! There are more than twenty waiting to be opened, and only seven of those are not EAH.

That said, I'm not sure if I will be buying any new EAH dolls anytime soon. I'm trying real hard to spend as little money as possible on fun things, and my current most major wants are actually . . .

2. Barbie Spy Squad
No, I still haven't bought any! Sad. I almost did this morning on my way to work. Marched into City Target and everything, and even took Renee off the shelf, but she was $30.99, almost twice as much as the website's price of $16.99, and I just did not feel like going to Customer Service and sorting it out. The store was super busy, and they seemed under-staffed, and I really just wanted to keep walking and get a burrito. So I did.

But anyway, yeah, I'm still in love with these dolls. I'm going to watch the movie after I get all, or at least some, of them. I love light-hearted spy fiction (Totally Spies, Charlie's Angels, Ryan always thinks of a third example), so it will probably be a whole lot of fun.

3. Captain America: Civil War
SO MUCH BETTER than Age of Ultron!

4. The Mindy Project
Honestly, it's one of the only things making me smile right now.

5. Finding Dory

6. TVD
It only took all season, but this show is finally good again. There's one thing that really bugs me (because there always is), but the latest episode is completely epic. The season finale airs on Friday, and I am so seriously stoked to see what happens. I haven't been this excited for this show since season two, I am not even kidding.

Of course, the reason it's so good right now? Simple: Everything is all about Bonnie. Absolutely every storyline happening right now has to do with her, in one way or another. The show is still not The Witch Journals, but it's so compelling (ha) that I do not even care.

7. Sunshine
It may be time for a reread. "You are not consumed by the darkness because you are full of light" and all that. V relevenat to my current predicaments. Also, for the past year or so I have been imagining that Sunshine & Con look like Bonnie & Damon, so that adds a whole other layer of fun.

8. The Heat
Can you believe I haven't seen this movie in at least a year & a half?! I saw The Boss a few days ago, and it was good, but not quite the laugh-a-minute rollercoaster I was hoping for. Like this one. Or Spy (another example of me loving light-hearted spy fiction, by the way).

P.S. I said there are "more than twenty" dolls waiting to be opened because I was having trouble counting them from bed because they are not all in the same place. Yeah, as soon as I stood up I spotted three more. Heh.


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