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9 Things I Love Right Now
1. Legally Blonde: The Musical
Specifically, the soundtrack. Which I downloaded FOR FREE 'cause I'm a Prime bitch, and have been listening to several times a day. Yes, several times a day. It's an easy way to make work more fun. Some customers tip extra if I sing along. Not really, but that would be cool.

2. Barbie Spy Squad
Believe it or not, but I currently only have five Barbies in my entire collection. Four of them are from 1998 (Cool Blue Barbie, Perfect Pink Teresa, Purple Panic Christie, and Extreme Green Skipper). One is the purple Junior Agent from Spy Squad. She's adorable and everything, but not exactly fun to play with. All three main characters have transforming outfits and stuff. I'm too broke to spend any money on dolls right this second, but should have plenty by Sunday, if not before. I want them all, because Young Ryan would have loved them. Renee & the Cat Burglar are my two biggest wants.

3. Supergirl
The season finale made me cry like a bitch three times. Two of those times happened in the first ten minutes.
I really need to write much more about this show.

4. Great Scarrier Reef
Obviously. I have Kala, Posea, and Frankie. I need Peri & Pearl, Toralei, Lagoona, Clawdeen, and Draculaura. But I (probably) won't be buying any more of them until after I get all of Spy Squad.

5. TVD
Just kidding, watching this show is such a fucking chore right now. Every day makes me gladder & gladder that it's ending next year. It's gotten to the point that I'll get high and open Hulu and see that there's a new episode and go, "I got high to ENJOY MYSELF, thank you very much" and watch something else. For example, Broad City.

6. My New Bed
'Nuff said.

7. Power Rangers
There are going to be tons of great movies this year, but I kind of really can't wait for next summer. I literally have daydreams about the teaser trailer. I love how they're reimagining the original five teenagers with attitude in 2017. Elizabeth Banks is going to be such a fun Rita Repulsa. Her outfit is quite a departure, but I fucking love it. I'm eager to see what the new Ranger costumes will look like. ALSO, WE KNOW THERE WILL BE ACTION FIGURES.

8. Miss Congeniality
Today is April 25th ("the perfect date"), so it occurred to me that I haven't seen this movie since before I started shmoking.

9. Sleep
My absolute favorite thing right now. I'm so goddamn tired. Seems like all I do at the moment is work and sleep.

Yay, happy things!


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