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Serious Thoughts on a Serious Topic
Kidding! I'm just gonna ramble about current TV for a bit.

Modern Family: This show is still one of the funniest things on the air right now. The latest most modern episode is one of the funniest in the whole series, because . . . Mitch & Phil get high for the first time ever.

Supergirl: My one complaint about this week's episode is that it's part one of the season finale, and IT IS FAR TOO EARLY for that! The whole season is only going to be twenty episodes. Oh well, maybe season two will have two extra episodes?

Agents of SHIELD: Not going to spoil anything, but I'm still in denial about something that happened a few episodes ago.

Fresh Off the Boat: WATCH THIS SHOW.

TVD: Ian Somerhalder recently "accidentally" announced that season eight is also going to be The Final Season. I have feelings, and they are mixed. Not long before this announcement, Kat Graham announced that she would be leaving after season eight. Which means I will have no reason to keep watching after season eight. Frankly, I have almost no reason to keep watching right now. Elena may be gone, but in general things are just as boring & just as ridiculous as they were when she was around.

  • Bonnie is still almost never allowed to do anything. It has so far only been used once, but the new Big Bad ~just happens~ to have access to some sort of drug that temporarily steals her powers. The show has always gone out of its way to "explain" why she can't swoop in and solve everybody's problems, but that's plain lazy.

  • Caroline isn't allowed to do anything anymore, either. I mean, clearly she can't have any actual fight scenes, what with Candice's real-life pregnancy, but you'd think they might find a way for her to occasionally do something other than . . . talk. Seriously, pay attention to how many of her scenes are just talking on the phone. That is, if she's even in the episode.

  • Matt is just kind of there.

  • Stefan is super boring around Valerie, so GUESS WHO HE'S OFFICIALLY DATING.

  • Damon has been getting better & better, but the writers still can't miss any opportunity to remind us that he is one thousand and one percent absolutely forever in love with Elena. Which is ironic, since anyone with eyeballs can see that he has much better chemistry with Bonnie.

  • I called this from day one, but the black Heretic was killed off.

  • I called this from day one too, but the lesbian couple of Heretics were also killed off.

  • The one remaining Heretic is Valerie, Stefan's Girlfriend. Gag me with a spoon.

So, yeah, I am the opposite of upset about the show ending sooner than later. To be totally honest, I was the itsiest bit annoyed when it got renewed for season eight. We are talking about a show on The CW, which has renewed Supernatural for a TWELFTH season. I don't watch Supernatural, so I have no idea if it's still any good, but I do know that the thought of TVD living forever (heh) is not a pleasant one.

Also, I am intensely curious to see how they actually end it.

I love Fresh off the boat...so funny :)


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