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8 Vampires I Actually Like
[Just in case this isn't such an obviously obvious DUH, all of these pictures were found on Google Images. I spent approximately twenty seconds searching for the one I liked best for each vamp. Heh.]

1. Caroline Forbes

From: The Vampire Diaries (which, as we all know, I stopped watching after the season four finale because I am not a racist; this is just one of the many several things Julie Plec & I do not have in common)
Why I Like Her Why I Love Her Why She's My Favorite Vampire in the History of Fiction: Well, I mean, come on. Name one other character who becomes a vampire and turns into a (much) better person. I'll wait.

Sadly, very sadly indeed, Caroline is an exemplary example of a character who is too good for her writer(s). The very first thing she did after she got the hang of her newfound strength - which, by the way, only took her about seventeen hours - was find Damon, coolly explain that she remembered absolutely everything he did to her for the entire first season, and then literally punch him so hard that he flew all the way across the hall. And then she said, "You suck" with venom in her voice. (Which, yes, was more than a little bit cheesy. But we're talking about a show that is actually called The Vampire Diaries, so some cheese is to be expected.) After that, with some help from Stefan and a daylight ring from Bonnie, she blazed through her transition faster than any other vampire in the entire show. She a-l-m-o-s-t immediately got the hang of not eating people, and quickly taught herself how to use her powers to, for example, beat the shit out of anyone who looked at any of her friends the wrong way (like a perky blonde vampire Sailor Jupiter), and I could only have loved her more if the writers had been ballsy enough to explore the fact that she & Bonnie clearly had more chemistry than either of them have ever had with any guy. Ever.

So basically, even if Bonnie had never been murdered for the horrible crimes of a) being black & b) being a witch & c) having enough sense to realize that, in general, one might want to be cautious about making friends with vampires, I still would have stopped watching the show eventually, because Caroline hasn't been allowed to really spectacularly kick any ass since the fourth episode of season three, when Damon (who never learns his lesson) tried to kill her dad (who, after two seasons of being mentioned but not seen, was finally introduced so we could all learn that, in the TVD 'verse, gay characters will fare even worse than non-white ones) (non-white gays, obviously, do not exist).

Don't even fucking get me started on Tyler & Klaus and all their drama-llama-ding-dong. She had already been shoved into one love triangle, so this one is unforgivable, JULIE. Gosh.

And I know this is a blasphemous thought to think, but: If Buffy was being made today, Candice Accola could play the title character like nobody's business. So could Nina Dobrev.

2. Angel

From: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Why I Like Him: Okay, the whole "Friendly Neighborhood Vampire helps the helpless in an attempt to attain redemption" trope may not be the most original thing in the world, but I'm pretty sure Angel does it the best.
Also, Giles is right: It sounds ludicrous, but there is something poetic about a vampire in love with a Slayer.
Also-also, let's be honest, dude can wear the fuck out of a sheer shirt. And, um, he's not exactly bad at going without a shirt of any kind. To the point that David Boreanaz isn't exactly the greatest actor in the Buffyverse (this is just my opinion, calm down), but I don't even notice that he does more tortured breathing than one might expect from a vampire.

3. Spike

From: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Why I Like Him: His wardrobe (pictured here) is the least depressing part of all of season six.
Also, despite his complete lack of a soul at the time, he was genuinely willing to sacrifice himself if that's what it took to protect Dawn from Glory. You know, that's great and all, and I could also talk about how funny he is ("Out for a walk . . . bitch."), but really, all we need is him wearing a necklace & a sheet & nothing else.

4. Drusilla

From: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Why I Like Her: So, Dru (along with Angel & Spike) is one of the main antagonists from the second season of Buffy. She briefly returns a few times in season five and (sort of) season seven, and she plays a relatively small, though crucially important, role in the second season of Angel. Anyway, my point is, watch any episode with her in it, and then I fucking dare you to argue with this statement: Every line that comes out of her mouth is pure fucking gold. Naming the stars, Miss Edith, nasty blue shocks, et fucking cetera. She's so great that I can't even really hate her too terribly much for killing Kendra.

5. Darla

From: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Why I Like Her: For one thing, I would feel like a jackass if I included the other three and left her out.
For another thing, you have to give her some small amount of respect because, in the entire Buffyverse, she has died more than any other character. She was a four-hundred-something-year-old vampire when we met her, so she had already died once; then she got killed in episode seven; then Wolfram & Hart brought her back on Angel; then Drusilla turned her back into a vampire; then she stakes herself so she can give birth to Connor . . . that's it, right? I'm pretty sure that's it. Heh.
OH YEAH. AND ALSO. She's the first character we ever got to see on Buffy, and, in the very first scene, she tipped us off that this was a show that would fuck with our expectations.

6. Constantine
[not pictured because I don't even want to see if there's any fanart out there because it will inevitably fail to live up to my mental image]
From: Sunshine
Why I Like Him: Sunshine is (somewhat obviously) the story of Sunshine, but her story would be much less dramatic without him. I can't say too much because I really don't like to tell people anything about this book other than "It's about a baker who gets kidnapped by vampires," but I will say that he's the first character to give us an explicit tip-off that [spoiler] is capable of doing much more powerful magic than anyone has guessed, he's ridiculously polite, and he explains that "You can defeat me or any vampire if your will is strong enough."

7. Jessica Hamby

From: True Blood
Why I Like Her: Well, let's put it like this: If the show was all about her, I might still be watching it. (Not that I don't like Sookie, and not that I won't catch up with the later seasons someday, but you get what I'm saying.)

8. Jubilee

From: The All-New All-Female X-Men
Why I Like Her: Well, duh, she's been one of my favorite X-Men since before I can really remember. I'm still waiting for her vampirism to be undone (Dear Marvel, Will you please get around to exploring her potential to become one of the most powerful mutants on the planet? Love & stuff, Ryan), but . . . it has grown on me. It's actually genuinely funny. Well, not funny on purpose, but, you know: Ironically delicious, deliciously ironic. She used to be a lot like Pinkie Pie, so it's basically hilarious to see her as a Cute Monster Girl. Heh.

P.S. It's disappointing that seven of the eight vampires on this list are white white white. Ugh.

UPDATE: This post has been featured on su_herald; the same thing happened to a previous post called "Girls Who Kick Ass: Why They Matter #1 - Buffy Summers," which is how red_satin_doll found me, so I am BEYOND PLEASED to see it happen again!


2013-11-26 03:14 pm (UTC) (Link)

Name one other character who becomes a vampire and turns into a (much) better person. I'll wait.

Bella Swan. As much as I hate to bring up Twilight again, it's true.

Also, Tara from True Blood. I really do not like human Tara, but vampire Tara is growing on me. Although she still annoys me more than any other cast member and I wouldn't be sad if she met the sun. I love me some True Blood. Jessica is my favorite and I still enjoy the show.

So they made Bonnie black in VD? I read the first couple of these books and I don't think she was black. I wonder if she died in the books or if that was just made up.

When did Jubilee become a vampire and how in the world does that fit into superhero world?

Hmm...my favorite vampires.
True Blood: Jessica. Eric. Pam.
Buffy: Spike and Dru.
Lost Souls: Zillah, Molochai and Twig.
Twilight (yes, I know, but she can write some good non-mains): Alice, Jasper, the Amazons, Kate and Garrett. (I LOVE Kate and Garrett.)
Preacher: Cassidy
Anne Rice 'verse: Claudia
The Count from Sesame Street
League of Extraordinary Gentleman movie: Mina
Coppola's Dracula: The brides
Underworld: Amelia
Blade: Deacon Frost, Mercury, and the Bloopdpack
A whole bunch from random short stories and I'm sure more I'm forgetting


2013-11-27 01:01 am (UTC) (Link)

Bella Swan. As much as I hate to bring up Twilight again, it's true. Heh-heh, no comment.

When I do eventually catch up with True Blood, I am going to find the whole "Tara is a vampire" storyline very interesting.

You know how, when you are a child, you become familiar with basically everything in your favorite section of your library, even if you've never actually read it? I've never actually read any of the TVD books, but I am familiar enough to know that they don't sound like my cup of blood. In fact, I flat-out refused to watch the show until I found out that the main character's best friend was a witch. Typical me. Anyway. In the books, Bonnie McCullough is a redheaded psychic girl whose Scottish ancestors were Druids; in the show, Bonnie Bennett is a black (well, biracial - she's barely darker than Elena, whose actress is Bulgarian) girl who discovers that she is a witch from a long line of witches in the first few episodes, and eventually grows in her powers until she becomes one of the most powerful witches alive. (It's my personal belief that they didn't intentionally give her a race lift; Kat Graham just happened to be the best person to play her.) Ob-vi-ous-ly, these changes appeal to me very much, but I do sort of wish they had kept her eventual romance with Damon intact. The two of them had a very unique chemistry because, despite being willing to do just about anything in the name of keeping Elena safe, they hated each other. It would've been awesome to see that develop into something physical.

Oy vey, sorry. I really did want to keep that brief (you'll notice I didn't go into all the reasons it's obvious that Julie Plec, who co-created the show with Kevin Williamson and has been its sole showrunner since he left, is a gigantic racist) because I might do another (longer) entry like this one about witches I love, and Bonnie would obviously be included in that.

I'm not entirely sure when Jubilee became a vampire, but it was sometime after House of M (ugh), because she got de-powered then, and after that she joined the New Warriors, and . . . now she's a vampire. I really don't know. She & Wolverine had a four-issue mini-series that was all about dealing with that, which I highly recommend. As for how her vampire-ness fits into her life as a superhero, I'm not entirely sure; it hasn't exactly been a huge driving force of the plot of The All-New All-Female X-Men yet. Actually, in general, this series has so far chosen to basically ignore everyone's origins. For example, Psylocke is now telekinetic AND an Omega-level telepath?

Oh, I love Pam. Sadly, I already know that she and Tara will eventually end up together, and I think it's basically perfect.

Lost Souls! Oh, gods above & gods below, I really need to re-read this sooner or later! I finally got around to it a year or so ago, and I was completely floored by how much I loved it.

Not that you don't have enough on your plate with House of Divinity, but I think you could write a really excellent vampire story if you felt like it. Specifically, you could do this idea of mine much more justice than I ever will: http://wickedbish.livejournal.com/29982.html. Not that you have any trouble coming up with your own ideas, obviously. I guess what I'm saying is, I wish I cared about my writing as much as you care about yours. Heh.


2013-11-27 04:55 am (UTC) (Link)

Pam and Tara are sort of together. Which came out of pretty much nowhere. But Pam's first priority will always be Eric and that's causing issues. If I remember the finale right. I like Pam too much to like her with Tara. I have never liked Tara much. Pam is bitchy in the right ways. Tara is bitchy in the "Can we please kill her off now" way.

Oh, I have to add Godric to my vampire list. Mmmmmmm...Godric.

Lost Souls is amaze. It's one of my favorite novels.


2013-11-27 08:04 pm (UTC) (Link)

It is ridiculously good! I have no idea why it took me so long to finally read it. I've known about it since I was sixteen or seventeen. I actually heard of Poppy Z. Brite on LJ, which she was using back then (and may still be updating, I don't know).

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