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I forgot to post this here yesterday . . . because it was still uploading when I left to check out a room for rent! Which, if I can get everything lined up, I am absolutely fucking going to take. For several reasons, the only one of which I'll talk about right now is the location: It's ten blocks from work (and one block from Trader Joe's; I miss them so much) and a forty-five-minute walk to school. Although that is just Google's estimate, so I bet I can shave off a few minutes.

Nothing I just said has anything to do with anything I have to say in the video. Heh.


2013-11-25 04:30 pm (UTC) (Link)

Ha, yeah, there are SO many reasons guys are dumb.

I do several things just so I can have the experience and aid my writing. So I get the OKCupid thing.

Just got a good laugh at the "it's fine with me" part. Yeah, like we need people's permission.

I know several doll collectors whose boyfriends or husbands are creeped out by dolls in the bedroom. I would never date someone that wussy. Because my dolls and stuffed animals are ALL OVER MY ROOM. Anyone who cannot deal with that is not man enough to ride this ride.

Ha ha! I so agree with the text speak thing. This guy I liked from Buffalo typed U and UR and it drove me nuts.

Seriously, people tell you rain is causing your depression? You don't have fucking seasonal depression. Ugh. What morons.


2013-11-25 11:58 pm (UTC) (Link)

I know several doll collectors whose boyfriends or husbands are creeped out by dolls in the bedroom. The only thing that pisses me the fuck off even more than this attitude is collectors - whether they collect dolls or comic books or romance novels or sports memorabilia or whatever - who get rid of all their shit so their significant other (or whoever else) will feel more "comfortable."

I try - not very hard, but I do try - to be somewhat lenient on the text thing, because I realize my distaste for it places me squarely in the minority. That being said, whenever I see it, the very least I can do is roll my eyes. Or I would, if those muscles weren't so tired.

Unfortunately, yes, quite a few people have - ahem - explained the "Seattle will make your depression worse because I know what I'm talking about and, hello, the rain" thing ever since I decided to move here.

On the plus side, I fucking love your icon. Too much Rarity is never enough.


2013-11-27 08:26 am (UTC) (Link)

I love your voice. I should watch your videos more often.


2013-11-27 07:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

Well, thanks very much! I should make more videos so you can watch them more often.

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