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The Buffy High-Tweet That Didn't Happen (Yet)

My new job requires me to be there at eight a.m. Which means that the very latest I can catch the bus out of Kent is six-oh-three a.m. Which means that, in order to get up & get ready without rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off or making myself worry about missing the bus and being late because late is a thing that I hate to be I have to set my alarm for four-fifteen-ish.

You'd think some or all of the above would inspire me to get high (and, shortly thereafter, fall the fuck asleep) nearly every night, but I haven't actually managed to get around to it since the weekend.

Until tonight, when this happened:

Sarah Michelle Gellar really & truly acted the fuck out of this entire.fucking.series, y'all.

BTW typing that last tweet took approximately five years, so yes, too high to high-tweet.

If I could move things with my mind, that blueberry Greek yogurt would be FLYING out of the fridge on its way to my mouth.

Also, if I could move things with my mind, I would never notice that I lost my keys ever again.

And I'd teach myself how to teleport.

Adam wanted to watch this episode even though he doesn't know who Glory is or why Dawn is relevant to her interests or anything about it.

Willow & Xander are incapable of being anything other than adorable whenever they are anywhere near around each other. FACT.

My ASMR, it is a-tinglin'. Yethhh.

Adam switched his text tone from Power Rangers to Super Mario. What the fucking fuck is wrong with him?

Possibly because I threatened to constantly text him things like, "Alpha, Rita's escaped! Recruit a team of TEENAGERS WITH ATTITUDE!"

Or, "Zordon! Tommy won't stop putting his hand down my pants, and I have a rash I don't understand!"

Or, "Billy, there's an emergency! The only way to save Ryan is to remove your shirt, AND BE QUICK ABOUT IT!"

"She's powerful because she makes up magic that isn't even in her books."
Am I talking about Willow Rosenberg or Twilight Sparkle?
(Note: This tweet inspired someone to strike up a brief sidebar about Willow and Twilight and Hermione.)

Spike's sincere dedication to Dawn is just perfect. Maybe the one reason it was okay for Buffy to not kill him.

Willow & Buffy are such skinny bitches.


Willow & Tara ALMOST make me wish it was my destiny to not die alone.

Why does it look like Willow's telepathy is coming out of the speaker thing? This has always bugged me. I could write a paper.

Buffy is willing to die because her blood can replace her sister's. METAPHOR FOR ORGAN TRANSPLANT?

Speaking of metaphors, Buffy is an exemplary example of magic not making sense because it makes more than sense.

Buffy sacrificing herself to save the world is a more obvious metaphor for WHY CAN'T I THINK OF ANY EXAMPLE OTHER THAN JESUS


2013-11-21 11:09 pm (UTC) (Link)

Sarah Michelle Gellar really & truly acted the fuck out of this entire.fucking.series, y'all.


This show has convinced me to say no to suicide so many times.

And this is why Buffy and this series still matter.

I can't imagine watching the series high, esp this ep (the end of it anyway.) Now watching Fellini's Satyricon? I suspect if I'd been on LSD the movie might have made sense.


2013-11-21 11:15 pm (UTC) (Link)

Heh. I've never heard of Fellini or Satyricon, so I just looked it up. It may or may not be something I'd ever want to watch. But I have zero interest in every even trying to get high on anything other than weed.

Ironically, "The Gift" has received at least a little bit of ire from some religious group or other who criticized it for . . . promoting suicide.

And I really think she's such a good actress that she made it easy for all of her co-stars to be as awesome as nature intended. Maybe some other actress could have done an equally commendable job, but I'm glad it was her & Joss.

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