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My 13 Favorite Witches
Since it is Halloween and all, I figured that seemed like a decent excuse to gush about my 13 Favorite Witches. SPOILER ALERT, there are technically sixteen!

1. Elphaba Thropp

Do you want to know a true story? The Wicked Witch of the West is actually my favorite fictional character in the history of fiction. When she sat me down to watch the movie for the first time, when I was two or three, my mom totally thought I would be terrified. Which, to be fair, is a reasonable thing to think, since most young children do have that reaction. But no, joke's on you, mom: The Wicked Witch of the West has such stage presence that I was instantly enchanted (get it? She's a witch?), and still am, because that was the beginning of my life-long love story with witches.

And, you know, "Defying Gravity" certainly didn't hurt.

2. Ursula the Sea Witch

If you don't love Ursula, you are either a) one of those boring basic bitches who ain't like Disney movies or b) just wrong or c) both.

3. Prue Halliwell

Gawd, no, I'm totally kidding. Gag me with a spoon.

3. Bonnie Bennett
"I don't belong to the spirits anymore. I belong to myself."

The second episode of The Final Season just aired a few days ago, and I'm actually very annoyed because she's currently not a witch. In the last few minutes of the last season, it was revealed that she never got her powers back after the Huntress curse was broken (it makes sense in context) . . . and I immediately flipped a table because this is only, what, the sixth time Bonnie has lost her powers? And nobody has the sense to say, "Holy crap, sirens are real, which we know because one of them has two of our friends in her thrall; TOO BAD NOBODY HERE IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL WITCHES ON THE PLANET if she could just get her powers back"? Even though the two friends who are under the siren's spell are Damon, her best friend, and Enzo, her boyfriend? Long story short, the show refuses to acknowledge that Bonnie Sheila Bennett is now officially The Hero, and I grow weary. Although Kevin Williamson is back, so there may in fact be hope.

4. Sunshine
"You are not consumed by the darkness because you are full of light."

Putting her on this list is technically kind of a huge spoiler, since I usually don't like to tell people anything about this book other than "It's about a baker who gets kidnapped by vampires." But oh well, if you've known me this long and still not read it that is quite clearly not my fault. Sunshine the book is my second-favorite book of all time (after Harriet the Spy), and Sunshine the character is one of my favorite witches of all time. If you have read the book, you might notice that she never actually uses the "w" word. Seriously, though, come on. "Magic handler?" What the fuck else is that supposed to mean?

5. Willow Rosenberg
There are a lot of reasons I love Willow. Honestly, a whole lot. Here's one: More often than not, whenever she does "big" magic, she breaks some so-called rules. No one has ever single-handedly restored a vampire's soul before? That was her very first spell. Glory is so powerful that no one can figure out a way to hurt her? Maybe no one else. Her best friend is dead? She'll bring her back.

And that whole "Are you ready to be strong?" thing may have been Buffy's plan, but Willow was 100& responsible for, you know, pulling it off.

They didn't just save the world (again), they changed it.

6. Tiffany Aching
"Another world is colliding with this one," said the toad. "There. Happy now? That's what Miss Tick thinks. But it's happening faster than she expected. All the monsters are coming back."
"There's no one to stop them."
There was silence for a moment.
"There's me," said Tiffany.

7. Nico Minoru
In 2016, Asian superheroes at one of the Big Two comic book companies really should not be interesting merely for their rarity, but they still are. And team leaders? Female team leaders? Unheard of!

Not to mention, a non-white GOTH character?

So yeah, if you haven't read Runaways you've been wasting your life.

8. Wanda Maximoff
I've only read the first five issues, but her current ongoing series is literally beyond brilliant. If you've ever thought, "Gee, Scarlet Witch is one of my favorite Avengers, but I wish they would really delve into the 'witch' half of her story," this is the book you've been waiting for since you first thought that thought!

9. Sabrina Spellman
Other than "Duh," I really don't know what to say.

10. Endora
Again, if you don't think she's great you are just wrong. It's empirical! She's fabulous! This is not my opinion, it's a fact!

11. Molly Weasley

12. Nancy, Rochelle, Bonnie, and Sarah
How does anyone who grew up in the nineties not love The Craft? Don't even talk to me.

13. Frau Totenkinder
Oh, she's just the wicked witch in every fairy tale ever, no big deal . . .


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