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The weekend is almost over. Recovering from Hell Week was no joke, so it's been a very relaxing two days. I have done almost nothing but sleep, eat, sleep, watch TV, sleep, and take naps. Which I don't even feel bad about, because I really was that tired.

Our schedule goes from Saturday to Friday, and we don't have the new one yet. I'm the tiniest bit anxious about this, since I requested Saturday & Sunday off months ago (Sunday is April 10th). If I do get them off, as well as my usual Monday & Tuesday, we are talking about a four-day weekend. Which will be the first time I've had that much time off ALL YEAR.

Friday should be good, because on my way home from work I'm going to see Melissa McCarthy's new movie, The Boss. Speaking of Melissa McCarthy movies, I really should buy The Heat and Spy on my Kindle. I haven't seen The Heat in at least a year, and I only saw Spy one time.

Right now, the only movies I have on my Kindle are Pitch Perfect and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Today was good because two dolls arrived: Kala Mer'ri & SU Holly. I love them both, of course. I've loved the Great Scarrier Reef dolls since they were first revealed, but haven't actually bought any of them until now. Kala had to be my first for obvious reasons. Holly is exciting because I now have the entire Spring Unsprung line.

You deserved a relaxing weekend, so I'm happy for you.


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