9 Things I Love Right Now
1. Legally Blonde: The Musical
Specifically, the soundtrack. Which I downloaded FOR FREE 'cause I'm a Prime bitch, and have been listening to several times a day. Yes, several times a day. It's an easy way to make work more fun. Some customers tip extra if I sing along. Not really, but that would be cool.

2. Barbie Spy Squad
Believe it or not, but I currently only have five Barbies in my entire collection. Four of them are from 1998 (Cool Blue Barbie, Perfect Pink Teresa, Purple Panic Christie, and Extreme Green Skipper). One is the purple Junior Agent from Spy Squad. She's adorable and everything, but not exactly fun to play with. All three main characters have transforming outfits and stuff. I'm too broke to spend any money on dolls right this second, but should have plenty by Sunday, if not before. I want them all, because Young Ryan would have loved them. Renee & the Cat Burglar are my two biggest wants.

3. Supergirl
The season finale made me cry like a bitch three times. Two of those times happened in the first ten minutes.
I really need to write much more about this show.

4. Great Scarrier Reef
Obviously. I have Kala, Posea, and Frankie. I need Peri & Pearl, Toralei, Lagoona, Clawdeen, and Draculaura. But I (probably) won't be buying any more of them until after I get all of Spy Squad.

5. TVD
Just kidding, watching this show is such a fucking chore right now. Every day makes me gladder & gladder that it's ending next year. It's gotten to the point that I'll get high and open Hulu and see that there's a new episode and go, "I got high to ENJOY MYSELF, thank you very much" and watch something else. For example, Broad City.

6. My New Bed
'Nuff said.

7. Power Rangers
There are going to be tons of great movies this year, but I kind of really can't wait for next summer. I literally have daydreams about the teaser trailer. I love how they're reimagining the original five teenagers with attitude in 2017. Elizabeth Banks is going to be such a fun Rita Repulsa. Her outfit is quite a departure, but I fucking love it. I'm eager to see what the new Ranger costumes will look like. ALSO, WE KNOW THERE WILL BE ACTION FIGURES.

8. Miss Congeniality
Today is April 25th ("the perfect date"), so it occurred to me that I haven't seen this movie since before I started shmoking.

9. Sleep
My absolute favorite thing right now. I'm so goddamn tired. Seems like all I do at the moment is work and sleep.

Wish List
Cat Burglar, Renee, Teresa, Barbie, all the robo-pets, Ken

Peri & Pearl, Toralei, Lagoona, Clawdeen, Draculaura

Dragon Games: Raven, Holly
Way Too Wonderland: Raven, Maddie, Apple
Book Party: Ginger, Kitty, Lizzie

That's it! These aren't the only dolls I want right now, obviously, but they are the ones I want the most. Next time I go doll shopping, I will most likely get the Cat Burglar, either Teresa or Renee, and someone from GSR.

Serious Thoughts on a Serious Topic
Kidding! I'm just gonna ramble about current TV for a bit.

Modern Family: This show is still one of the funniest things on the air right now. The latest most modern episode is one of the funniest in the whole series, because . . . Mitch & Phil get high for the first time ever.

Supergirl: My one complaint about this week's episode is that it's part one of the season finale, and IT IS FAR TOO EARLY for that! The whole season is only going to be twenty episodes. Oh well, maybe season two will have two extra episodes?

Agents of SHIELD: Not going to spoil anything, but I'm still in denial about something that happened a few episodes ago.

Fresh Off the Boat: WATCH THIS SHOW.

TVD: Ian Somerhalder recently "accidentally" announced that season eight is also going to be The Final Season. I have feelings, and they are mixed. Not long before this announcement, Kat Graham announced that she would be leaving after season eight. Which means I will have no reason to keep watching after season eight. Frankly, I have almost no reason to keep watching right now. Elena may be gone, but in general things are just as boring & just as ridiculous as they were when she was around.

  • Bonnie is still almost never allowed to do anything. It has so far only been used once, but the new Big Bad ~just happens~ to have access to some sort of drug that temporarily steals her powers. The show has always gone out of its way to "explain" why she can't swoop in and solve everybody's problems, but that's plain lazy.

  • Caroline isn't allowed to do anything anymore, either. I mean, clearly she can't have any actual fight scenes, what with Candice's real-life pregnancy, but you'd think they might find a way for her to occasionally do something other than . . . talk. Seriously, pay attention to how many of her scenes are just talking on the phone. That is, if she's even in the episode.

  • Matt is just kind of there.

  • Stefan is super boring around Valerie, so GUESS WHO HE'S OFFICIALLY DATING.

  • Damon has been getting better & better, but the writers still can't miss any opportunity to remind us that he is one thousand and one percent absolutely forever in love with Elena. Which is ironic, since anyone with eyeballs can see that he has much better chemistry with Bonnie.

  • I called this from day one, but the black Heretic was killed off.

  • I called this from day one too, but the lesbian couple of Heretics were also killed off.

  • The one remaining Heretic is Valerie, Stefan's Girlfriend. Gag me with a spoon.

So, yeah, I am the opposite of upset about the show ending sooner than later. To be totally honest, I was the itsiest bit annoyed when it got renewed for season eight. We are talking about a show on The CW, which has renewed Supernatural for a TWELFTH season. I don't watch Supernatural, so I have no idea if it's still any good, but I do know that the thought of TVD living forever (heh) is not a pleasant one.

Also, I am intensely curious to see how they actually end it.

The weekend is almost over. Recovering from Hell Week was no joke, so it's been a very relaxing two days. I have done almost nothing but sleep, eat, sleep, watch TV, sleep, and take naps. Which I don't even feel bad about, because I really was that tired.

Our schedule goes from Saturday to Friday, and we don't have the new one yet. I'm the tiniest bit anxious about this, since I requested Saturday & Sunday off months ago (Sunday is April 10th). If I do get them off, as well as my usual Monday & Tuesday, we are talking about a four-day weekend. Which will be the first time I've had that much time off ALL YEAR.

Friday should be good, because on my way home from work I'm going to see Melissa McCarthy's new movie, The Boss. Speaking of Melissa McCarthy movies, I really should buy The Heat and Spy on my Kindle. I haven't seen The Heat in at least a year, and I only saw Spy one time.

Right now, the only movies I have on my Kindle are Pitch Perfect and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Today was good because two dolls arrived: Kala Mer'ri & SU Holly. I love them both, of course. I've loved the Great Scarrier Reef dolls since they were first revealed, but haven't actually bought any of them until now. Kala had to be my first for obvious reasons. Holly is exciting because I now have the entire Spring Unsprung line.

Is it hot in here, OR IS MY HAIR JUST ON FIRE?!
Today was a bit of a struggle: My phone decided to kill itself twenty minutes before I clocked in for an eleven-hour shift.

A Complete Lack of Tact
Just look at this bullshit that a so-called friend sent to me yesterday:

I'm beyond offended. I am offended, shocked, appalled, annoyed, perplexed, and probably another handful of ajectives I can't think of right now because I'm so upset.

Even if you don't know that I get a little extra emotional around April 10th (which is one week from Sunday), even if you have no idea why The Lion King makes me extra emotional, even if you know absolutely nothing about me, WHAT PART OF THIS do you look at and seriously think to yourself, "Hmmm, I should send this to Ryan right away; it will clearly make his day better"? Well, guess fucking what, it did not make my day better. It very nearly ruined my day.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. This friend has a habit of saying & doing things that Just Do Not Make Sense. Still, though, this clearly crosses a line. I am so fucking flabbergasted. This friend is a fellow member of the Dead Dad Club, so you'd think they would fucking get it, but no. Apparently they were under the impression that I would like the thought of Mufasa being rescued. Here's the thing: THAT'S JUST A THOUGHT. HE STILL FUCKING DIES. If you don't understand that, maybe you could, I don't know, PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEXT FOUR PANELS. My reaction was the same as Superman's.

Obviously, I called them out on it, and this is what they had to say for themselves:

"I'm sorry I'm not as perfect as you need me to be."




What kind of fully grown human honestly thinks that's an appropriate thing to say after you do or say something that upsets a friend? Congratulations, you're not only tactless & thoughtless & tasteless, you're also callous.

So I Saw Batman v Superman, AND IT IS SO BORING
Boring, boring, boring! It's BORING. Bored now, bored later, bored forever. They only called it Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice because Let's You and Him Fight: The Movie was deemed "a little too on the nose, don't you think?" It's not just boring, it's SO BORING IT'S ACTUALLY OFFENSIVE.

If you asked me to describe this movie in three adjectives, and "boring" wasn't allowed to be one of them, I'd pick

  • uninteresting (because it's a synonym for "boring" --- bite me),

  • incoherent (a seventh grade creative writing class could throw together a better plot), and

  • everlasting (151 minutes, or two and a half actual goddamn hours of life you can never get back).

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Live-blogging: TVDS7OMGx14, "Moonlight On the Bayou"
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Blah, Blah
Today was pretty great. Bumblebee & Harley & Ivy arrived, I met my daily writing goal, and I thought some more about the best way to rearrange my room so that a) it's actually organized and b) all of my dolls are properly displayed. The good news is I can more or less see what it should look like in my head. The bad news is that it's going to take forever.

I bought the DCSG book for Elizabeth, and it would have been delivered today, but she wasn't home in the middle of the day on a Thursday (go figure) and, for some unreasonable reason, the driver decided that meant the package was "undeliverable." Amazon was ultimately able to reschedule the delivery, but I'm so annoyed that the driver didn't just leave it on her doorstep and move on. She could be reading it right this second.

Tomorrow is the last day I have to wake up early this week, so of course I'm thrilled. Also, my newest doll is supposed to be delivered.

DCSG: Trinity
2016-02-29 17.52.21
Long story short, I had to go all the way to Kent for these girls. They're worth it, of course, but I passed two other Targets on my way there. One doesn't have them at all. The other does, but will only let you buy one at a time. Fortunately, the redshirts at the Kent store were exceedingly helpful. Good thing, too: By the time I actually got there, one Supergirl & two Poison Ivys were the only dolls left on the shelf!

Some of my initial thoughts:

  • Of all six Wave 1 dolls, Batgirl has the coolest outfit. I love her boots, I love her gauntlets, I love her backpack ("No capes!"), an of course the purple hoodie is genius. Well, sort of. The ears don't really point up like they should.

  • This is my favorite version of Wonder Woman's outfit ever. I mean, every human should wear whatever they want, but considering that superheroes wear skintight outfits on perfect bodies, it's kind of annoying that so many female characters literally fight crime in swimsuits and high heels. Again, not because the character shouldn't wear whatever she wants, but because it's gross that she has to be objectified so you don't forget that she's a woman

  • I love all three pretty much equally, but Supergirl is my favorite.

  • Wondy's hair was practically perfect right out of the box, but the other two will have to spend some time at the salon because they have that annoying gel in their bangs. It's not as bad as some gel, but there's no point in even trying to comb their bangs until you get rid of it.

  • Also, I think Batgirl and especially Supergirl would look way cuter with shorter hair. I'm not going to bother with it just yet, since I'm so hugely relieved to finally have them, but a bob would really suit her. Or a pixie cut.

  • Wonder Woman actually looks Greek! Her look has obviously varied greatly over the decades, and quite a few artists unfortunately make her lily-white. There's actually a villain who thinks Diana, Princess of the Amazons, is Snow White.

  • It will obviously never happen, but I wish Mattel would release non-white versions of these dolls. I know, I know, canon, blah blah, there are several non-white characters, blah blah, etc. But I don't care, because these three are the Big Three, the Trinity, the paragons of virtue, the ones every kid should want to be like when they grow up . . . and girls who aren't white need heroes who look like them. Representation matters. (I mean, obviously Bumblebee & Katana are two of the main characters because they realize that representation matters, but neither Bumblebee nor Katana is a household name like these three. Katana doesn't even have a doll yet. All I'm saying is, if there is an Indian girl out there who idolizes Batgirl, it would be nice if she could buy a Batgirl doll who looked like her. The end.)

Anyway, it's a very DCSG day. We all watched the new episode of Supergirl together, and I will be taking more pics throughout the day, and I'm taking lots of little breaks between other projects to read the book one chapter at a time. So far, it's fantastic.

Five Things I Love Right Now

  1. DC Super Hero Girls, of course! The 28th is THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Also, I pre-ordered the first book, so it will automatically download to my Kindle on Tuesday. Which is my Sunday, conveniently enough. All six dolls are must-haves, and I'll probably get every action figure as well, but I'm especially excited for Supergirl. Thanks to her TV show, she's currently one of my all-around favorite fictional characters. Her doll will obviously be watching the show with me from now on.

  2. Another of course: Ever After High! Today is the first day since Sunday that I won't get any new dolls in the mail, but SU Cedar arrives on Tuesday. Heh. I really don't need to buy any goddamn more until I buy some new shelves and/or re-organize my current shelves, but I swear they're better than crack. I'm this close to completing both SU and WTW, and Thronecoming is the only Briar I still need, so it would be easy to talk myself into one more purchase. We'll see.

  3. Downton Abbey! Seasons one through six are on Prime, so I'm watching for the first time since season six, and it's more glorious than ever. I love the whole cast, but of course Maggie Smith is the main reason to watch.

  4. Harriet the Spy! It's actually been a while since I've read the book or watched the movie, but both versions of the story have been on my mind a lot lately. Which is of course not surprising, since it is my favorite book of all time.

  5. Supergirl! I'm not saying the show is perfect, but I am saying it is really really good. In fact, it is my favorite superhero show of the moment. They're doing a crossover with The Flash in March, and I am beyond thrilled.

Just What I Needed
Today was both productive and relaxing.

  • Woke up and immediately baked a cake.

  • Took a shower while it was in the oven.

  • Let it cool for a bit, then made a frosting out of chocolate pudding & chocolate chips.

  • Found out the Sugar Coated Ginger playset I bought for Lori arrived promptly.

  • Threw my new purple towels in the washer.

  • Walked to the pot shop.

  • Bought ten $5 joints, which is what we call an "investment."

  • Walked (eleven blocks) to Taco Del Mar and got the burrito I had been craving since Friday.

  • Went to 7-Eleven for some apple juice & a bag of Doritos.

  • Giant Maddie & Mira Shards arrived!!!

  • Shmoked.

  • Threw my new purple towels in the dryer.

  • Watched TVDS7OMGx13, "This Woman's Work," again. WHY CAN'T EVERY EPISODE BE THIS GOOD?

  • Made shrimp & rice.

  • Cleaned the kitchen.

  • Cleaned the bathroom.

  • Got a little writing done.

  • Had a great nap.

  • Took a walk.

Also, I have a bunch of Amazon goodies arriving in the next few days. There's honestly so much of it that I keep losing track, so this is me keeping track.

Sugar Coated Ginger playset
accent table

Dragon Games Darling
Courtly Jester
Spring Unsprung Kitty

Delivery Estimate: WEDNESDAY
EQG Minis Rarity, Rainbow Dash (they were both add-on items, only $6.88 each!)

Getting Fairest Briar

Delivery Estimate: THURSDAY
Spring Unsprung Cerise

I should probably take a little break until after I buy the DCSGs on Sunday morning, but Courtly will be 5/8 of the WTW dolls and Cerise will be 3/6 of SU, so I am fairly itching to complete those lines, but I also really need to invest in more shelving.

P.S. Kindle really is a game-changer. Every book in the Replica series, one of my middle school favorites, is available for $5. There's a literal fuck-ton of free music available to Prime members. You can stream seasons one through six of Downtown Abbey. It just goes on and on and on forever.

Oh my Fairy Godmother, this week felt endless. I am so so so beyond exhausted. Yesterday was so crazy busy that I did not stop moving for my entire shift (which was worth it because: ~~tips~~), and then I had to wake up at 8 today because I agreed to come in at 10 instead of noon because the opener needed a favor and asked politely and I'm a nice fuckin' person sometimes.

So today was the last, and longest, day of an endless week. It was the opposite of yesterday, and I was beyond bored for most of the EIGHT HOURS of being on the floor. Tips were better than they could have been, though!

No dolls until tomorrow, but I did come home to a big box of stuff from Amazon. Which, note to self, is a great way to start every weekend. Order shit on Friday, yo! Heh.

As a reward for surviving an endless week without letting my head explode, I am baking a cake pretty much as soon as I wake up tomorrow. Well, not literally as soon as I wake up, of course. I'll shmoke first. Wake & bake & bake. I heart the weekend. Oh, and the cake will be triple chocolate. I was planning on that anyway (chocolate cake + chocolate chips + chocolate pudding frosting), but got to the store and noticed a mix that actually said Triple Chocolate Fudge on the box. No brainer.

The new TVD is the best episode in a long, long time. I can't wait to watch it again. Perhaps tomorrow, shortly after the cake comes out of the oven.

Today is one week until the 28th. Seven fucking days until I can march into Target and fucking buy the DCSGs. All six of them, and possibly an extra Batgirl for Lori. I need them all, of course (and I'm already crossing my hooves for certain characters to show up in Wave 2), but am especially excited for Supergirl. She was my least wanted of the six, but thanks to her TV show she's one of my all-around favorite fictional characters right now.

Speaking of the DCSGs, I did pre-order the first book, Wonder Woman at Super Hero High. It will be auto-delivered to my Kindle on March 1st. Which is a Tuesday, a/k/a my Sunday.

By the way, my Kindle has made life at least twenty percent cooler. My laptop pretty much sucks out loud, so now I can just do one thing at a time with it (for example, write this entry) while using the Kindle for music or Hulu or whatever. Also, of course it makes Amazon easier than ever.

Okay, must bed. No more brain.

Good Day
Friday is only my Wednesday, but today was the first day I've had all week that didn't suck out loud. It wasn't, you know, jaw-droppingly amazing or anything, but

  • a) my deposit DID come through sometime last night!

  • b) WTW Lizzie arrived!

  • c) I took advantage of the whole accidentally overpaid thing and treated myself to two mini splurges on Amazon:

  • d) one for things I actually "need,"

  • e) and one for dolls!

Anyway. I'm gonna put away my laundry, then shmoke and watch something. Not sure what. Agent Carter, Legends of Tomorrow, Modern Family, Fresh Off the Boat? Honestly, I'm so tired that shmoking might just knock me out.

But the point is, it was a good day. I needed one of those.

My Day
Monday is my Saturday, so it's been pretty great.

Woke up around 8:30, got out of bed around 9, went to the grocery store. After putting away all the groceries, I toasted a blueberry bagel and added peanut butter. Which I ate after shmoking. I have a frozen pizza in the oven, and it's almost done. I'm gonna watch Supergirl 1x10 while I eat it.

Oh, I'm also doing laundry right now.

We'll see what else happens.

This & That
I (finally) bought a Kindle a few days ago, and it has already pretty much more or less changed my life. Netflix and especially Hulu both work way better than they do on my laptop, it has tons of cool games, it takes one second to turn on, Amazon automatically sends a notification when my item has shipped. I could go on, and I will: As I write this on my laptop, I'm using the Kindle to listen to the Annie 2014 soundtrack. FUN FACT, if you are a Prime member there is apparently a ton of music you can listen to for free.

Along with the Kindle, I got one of those folding bed desks, which really does make it so much easier to hang out in bed and be productive at the same time.

My excitement for the DCSGs is making me want to buy as many dolls as possible between now and the 28th. I almost ordered another one last night, but ultimately decided that I just couldn't decide. Which is just as well, since I have already welcomed three new additions this week: Farrah, Not Clawdeen, and WTW Kitty.

Not sure what to watch tonight, Agent Carter or Supergirl. What a time to be alive.

Fun Fact About The Flash
In Sky High, Danielle Panabaker played Layla, who was basically a heroic version of Poison Ivy.*

On this show, she literally is Killer Frost, but this version of the character is a hero who has no powers.



I don't care if she is just an Earth-2 doppelganger, she's still Killer Frost. This is awesome. Also, this may make it more likely that our Caitlin will eventually Let It Go unlock her powers and/or turn to the dark side.

*Hey, that sounds familiar.

Not Surprised, Just Disappointed
So the DC Super Hero Girls dolls have a "street date" of Sunday, the 28th of this month. What this means is that they are "officially" available then, but, doll collecting being what it is, several people have already managed to snag them from their stores.

Last night Lori clued me in to the fact that several Targets in my area have already received the dolls, so we determined the best store for me to go to and I rearranged my whole morning around the trip. City Target has that super annoying randomly overpriced thing going on again (note: If you do actually find these dolls on the shelf for anything more than $19.99, freaking riot), so I went to the one in Tukwila, which opens at 8:00.

I actually got there shortly after 7:00 and pleasantly killed some time walking around watching the sun come up, and at 8:00 AM on the fucking dot I walked in. They had tons of awesome stuff (GSR Lagoona for $14.99!), but no DCSGs. Lori, who possesses the research skills of Willow Rosenberg, had supplied the DCPIs for both cases, so I grabbed a redshirt and batted my eyelashes about the odds of some merchandise being grabbed from the back . . . and, while they do have it (which we already knew), they unfortunately "absolutely cannot" sell them until the 28th.

It is a major bummer, of course. I had enough money to get all six for me and Harley & Ivy & Wondy for Lori, which would have obviously made this one of the greatest mornings in the history of ever because I'm never one of the lucky people who get new dolls first and I would've been helping out a True, True Friend.


However, on the way home I stopped at City Target and got:
They're still $20.99 on the shelf, but this time I was prepared for that, so I whipped out my phone and verified that they're $7.99 on the website and proceeded to Customer Service. I explained the situation and the cutie behind the register asked if I happened to have that pulled up on my phone and I said, "Actually, yes."

(Now I just need Rarity, Rainbow Dash, the Twilight and Fluttershy sleepover set, and --- whenever Hasbro gets around the making her --- Sunset Shimmer.)

Since that had gone so well, I thought he might be able to bend the rules and sell me the DCSGs, but again, "absolutely not" untill the goddamn 28th (which, by the way, is exactly three weeks from yesterday). Although, in this case, Lori + The Internet = I know they have them, but I also know their prices are ridic (the Harley/Ivy/Bumblebee case is $34.99, the Wondy/Batgirl/Supergirl case is $23.99), so I would have had to talk my way into a significantly lower price again, but this time would have been quite a lot more complicated, since the dolls aren't on the website yet.

P.S. Amazon may or may not be delivering someone very special today.

5 Things I Love Right Now

  1. Pride + Prejudice + Zombies - Adam & I saw this tonight, and it's FANTASTIC. Equal parts disgusting, hilarious, and unsettling. Also, Lizzie & Jane obviously have the biggest parts to play, but there are actually FIVE Bennett sisters, ALL of whom are Girls Who Kick Ass. I did read the book in the year of its release (2009), but never again. The movie made me want to read it again, because I could have sworn a certain character tried a lot harder to kill Lizzie.

  2. Young Justice - SEASON TWO is now on Netflix! Among many many many other reasons, I love it because Batgirl and Wonder Girl and Bumblebee are now part of the team. All three of them are great, but Wonder Girl is my favorite because she kicks major ass and loves being a superhero, and Mae Whitman is her voice! Yes, Katara. P.S. Miss Martian is still on the team, and I still love her a lot too.

  3. Ever After High - Dragon Games is the best special yet. I don't have any of the dolls yet (Mira, Darling, and Raven are the only ones I really need) (well, and the baby dragons), but I did ~finally~ order Farrah today. Being the weirdo that I am, I've been keeping Justine & Melody in the box until she arrives.

  4. The Flash - It only just occurred to me that I haven't even tried to watch this week's episode yet, but LAST week's was amaze. Something I've been waiting for since the first episode FINALLY HAPPENED.

  5. "Pinkie Pie, who banished fear by giggling in the face of danger, represents the spirit of . . . LAUGHTER!"

So I Saw Dragon Games
SPOILERSCollapse )

Such Yay
I gave away my shift on Thursday (which is my Tuesday), so I get to wake up early on Wednesday and then clock out at noon and take a forty-hour vacation until it's time to wake up early on Friday. Which is great because, as an added perk of this new schedule, I have twenty-four hours between the end of my shift on Friday and the start of my shift on Saturday. Which is my Thursday. So yeah, this week is going to fly by.

As of a few days ago, I am all caught up on The Flash. When it returns from winter hiatus TONIGHT, I will be ready. I'll most likely start it during hour two of that forty-hour vacation. Also, I am very interested in Legends of Tomorrow. It's not nearly as relevant to my interests as Agent Carter, but it's still relevant to my interests.

Today is Buffy's birthday! I was thinking I might watch one of her birthday episodes, but they're all so emotional (she turns seventeen and loses her virginity to Angel, who loses his soul; she turns eighteen and Giles gives her a shot that steals her powers so she can be trapped in a house with a deranged vampire; she turns twenty and Dawn cuts herself) that I would kind of rather just watch The Flash. I caught up and then started over from the beginning. For research.

I kind of want to go see Star Wars again, but I kind of want to just stay home and watch The Flash. Maybe I'll go to the movies after work sometime this week. OH MY GAWD SPEAKING OF STAR WARS, Adam Driver is trending right now because "People on Social Media Share Photo of Cat They Say Resemles 'Star Wars' Actor."


I don't know. I kind of thought I might have more to say, but that is apparently it. Oh well, I'm gonna go watch The Flash.

I Heart Weekends
Monday is my Saturday, so today is glorious. I slept great thanks to some Aleve PM (note: my headache actually lasted for all of yesterday, and I think I can already feel it coming back; woe) and officially woke up about an hour and a half ago, around nine-thirty. So far, I have:

  • Thrown a tomato-based vegetable soup in the slow cooker

  • Taken a shower

  • Started a load of laundry

  • Shmoked

And right now I'm making some eggs. When they're ready, I'm going to watch
Screenshot 2016-01-11 10.50.01


Callooh, Callay
Ending the year with some frabjous news: We got the new schedule a few hours ago, and mine is exactly the same, except I will be closing on Saturday & Sunday. Which means waking up before the sun three times a week, instead of five. This may not sound like a particularly huge difference, but IT IS.

Speaking of work, I get paid next week! I am in fact doing the math right now, and DAMMIT, I CAN AFFORD to spend about $100 on dolls!!! I'm obviously not officially going to make up my mind until then, but I'll probably either a) get Melody, Farrah, Giant Maddie, Isi, and probably Courtly or b) hunt for some deals and get as many dolls as possible for as little as possible or c) finish off my Briar collection.

I still haven't seen Star Wars OR Tina & Amy's new movie, so I'll look forward to both of them in January. Possibly on the same day.

There are actually a number of things I'm looking forward to in January (example: Agent Carter and Galavant) (which is technically two examples), so that's refreshing.

Things & Stuffs

  • My roommate left for the airport about an hour ago. He's flying home and staying there for two weeks, which means I'll have the apartment to myself for two weeks. This is, as you might expect, spelltacular. I've already moved five plush, the Frightfully Tall Ghouls, and my two still-in-the-box dolls (Justine & Cedar) into the living room, just becaue I can.

  • Justine & Cedar are both still in the box because they might be my last dolls for the rest of the year. Probably not, though. I've been very good about saving money this week, so I only need to save a little bit next week, so we'll see.

  • Speaking of dolls, Amazon knows me too well. They sent an email to let me know about some Last-Minute Deals on EAH. These are the current prices on the four Briars I still need:

  • Getting Fairest: $18.99

  • Spring Unsprung: $14.95

  • Thronecoming: $34.80

  • Legacy Day: $15.75

  • It's not just Briar, of course. But, if tips are good enough to justify spending $85 on dolls, this would certainly be a satisfying way to end the year. Or maybe I'd get three EAH dolls and one OUAZ.

  • I'm hardly ever in the mood for doughnuts, but I'm thinking I might get a chocolate glazed one (or three) for breakfast. Top Pot is just a few blocks down the street.

  • It's come to my attention that the pot shop has $5 joints every day. To put this in perspective, most joints are usually in the $10-$17 range. Which may sound like kind of a lot, but trust, pot shop pot is strong enough that one joint can get you stoned three separate times, so $10 really is quite a bargain and $5 is somewhere between highway robbery and giving it away.

  • Justice League 1x14 is insanely good. Hawkgirl just got attacked because "No one escapes from Amazonian justice." Also, there's a villain team that includes STAR SAPPHIRE.

  • By the way, yes, I am still impatiently awaiting the arrival of the DC Super Hero Girls dolls. And action figures.

  • I read Amy Poehler's book and it made me cry a little bit.

Justice League AU
So the Justice League animated series has been on my "someday" list for years & years & years & years. I mean, it's not like I've never seen it. In fact, I have seen several episodes . . . here and there. In and out of order, who knows. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. You get what I'm saying. I know I'm going to enjoy the fuck out of it because duh, but somehow I've just never found the time for it.

Until now. I'm up to 1x13.

And I do like it.

I like it a lot.

Without hesitating for so much as one half of one millisecond, I'd go so far as to say I am inevitably going to love it even though I already know a lot of what's going to happen including, yes, everything re: Hawkgirl.

But one of the most fun things about superheroes is, they're so iconic, it's easy to look at them and think to yourself, "You know, this or that character could be or should be [x*]" and reimagine them that way. This is especially easy to do with superhero comics, since identities get passed down and traded sideways and usurped and overwritten literally every month in a SHOCKING CROSSOVER EVEN THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING fairly often. It is, as they say, The Canon.

My point is, reimagining superheroes is fun and I can't stop myself from doing it with the Justice Leage. I do applaud the show for using Hawkgirl instead of Aquaman specifically so Wondy wouldn't be the only girl & John Stewart specifically so the team would have a non-white character who wasn't a Martian, but they're still 5/7 white (or 5/6, if you argue that J'onn should be exempt because he's an alien who actually looks like an alien) and 5/7 male and 1,000% hetero, at least "officially." Consequently, despite their status as some of the most iconic icons in the history of superheroes, they're just never going to be my favorite team.

That being said, they do have a lot of potential. Here's how I would shake them up.


  • Exactly the same, but with three small crucial differences:


  • While it made sense for the show to make her the rookie, I personally don't like it, because

  • She should be the leader.


  • CBS_SUPERGIRL_104_IMAGE_NO_LOGO_thumb_Master


  • Look, I love Batman. I do. I always have. But the team would be twenty percent cooler if his spot went to . . .

  • 250px-Knightalone

  • Yes, specifically Cassandra Cain. We all love Barbara, but we all know she kicks even more ass as Oracle (which, bonus, leads to the formation of the Birds of Prey!). Also, when you're the only "normal" human on the whole damn team, you might as well be one of the top five martial artists on the whole damn planet.


  • Exactly the same . . . except, as a thousand-year-old shapeshifting alien who is greener than Elphaba, is it absolutely necessary for J'onn to pick one gender and stick with it forever?


  • Exactly the same. John Stewart is yes.


  • Exactly the same. Oh wow, look at that, he's the only white guy left on the team! It's almost like I planned that from the beginning! How fucking sneaky!


  • She's an alien, right? She's not from Earth, right? So why not make her a literal hawk girl? And not just her, either. Thanagar could be a planet populated by Hawk-Humanoid Hybrid people. Because why the fuck not, right? Comics!

P.S. Flash & Green Lantern don't necessarily need to be dudes. None of these people need to be white. Or straight. Also, now that I'm thinking about it, there's no reason Supergirl needs to look human. She could have, for instance, blue skin that glows in the dark.

*x can be literally anything: For example, if you love Spider-Man, you can easily imagine what it must be like to to be him and pretend to be him say to yourself, "You know, there's really no reason Peter Parker couldn't be . . ." Queer. Ugly. Literally any ethnicity. Literally anywhere on or off Earth. Shorter. Fatter. Literally any gender.

Hex Yeah
After paying my phone bill and ordering my roommate's Christmas present earlier today, my card has just enough money left on it to buy a new doll. Not quite enough for any of the newbies, but Amazon has some pretty sweet deals on older ones. Sig Cedar, Hat-Tastic Cedar, Spring Unsprung Briar, and Legacy Day Briar were all in my limited price range, and I decided on Sig Cedar. Hat-Tastic is actually cuter, and I definitely want her eventually, but I don't have any Cedars yet and I strongly prefer to get the signature first unless there is some pressing reason not to. As for the Briars, I'd rather wait and get them & Getting Fairest & Thronecoming together and finish off my Briar collection in one fell swoop. She's currently the only character I have multiple dolls of, and I am more than okay with that.

By the way, when Cedar arrives I will have thirteen dolls representing eleven characters. This simultaneously thrills me and makes me want to get more NOW.

P.S. Book Party Ginger was also in my price range, and I do need her eventually because I need every Ginger, but am I in any rush to buy a Ginger without glasses? That being said, since this is a budget line and there are only three of them, I'll probably get the whole line at once. Next month, maybe. Probably. We'll see.


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