EAH: Current Ranking
As of yesterday, I have ten Ever After High dolls. I thought it would be fun to rank them.

Here they are, from "least favorite" (definitely not worst!) to favorite . . .

10. Briar
2015-11-20 16.31.07

2015-11-20 16.31.48
You may think it's weird to see Briar so low on this list. You're right, it is! She was one of the original four dolls, she's still featured prominently, and she is consistently one of my favorites from the whole line. But her signature is kind of . . . not great. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot to love about this doll, and I do (the glasses, the roses, the use of black as her second theme color even though Raven also wears a lot of it) (not to mention: taking a character who is usually white and making her not), but her hair really could have been better and her shoulder thing loves to fall off whenever you move either of her arms and she can't sit down unless you redress her. Ultimately, she's just overshadowed by the other nine dolls.

As I'm writing this, it occurs to me that her hair would probably look a lot better if I gave her curls. We'll see.

9. Maddie
2015-11-20 16.33.45
Maddie got me into this franchise. She was easily my favorite character in the earliest webisodes, she kicks all kinds of ass in the books, and of course she was my first doll. I love all her details, and she'll always be very special to me. She probably "should" be higher on this list, but I've recently bought quite a few new dolls who are stunning, so I'm stunned. Heh.

8. Cupid
2015-11-20 16.56.13
I adore Cupid. She spends most of her time on Apple's fainting couch in this exact pose. She is frequently lovesick . . . because she briefly falls in love with absolutely everyone around her. She can't help it, she literally sees the best in people. She never seems to stay in love for more than a few days or (maybe) weeks at a time, though, which makes her wonder about her future as a love goddess.

7 & 6
2015-11-20 17.00.45
Yeah, these two are pretty much tied. Raven is more obviously my taste (she's a witch), but Apple is great too (she's very very smart), and I love how strong their friendship is even though one of them is "destined" to grow up and kill the other. As for their aesthetics, well, red & white & gold and purple & black & silver obviously work.

5. Rosabella
2015-11-20 17.07.23
2015-11-20 17.06.54
Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale ever, so I've been looking forward to this doll for quite a long time. Before she was released, before she was announced, before we knew anything about her. Basically, as soon as I heard that Monster High was getting a spinoff that focused on fairy tale characters, I knew I would buy this particular character eventually.

I finally did buy her about two weeks ago, and she thoroughly fails to disappoint. She's pretty much flawless. Her purse looks like a book!

4. Hat-Tastic Briar
2015-11-20 17.11.54

She's my newest doll, so I'm still very much stunned, so let's take a moment to bask in the glory of her.
2015-11-20 17.12.22
2015-11-20 17.13.55
2015-11-20 17.14.04

3. Ginger
2015-11-20 17.19.38
How can you not love Ginger? Like Raven, she is a witch who's "destined" to grow up to be evil (her mom is the Candy Witch from Hansel & Gretel), but evil is so clearly not her style. Unlike Raven, she is a MAGICAL BAKER.

2. Faybelle
2015-11-20 17.23.15
Fairy! An actual fairy character! The first actual fairy character in a line full of fairy tale characters! Hex yeah, a fairy!

No, but seriously, I would love Faybelle even if I didn't love fairies. I'm going to need a duplicate so one can be played with and one can stay pristine.

1. Way Too Wonderland Briar
2015-11-20 17.27.06 (2)
I didn't think I needed any of the WTW dolls. Then I saw the special, and what do you know? I want them all! But Briar was the only one I HAD to buy RIGHT AWAY. The others are just as whimsical, but she has those vines, which I think make her look like a greenwitch. So there you have it, she's my "favorite," even though the #1 spot really could have been a five-way tie.

OUAZ Cinderella!
Lori's Birthday Box included no less than five dolls: three Prettie Girls, EQG Roseluck, and . . . this girl.

2015-11-18 15.28.55

2015-11-18 15.30.03

Words fail me.

I really really love her. I love the whole line, actually. I can't even say why I love these dolls so much, as I don't like zombies nearly as much as everyone else seems to. I suppose my love of twisted princesses is greater than my lack of interest in zombies? Whatever, the dolls are gorgeous and grotesque and I will have them all eventually! This may change after I see them all in person, but at the moment I can't even pick a favorite.

2015-11-19 15.40.33 (3)

Oh, the journey that this book and this doll had to go through to get to me.

Amazon estimated arrival dates of Tuesday for the book and Wednesday for the doll, but on Tuesday I received text messages about each one that said, "Your item is ready to be picked up." Not has been delivered, but is ready to be picked up. Um, what? Picked up from where? Why were they delivered anywhere other than my house? I clicked Track Package for both items and found some snippets that made me even more confused: "We tried to deliver the package, but no one was home. We've rerouted it to a nearby store for your convenience."

First of all, delivering my packages somewhere other than my house without asking me first, and without telling me where, is the opposite of convenient. Second of all, WHY? I've been at this address since February, and I order shit from Amazon pretty much constantly. Well, not literally constantly, of course. Basically, as often as I can afford it! They used to do this thing where they would occasionally tell me my package was "undeliverable due to an address issue," but then just deliver it the next day. I finally emailed them to say stop it, and they did. It has never happened again, not even once.

I'm still not sure what happened with this latest mix-up. I've emailed Amazon enough times since Tuesday that I basically never want to speak to any of them ever again. At first they assured me that both packages were still on track to arrive on Wednesday, and I should contact them if they didn't arrive then. They didn't. It took a while, but they finally explained that UPS had delivered my packages to . . . a fucking gas station. Who even knew that was a thing? I mean, I know Amazon has lockers where you can choose to have your stuff delivered, but a) I chose to have my stuff delivered to my house and b) why a gas station? Not to mention, c) why wouldn't they tell me so up front? Anyway. Turns out I really was able to waltz right in and flash my ID and get my packages and waltz right out, but it still makes no sense. In the seven months that I've lived at this address, I can recall a total of two times I have actually been home and heard the knock when packages got delivered. They're always left on the doorstep or in the mailroom. Why didn't that happen this time? Amazon was never properly able to answer that question, but they have assured me they will "investigate" UPS and be sure it never happens again. Still, I'm going to send a passive-aggressive note imploring them to avoid any hiccups next time I order anything.

Happy Things That Happened Today
FIRST OF ALL, November 13th is my dear friend Morgan's birthday! So it was a happy day, even though it wasn't.

  1. When I woke up in the middle of the night to pee, I checked my phone and found a text from Lori that said, "Amazon Deal of the Day has 40% off some MH and the Frightfully Talls are $17.99." After walking to work, I ordered Frankie AND Laura for less than $40 (including tax!) TOGETHER. I'm so beyond thrilled. These dolls are usually $30 each, so I might not have ordered them for kind of a while if it hadn't been for this deal. Also, it's very lucky, because I came this close to ordering Giant Maddie last night, so I'm glad I didn't, because now I have ~two~ new dolls on the way! They're supposed to be here tomorrow or Sunday. Clawdeen & I cannot wait.

  2. I've been trying to limit most of my shmoking to the weekends, but it was such a dreadfully slow morning that I treated myself to one joint each of Alice in Wonderland & Durban Poison. The latter of which I do intend to save until the weekend, by the way.

  3. Having zero inspiration to do anything else, I threw one of the easiest soups I have ever made (potatoes + corn + carrots + vegetable broth + spices) in the slow cooker . . . and my roommate raved! Verily, he told me I should make it again sometime! That obviously made me very happy.

Ryan Reacts To . . . TVDS7OMGx01, "Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take"
DAMON: Previously on The Vampire Diaries . . .
EVERYONE: Welcome to the wedding of Alaric Saltzman & Josette Laughlin. Unh! Miss me? Stefan! She won't wake up. So, Bonster, I linked Elena's life to yours. As long as you're alive, Elena will remain asleep. We are here today to pay our respects to Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes. You and I, I can't do this right now. I'm sorry. I understand if you need time to heal, and if I have to wait for you, I will. Who's that? That's my mother. Before the 1900s, Lily fell in with a group of witches that were cast out of the Gemini Bitch coven. Heretics are ruthless---vampires with witch power. Lorenzo, it's our family. It's time for me to say goodbye.
RYAN: We get it, stuff happened! Tonight on TVD, more stuff happens!

DRAMA Here & DRAMA There, DRAMA Everywhere & DRAMA ForeverCollapse )

So I Read the Black Widow Book
And these are my (spoiler-free!) thoughts:

  • It isn't "officially" spelled out, but this book totally takes place in the MCU. Which is fantastic, because we ~finally~ get to delve into Natasha's backstory! Of course, there's plenty more to explore. We still don't know everything about her. But we haven't learned this much about the Red Room since Agent Carter, and we haven't learned this much about Natasha since those forty seconds of Age of Ultron ever.

  • Despite her name being the only one on the cover, Black Widow shares the spotlight with two new teenage characters, Ava and Alex. Both of whom are connected to her . . . somehow. This may sound like a complaint, and initially kind of feels like one (after the first twenty-four pages, she doesn't appear again until ninety-one!), but as the story builds we find out that Alex and Ava are connected to her in ways that are both mysterious and terrifying.

  • Tony Stark has a small role. Every other Avenger is mentioned at least once.

  • Except Hawkeye. (The next book should totally be Black Widow & Hawkeye: Budapest.)

  • Speaking of the other Avengers, she really does not tell them a thing. But who can blame her? Her past is horrible. It's extraordinary that she even wants to be a hero. Hell, it's extraordinary that she ever gets out of bed. That's all I'm saying.

  • Whoever edited this book could have done a much better job. There are typos throughout.

  • The narration refers to "Natasha Romanoff" by her full name so many times that you could easily make a drinking game out of it. (But please don't. You'll die.)

  • Coulson has a small role as Romanoff's handler. Hill doesn't appear, but she does merit a mention. Fury's name never comes up. Not even once. This is weird, when you think about it.

  • Actually, that's one thing I want to see in the next book (or, even better, a Black Widow movie/movies/miniseries/recurring role on Daredevil): What was their dynamic like when she first met Fury? Was he immediately fond of her, or did it take a while for them to develop the father-daughter relationship we saw glimpses of in Winter Soldier? Why did he choose Hill as his right hand instead of her? Was she more useful to him as "just" an agent? Did she even want the job? Again, it is WEIRD that his name never comes up!

  • Bottom line, this is not a perfect book. But it does make me love Black Widow more than I did before reading it. Which is, you know, saying something.

*tiny groan*
Amazon said they were going to deliver

  • Rosabella

  • Frightfully Tall Clawdeen

  • Black Widow: Forever Red

by 8 PM yesterday.

Amazon lied.

Which honestly wouldn't bug me too terribly much (even though I do live in the same city as their, how do you say, headquarters), but I have this rule about not ordering more fun stuff until at least one thing from my last purchase arrives, and I am fairly itching to order another Ever After High doll or two. I'll probably go to Target later today and buy Duchess, but I also ~~really~~ want Farrah. It's interesting that, after Faybelle, she's only the second fairy in the whole line. JUST PUTTING THIS OUT THERE, I am automatically interested in any doll of any fairy character. The end.

Friendship Games: One Opportunity Hasbro Missed Pretty Hard
~~SPOILERS~~Collapse )

EAH: Wanting & Having
As of this writing, I only have nine dolls:

  1. Maddie Hatter

  2. Raven Queen

  3. Apple White

  4. Briar Beauty

  5. C. A. Cupid

  6. Ginger Breadhouse

  7. WTW Briar

  8. Faybelle Thorn

  9. Rosabella Beauty (she'll be here tomorrow)

My current most wanted dolls are:

  1. Farrah Goodfairy

  2. Giant Maddie

  3. Justine Dancer

  4. Melody Piper

  5. Duchess Swan (only $14.24 at Target)

  6. Bunny Blanc (ditto)

  7. Cedar Wood

  8. Courtly Jester

  9. WTW Lizzie, Kitty, Maddie, Apple, Raven

  10. Darling Charming

  11. Cerise Hood

  12. TTW Ashlynn

Friday Funday
Friday is usually my Wednesday, but today I gave away my shift and gave myself the day off, and it has been glorious.

I was determined to get some actual good sleep last night, so I shmoked some God's Gift before bed. Twice. I don't recall the actual time I fell asleep, but I woke up around nine-thirty.

It hasn't been the most productive day, but I did order two new dolls. I was all set to order at least one of the Prettie Girls, but then I noticed that you get free shipping on orders over $50. These dolls are not quite $24 each, so you have to get three to qualify. So I'm going to wait and order three of them together, probably next Friday. (Friday should be New Doll Day, I've just decided.) The upside of this is that I've finally narrowed it down: First I will get Kimani, Lena, and either Valencia or Dhara; and then I will get either Dhara or Valencia, Hana, and Alexie.

And then I will have them all, and they can hang out with my EAH/MH/EQG dolls, and much fun shall be had.

As for the two new dolls I did order today, Amazon says they'll be delivered on Sunday, so I'll reveal them sooner than later.

Speaking of new dolls, I bought Faybelle Thorn at Target yesterday. I need to use something other than my phone to take pictures of her, because she is flawless. Seriously, it is true love. She's easily one of my favorite dolls in all of EAH. She makes me want to buy several more new EAH dolls over the next few weeks! Rosabella is top priority, but I also really want Justine, Melody, Farrah, Giant Maddie, Duchess, every Legacy Day doll who is not Ashlynn, the rest of the WTW line, Cedar, etc. Basically, I want everyone I don't already have.

But no matter how many I buy this month, Faybelle will still stand out as one of my top faves.

Here she is with Briar, her Best Frenemy Forever After (and another one of my favorite dolls).

28 Days of GWKA, Day 4: Ororo Munroe

Current "Most Wanted" Dolls
AKA, "Dolls I Might Actually Buy Next Time I Have Money to Spend on Fun Stuff"

  1. Prettie Girls Tween Scene: Kimani, Lena, Valencia, Dhara, Hana, Alexie

  2. Rosabella Beauty

  3. Isi Dawndancer

  4. Great Scarrier Reef: Kala, Posea, Peri & Pearl, Lagoona, Toralei, Frankie

  5. Barbie The Look: Bronze Dress (I'll give her a name after we bond a little)

  6. this Barbie mermaid doll

  7. Justine Dancer, Melody Piper, Farrah Goodfairy, Faybelle Thorn

  8. Ghouls Rule Clawdeen & Cleo

  9. they're technically action figures, but I still need FiguArts Jupiter & Venus

  10. Way Too Wonderland: Maddie, Apple, Lizzie, Kitty, Raven

  11. Cat Tastrophe & Wonder Wolf

  12. Generation Girl: any of the three Nichelles; everyone else


My Morning
The usual Monday opener is sick, so I volunteered to cover for her even though Monday is usually my Saturday. Consequently, I am currently starting hour twenty-two of a forty-hour tiny weekend: starts when I clock out at noon on Monday, ends when I wake up at 4 AM on Wednesday. This exact same situation (well, almost; Monday opener wasn't supposed to be on that schedule because she was out of state) happened exactly two weeks ago, and I could not fall asleep, meaning my one chance to sleep in & recharge all week was thoroughly wasted. I was not looking to repeat that experience, so I shmoked some God's Gift before bed.

It worked.

I fell asleep last night sometime before midnight. Episode six of Quantico was super interesting, but I just physically could not keep my eyes open. I slept until eight this morning. It's now 10:24, and I have

  • Made scrambled eggs;

  • Eaten them while finishing Quantico (the Drama is gettin' real, y'all);

  • Decided ~not~ to wait two hours for Lil Woody's to open and go get a veggie burger;

  • Went to Safeway, where I purchased frozen pizza, cheesecake, applesauce, and a can of mango-flavored green tea;

  • Baked the frozen pizza, sliced it, and thrown on some Sriracha;

  • Sat down to watch episode two of Supergirl;

  • Decided to eat the cheesecake first

. . . so, you know, mission accomplished.

P.S. It's official, frozen pizza is my Favorite Food for This Week.

28 Days of GWKA, Day 3: Elphaba Thropp
"Well, where are your wings? Maybe you're not as powerful as you think you are."


We didn't know her as Elphaba then, but the Wicked Witch of the West was pretty much the first fictional character I ever fell in love with. My mom sat me down to watch the movie when I was three or four years old, and I was instantly enamored. She completely fascinated me, which perhaps made little or no sense (the Evil Queen gave me nightmares, and Ursula's death scene was so terrifying that I had to leave the room), but that is what happened. I can't really explain it (though I've tried), but something about her stage presence got me hooked. I'm still hooked on her and all other witches. Well, most other witches. Some more than others. None quite as much as her.


28 Days of GWKA, Day 2: The Sanderson Sisters




I don't even know what to say, but who else would I be thinking about on Halloween?

This Weekend!
My weekend doesn't technically start until Sunday afternoon, but this one is going to be such a big damn deal that all sorts of fun stuff needs to be planned NOW.


  • Hooves crossed to make at least $40! (Although it is supposed to rain for my entire shift, which usually has an adverse effect on business and, consequently, tips. Mutter mutter, curse curse.)

  • On the way home, I must take a little trip to the pot shop. I haven't shmoked since Tuesday, and . . . Space Queen is back.

  • After that, I have to go to Safeway and buy some candy.

  • After that, don't forget to pay rent!!!

  • Keep working on TVDS7OMGx01 recap.

  • Get pretty crazy for Halloween: Eat a bunch of candy while watching a documentary on the history of witchcraft.

  • Go to bed early so I can wake up early tomorrow.


  • Hooves crossed to make at least $40! (Although, again, it is supposed to rain. I love rain more than I hate people, but damn.)

  • As soon as I clock out, it is officially the weekend!

  • Adam & I have plans to get together and shmoke and watch Hocus Pocus.

  • Keep working on TVDS7OMGx01 recap.

  • Since I ~don't~ have to wake up early tomorrow, I will probably stay up late tonight and watch Friendship Games.


  • If there is any money left over after buying groceries, I might buy myself a treat. For example, Black Widow: Forever Red.

  • If there is kind of a lot of money left over after buying groceries, I might even buy a new doll.

  • Keep working on TVDS7OMGx01 recap.


  • Tidy up my room.


  • Is the 4th, which means that when I get to work my paycheck should be there! If my calculations are correct, this one will be fairly gigantic. I'm going to get some new boots, and then I am finally officially going to start my Christmas shopping for Captain Awesome & his sisters!

28 Days of GWKA, Day 1: Harriet M. Welsch
This is my favorite book of all time. Kind of a big deal.

More pics!Collapse )


  • Tuesday was actually my only day off last week because I agreed to cover a shift on Monday. You can imagine how annoyed I was when I could not fall asleep on Monday night. But it wasn't a total loss, since I finally switched my SIM card over to the new phone I bought more than a month ago. It's a Nokia Lumia 635, and it is easily the coolest piece of tech I've ever owned. Actually, it's so much fun that I finally joined Instagram! My username there is pepperbisque; if you're not following me, you're missing out on all sorts of food & dolls & books.

  • It's not going nearly as fast as it should, but I am reading The Clasp by Sloane Crosley. It's very good, but I'm almost ninety pages in and I still don't love or hate any of the three main characters.

  • I'm too broke to spend any money on fun stuff this week, but my next paycheck is going to be fairly gigantic. I should have it in hand on Wednesday (a week from tomorrow, not tomorrow), and then I'm going to buy some new boots. I will have enough to buy some fun stuff, but still have to be extra super careful about my spending. Captain Awesome & his three sisters need Christmas presents from their favorite fake uncle. I still need to buy my Elphaba doll, but she's not even close to top priority.

  • I watched the Supergirl pilot today, and it's actually really good! They're obviously vastly different versions of the character, but this makes me even more impatient for the DC Super Hero Girls dolls (and action figures).

  • #TVDS7OMG is ridiculous. I'm not allowed to watch episode three until I do some work on the recaps for one & two (which I should have done today, but last week was so fucking exhausting that I mostly spent the weekend resting up). I'm very excited to snark my way through the second episode. Every one of Our Heroes acts like a total idiot, but the drama gets sooo delicious.

  • I haven't started watching it yet, but I did rent Friendship Games from the YouTube. Ideally, I will be super duper baked for it (I was stoned out of my mind for Rainbow Rocks), but money is so tight this week that I might not even be able to buy weed. I mean, probably, but business is slower than slow right now and tips are terrible, so who knows?

Boring Rice
I'm SUPER hungry, but have ZERO motivation to make anything or go to the grocery store, so I threw some rice in the rice cooker and left to do some Earth Magic, and when I came back it was done. I scooped a bowl and doused it in soy sauce, then added some turmeric & red cayenne pepper. It's actually pretty good, but it's also definitely got me thinking about some stuff I should get next time I have to go to the grocery store (after work tomorrow) to make it really next-level:

  • mushrooms

  • potatoes*

  • cauliflower*

  • vegetable broth*

  • carrots

  • some sort of spice*

  • shrimp

They won't go in the rice, but I also need

  • strawberry cake mix

  • strawberries

  • peanut butter chips

  • eggs*

*Try to get this at Trader Joe's, NOT Safeway.

28: My Year in Toys & Books
Basically, 27 was so turrible that I decided it would be fun to get really obsessive and keep an ongoing master list of every toy & book that gets added to my collection while I'm 28.

Spoiler alert, it's gonna be considerably more toys than books. Partly because one of the toys is gonna be a Kindle.

There will be lots of pics. There will be lots of rambling. I will quite likely be "kicking Depression's ass"* pretty hard before typing up most of these posts.

It should go without saying, but this is going to be really quite a lot of fun.

My Favorite MonthCollapse )

DC Super Hero Girls: My Thoughts on the Dolls
Surprisingly, my favorite.

  • HAIR: I like the two-toned look, but I would like it even more if they had gone with so-black-it's-blue like it is in the webisodes.

  • OUTFIT: Holy what now, they let her wear actual pants! For this reason alone, I will be buying more than one doll of her.

  • SHOES: Could be better, but still pretty great.

This is easy my favorite Harley redesign ever. Actually, this is the only look other than her classic outfit from TAS that I like. Heh.

  • HAIR: Practically perfect, but I'm gonna cut it.

  • OUTFIT: Her theme colors are red & blue & black & white. That's four. Most other characters couldn't pull that off, but Harley makes it look easy.

  • SHOES: <3

I plan to set aside some money and pre-order all six dolls ASAP, but Harley & Ivy in particular must be purchased together.

  • HAIR: She has the best hair in the whole line. Well, after Bumblebee, of course.

  • OUTFIT: Flawless.

  • SHOES: Kind of basic.

Honestly, I kind of wish they had given her green skin and left her barefoot. I still love her a lot, though!

Words fail to convey my love for her.

  • HAIR: Best in the whole line.

  • OUTFIT: So awesome! I especially love the wings.

  • SHOES: Ass-kicking stompy boots always get a thumbs-up from me.

Already in love.

  • HAIR: Cuter than cute. Also, what's this, two redheads? Yay!

  • OUTFIT: I love everybody's, but hers is quite possibly the best. I love all the little details.

  • SHOES: More ass-kicking boots!

My "least" favorite is still a MAJOR WANT.

  • HAIR: Plenty cute, will be plenty cuter after I brush it out and put it in two braids.

  • OUTFIT: That molded cape is annoying ("NO CAPES!"*), but this is otherwise a great update of her classic look.

  • SHOES: So much better than what she usually wears! For real, I luff dem.

Now, here are some questions!

  1. When exactly will they be released? So far, all we know is "spring."

  2. Where the fuck is Katana?

  3. Harley & Batgirl both wear masks. Are they removable? (Note: Same question will apply to Katana.)

  4. When should we expect Wave 2?

*Ironically, "Get Your Cape On" is the franchise's theme song. Kind of weird, when you think about it, since she seems to be the only one who, you know, wears one. Batgirl has a backpack instead, which makes much more sense when you think about it. Wondy rarely wears one. The other four never have.

Major Wants: NOVEMBER

  • CMC . . . plush or brushables or something? Not sure, but 5x18 definitely makes me want new merch of some sort.

  • Speaking of 5x18, [Spoiler Character] plush

  • EQG Minis: Pinkie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Dash, Twilight (no idea if these will be available in November, but we can hope!)



  • Justine Dancer & Melody Piper

  • Rosabella Beauty

  • WTW: Maddie, Apple, Lizzie, Kitty, Raven

  • Faybelle Thorn

  • Giant Maddie


  • Great Scarrier Reef: Kala, the twins, Posea, Lagoona, Toralei, Frankie

  • Isi, Batsy, Kjersti (and Finnegan)

  • Ghouls Rule Clawdeen & Cleo

  • Frightfully Tall Clawdeen, Draculaura, Frankie


  • Libby, Sage, Leona, Vega, Scarlet


  • Agent May

  • Scarlet Witch

  • Storm (all three versions)

  • Winter Soldier Black Widow

  • Elsa & Anna

  • Orange is the New Black: Red, Suzanne, Alex, Piper


  • Spider-Girl

  • Robot Fighters Storm, Jubilee

  • Monster Armor Mystique, Rogue

  • SH FiguArts Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Super Sailor Moon


  • Secret Spells Christie, Kayla, Barbie

  • Teacher Barbie

  • Flashlight Fun Janet, Whitney, Stacie

  • Pizza Party Courtney, Skipper (note: I mostly want Skipper so Courtney will have a friend, heh)

  • Generation Girl: all three Nichelles (I want most of these dolls eventually, but she is by far my favorite)

P.S. If we didn't know that DC Super Hero Girls won't be available until spring, they would totally be at the very top of this list! Although it's actually good that we have to wait kind of a while, as that will give me time to set aside money.

DC Super Hero Girls!
Okay, I am 1,000% in love with this franchise. I remember reading an article announcing it a few months ago, but had zero idea that it was now a thing. Well, it "officially" launches next year, but the website has three webisodes and a lyric video and profiles of all the main characters (Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy, and Katana) and really gorgeous stock photos of the dolls. These are my thoughts so far:

Firstly & foremostly, I must have all of the dolls. Katana is the only main character who isn't getting a doll right away (tanz_fanatika thinks they're probably having trouble getting her mask right), so we can look forward to her in Wave 2, along with a bunch of others. The first two webisodes introduce several characters, most of whom will likely be getting dolls at some point.

As for the dolls we have seen, I love them all. Love, love, love. Wondy is my fave, but I'm so excited for this franchise that I will automatically pre-order the whole line as soon as possible.

I guess Wondy is my favorite because . . . well, look, HERE is how you take the first female superhero and let her wear pants.

Supergirl's molded cape is actually annoying, but also convenient: Pop it off ("NO CAPES!") and the rest of her outfit is suddenly twenty percent cooler. I really love her shoes.

Batgirl is AWESOME. Her outfit shows off her tech genius side, and it just really works.

Harley = must buy! She needs to hang out with Pinkie Pie & Maddie Hatter. Her entire outfit is flawless, but I will probably give her a haircut.

Bumblebee is gorgeous. Her entire outfit is great, but her hair is even better.

I'm not in love with the vine in Poison Ivy's hair, and her shoes are kind of basic, but otherwise she is flawless. I could only love her more if they had given her green skin.

Wave 2 will obviously include Katana. If the More Characters section of the website is any indication, we might also expect Cheetah, Catwoman, Hawkgirl, and Star Sapphire. They would all be great, but I hope we also get Starfire, Raven, Fire & Ice, Vixen, Circe, and so forth. Basically, any character who might get turned into a doll, I want to be turned into a doll. Heh.

P.S. Marvel is stupid for not doing this first. How cool would it be if they had a franchise like this that focused on Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel (both of them), She-Hulk, Storm, Quake, and Wasp? Siiiiigh.

UPDATE: They're going to be action figures, too!

Oh My Gush, MLP 5x18
As weird as this may sound, I usually don't actually watch MLP until it comes to Netflix.* But I saw enough tweets to know that I should make an exception and watch the newest episode (which, by the way, aired on 10/10/15, the show's fifth birthaversary). I am so glad I did.

Without spoiling a thing, let me tell you, this is one of the best episodes in the whole series. It's a CMC episode, it's called "Crusaders of the Lost Mark," and it is epic. It made me ugly cry LIKE A BITCH. [Spoiler] is one of my new favorite characters.

It's a Musical Episode, and it's a fantastic example of how to use music to tell the story. Kind of like a super-concentrated The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast.

It has a runtime of 21:24, and as soon as it was over I went back to 12:00 and watched until the end again. Several times.

The whole second half made cry so hard that I basically dissolved into a puddle of tears & snot (I know, gross, but what did you think I meant when I said "it made me ugly cry LIKE A BITCH"?), but there's one particular line in the last song that really made me lose it. You'll know it when you hear it. Hint: Applejack says it. I'm about to watch the whole episode again, and just thinking about this one line has already got me a little bit misty-eyed. This show is just so good sometimes.

Historian's Note: This episode made me cry harder than I've cried since the final fight of Rainbow Rocks. Which made me cry harder than I had cried since the Transformation Scene in EQG 1. Which made me cry harder than I had cried since "A True, True Friend." Which made me cry harder than I had cried since "Smile, Smile, Smile." Which made me cry harder than I had cried since Twilight figured out how to use the Elements of Harmony. So, yeah, kind of a big deal.


*Anymore. From May of 2011 (when I got into the show) until approximately the middle of season four, I watched every new episode as it came out. Also, I do still watch premieres & finales & EQG movies pretty much ASAP.

Funko Pops I Definitely Maybe Want
Let"s see . . .Collapse )

Whew! There are so fucking many of these things! The only ones I'm actually planning to buy sooner than later are Agent May, Scarlet Witch, Storm, and the Ariel & Ursula set. I'd also really like the Wicked Witch, but she's obscenely expensive. There are also a few Disney Princesses with hipster glasses, and I'd like to get all of them eventually.

P.S. I'd be more excited about the Doctor What collection if it included any of the companions. I'd really rather have Martha, Donna, Amy, Rory, and Clara than any of the Doctors. Well, I'd want Eleven so he could hang out with Amy & Rory and Clara, but.

Sunset Shimmer!
"Are people born wicked, or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?"

"Well, where are your wings? Maybe you're not as powerful as you think you are."

"You are not consumed by the darkness because you are full of light."
(Note: This scene is pretty much my favorite moment in the entire series. I tear up every fucking time.)

"Sunset Shimmer, WE NEED YOU!"
(Seriously, every time.)


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