My 13 Favorite Witches
Since it is Halloween and all, I figured that seemed like a decent excuse to gush about my 13 Favorite Witches. SPOILER ALERT, there are technically sixteen!

1. Elphaba Thropp

Do you want to know a true story? The Wicked Witch of the West is actually my favorite fictional character in the history of fiction. When she sat me down to watch the movie for the first time, when I was two or three, my mom totally thought I would be terrified. Which, to be fair, is a reasonable thing to think, since most young children do have that reaction. But no, joke's on you, mom: The Wicked Witch of the West has such stage presence that I was instantly enchanted (get it? She's a witch?), and still am, because that was the beginning of my life-long love story with witches.

And, you know, "Defying Gravity" certainly didn't hurt.

2. Ursula the Sea Witch

If you don't love Ursula, you are either a) one of those boring basic bitches who ain't like Disney movies or b) just wrong or c) both.

3. Prue Halliwell

Gawd, no, I'm totally kidding. Gag me with a spoon.

3. Bonnie Bennett
"I don't belong to the spirits anymore. I belong to myself."

The second episode of The Final Season just aired a few days ago, and I'm actually very annoyed because she's currently not a witch. In the last few minutes of the last season, it was revealed that she never got her powers back after the Huntress curse was broken (it makes sense in context) . . . and I immediately flipped a table because this is only, what, the sixth time Bonnie has lost her powers? And nobody has the sense to say, "Holy crap, sirens are real, which we know because one of them has two of our friends in her thrall; TOO BAD NOBODY HERE IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL WITCHES ON THE PLANET if she could just get her powers back"? Even though the two friends who are under the siren's spell are Damon, her best friend, and Enzo, her boyfriend? Long story short, the show refuses to acknowledge that Bonnie Sheila Bennett is now officially The Hero, and I grow weary. Although Kevin Williamson is back, so there may in fact be hope.

4. Sunshine
"You are not consumed by the darkness because you are full of light."

Putting her on this list is technically kind of a huge spoiler, since I usually don't like to tell people anything about this book other than "It's about a baker who gets kidnapped by vampires." But oh well, if you've known me this long and still not read it that is quite clearly not my fault. Sunshine the book is my second-favorite book of all time (after Harriet the Spy), and Sunshine the character is one of my favorite witches of all time. If you have read the book, you might notice that she never actually uses the "w" word. Seriously, though, come on. "Magic handler?" What the fuck else is that supposed to mean?

5. Willow Rosenberg
There are a lot of reasons I love Willow. Honestly, a whole lot. Here's one: More often than not, whenever she does "big" magic, she breaks some so-called rules. No one has ever single-handedly restored a vampire's soul before? That was her very first spell. Glory is so powerful that no one can figure out a way to hurt her? Maybe no one else. Her best friend is dead? She'll bring her back.

And that whole "Are you ready to be strong?" thing may have been Buffy's plan, but Willow was 100& responsible for, you know, pulling it off.

They didn't just save the world (again), they changed it.

6. Tiffany Aching
"Another world is colliding with this one," said the toad. "There. Happy now? That's what Miss Tick thinks. But it's happening faster than she expected. All the monsters are coming back."
"There's no one to stop them."
There was silence for a moment.
"There's me," said Tiffany.

7. Nico Minoru
In 2016, Asian superheroes at one of the Big Two comic book companies really should not be interesting merely for their rarity, but they still are. And team leaders? Female team leaders? Unheard of!

Not to mention, a non-white GOTH character?

So yeah, if you haven't read Runaways you've been wasting your life.

8. Wanda Maximoff
I've only read the first five issues, but her current ongoing series is literally beyond brilliant. If you've ever thought, "Gee, Scarlet Witch is one of my favorite Avengers, but I wish they would really delve into the 'witch' half of her story," this is the book you've been waiting for since you first thought that thought!

9. Sabrina Spellman
Other than "Duh," I really don't know what to say.

10. Endora
Again, if you don't think she's great you are just wrong. It's empirical! She's fabulous! This is not my opinion, it's a fact!

11. Molly Weasley

12. Nancy, Rochelle, Bonnie, and Sarah
How does anyone who grew up in the nineties not love The Craft? Don't even talk to me.

13. Frau Totenkinder
Oh, she's just the wicked witch in every fairy tale ever, no big deal . . .

Earth Magic SCORE
I just went to the pot shop for six Thick Mint Cookies. I asked for six, paid for six, and got charged for six.

And yet, somehow, I walked out of there with seven.

This is easily one of the best things that has happened to me lately.

New Books!
Today I bought some actual books from an actual bookstore for the first time in forever. It was fun, but it was also kind of annoying.

The actual transaction was the most annoying part. No, I don't want to drop everything and apply for a Barnes & Noble Visa. No, you don't need my email address. Please just take my money so I can take my books and go home and read them.

Anyway. My goal was to get Supergirl at Super Hero High and as many EAH School Stories as possible. I found Supergirl's book ($13.99), but the selection of School Stories was pitiful. They had four copies of Fairy's Got Talent and zero copies of the other three. They did have one copy of Once Upon a Pet ($12.99), which I bought.

In addition to being more convenient, Amazon is cheaper. I could have bought these two books for less than $20, not almost $30.

Still, I do have new books, so it was a good day.

Thursday is payday. I need to order the following from Amazon:

  • Kiss and Spell

  • Next Top Villain

  • Truth or Hair

  • A Semi-Charming Kind of Life

  • the first DCSG graphic novel, Finals Crisis

  • The Princess Diaries, Vol. IV: Princess in Waiting

  • ???

Amazon WIN
Literally ten minutes after I left for work, they sent a "delivered" text message. So of course I spent the whole day wondering if they actually meant it.

They did.

2016-06-29 21.42.55 (2)

Let's break it down.

  • Mindy's book: Duh, I worship her. I have read this once before, but only once, and that was circa 2012. I remember laughing my butt off. I have no idea why I haven't reread it yet. I will need to order her second book, which I have not read (*gasp*), sooner than later.

  • Princess in Love: This is Volume III. Volume II, Princess in the Spotlight, is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Which fills me with much excite, because it was actually the first in the series that I read (it was just there on the shelf at the library). Volume III is really good too, though. Spoiler Alert, she does indeed hook up with Michael.

  • No, I haven't bought any of the short-lived reboot books until now. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! P.S. Amazon may or may not have a decent deal on a complete set of the original fifty-four.

  • Fairy's Got Talent: Fiiiiiiinally bought one of the EAH School Stories! Chose this one because it stars Faybelle & Farrah, who are some of my faves because they are both fairies.

  • DCSG Book 1: I read this on Kindle when it first came out, but I really prefer actual books. When I pre-ordered Book 2, Supergirl's book (!!!), it just made sense to get this one too.

So, yeah. Twilight & Spike are both very excited.

My Favorite GWKA of the Moment

  1. Supergirl! Yes, still obsessed. Duh.

  2. Dory! Seriously, her movie made me cry at least three times. I need to see it again sooner than later. Maybe Wednesday.

  3. Kamala Khan! I recently (finally) bought the first trade of her series, and she is EVERYTHING I WANTED HER TO BE AND THEN SOME! She's such a cute little nerd from Jersey. Who loves superhoes as much as I do. When she receives her powers, she actually has a vision of Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Iron Man. I could gush on & on & on. She needs to join the MCU as soon as fucking possible, I am not even kidding.

  4. Matilda Wormwood! I'm still listening to her musical several times a day every day, and it still gives me the chills. Obviously. Such a great story, such an inspirational role model of a hero. I hope to be half as awesome as her when I grow up (note: "When I Grow Up" is one of the songs).

  5. Jenji Kohan! For the past few days, I've been saying that the finale of OITNB S4 "set my hair on fire," which is true. Yesterday it occurred to me that this is a hilarious thing to say because fire is orange and my hair is black. #NoSpoilers, but I yearn to discuss it once you've finished.

  6. Elphaba Thropp! Again, duh.

  7. Amy Pond! I've been watching her early adventures with the Doctor to help cheer me up. It's working. I very much look forward to her yelling, "Raggedy Man! I remember you! And you are LATE FOR MY WEDDING!" again.

  8. Pinkie Pie! One more duh.

  9. Joanna Beauchamp! It may or may not happen anytime soon, what with my free time being limited, etc., but I am itching to watch Witches of East End again. This time, I need to take notes. Snarky notes.

  10. Willow Rosenberg! Always. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Forever. Elphaba is pretty much my favorite fictional character in the history of fiction (I fell in love with the Wicked Witch of the West when I was three years old; this started my life-long love of witches), but Willow is one of several very close seconds.

  11. Harriet M. Welsch! Okay, yet another duh.

  12. Storm! It's been almost a whole month, and I am still so fucking thoroughly BEYOND annoyed about how she was used in Apocalypse. Not that that's a surprise. Why does Bryan Singer hate her so much?

  13. Korra! I love Korra because she is going to be the most famous Avatar in history. She's the last Avatar and the first Avatar. She saved the world from ten thousand years of darkness. . . And two seasons later, at the very end of her story, we find out that she's queer.

~~SPOILERS~~Collapse )

#Orlando Feels
That's right, #Orlando feels. I have a lot of them.

  1. The absolute very first thing you have to understand is that I have not stopped thinking about this since the moment I looked at my phone and saw the news. I don't actually remember that exact moment particularly well, because I was half-asleep, and had to go back to sleep until it was time to wake up for work. Which, by the way, was my first day back after having three glorious days off. I vaguely recall that it was a mercifully busy shift, but other than that Sunday is pretty much a blur.

  2. Yesteday, on the other hand? My memories are both crystal clear & surround sound (hee, alliteration). I spent the whole day wishing to think about anything other than #Orlando & death & pain & suffering, but my brain just couldn't. As bad as the day was, the night was way worse:

  3. I. Could. Not. Sleep. Until after 5:00 AM in the goddamn morning. Because I kept thinking about it. Twist, turn, adjust mountain of pillows, twist, turn, adjust, twist, turn, adjust. All night. Since I couldn't sleep, I looked at my phone. Which was not the best idea. Because, very nearly every time I looked at my phone, I learned some horrifying new detail and got upset all over again. In retrospect, I should have anticipated this and gone to the pot shop for some Indica.

  4. Today was a lot like yesterday, but my music selection was slightly different: Wicked, then Wicked again, then Matilda the Musical, then Into the Woods. Musicals usually make me feel better. It . . . didn't not work, but it also didn't really work. My brain still couldn't stop thinking about it, but at the same time I could let my mind wander and think about other things.

  5. I really wish I could have stayed home today. I really, really wish I could stay home tomorrow. I wish I could look forward to Finding Dory without having to dread work.

  6. It's not that I'm dreading work itself. I dread leaving the house. Mildly. I mean, 72% of the time I hate leaving the house anyway, but now I don't feel safe. It's two-pronged: On the one hand, I don't feel like queer people are safe anymore (if we ever were). On the other hand, neither is anyone else. I'm not about to change a damn thing about my daily routine, because I left my intolerant childhood tiny town BEHIND and moved across the country to the Emerald City ON PURPOSE, but

  7. I still cannot believe this is seriously the world we live in. Still. In 2016. Not only is there a very real chance that literally anyone could start killing everyone, anywhere, at any time, but also? Some of them are always going to hate us this much.  Just for existing, just for being ourselves, just for being *gasp* different, some of them are still always going to hate us enough to kill us. In 2016. And beyond.

  8. Did you HEAR about the other guy who was apprehended with a car full of weapons on his way to LA Pride?

  9. Today is Flag Day. I saw three flags: an American one & a rainbow one in front of the Renaissance, a hotel I walk past on my way to work, and another American one on top of the Space Needle, which you can see from my store. They were all at half-mast. Which was a really sweet gesture, and one I do appreciate. But it also made me ~ANGRY~ about the why of it all over again.

  10. Matilda the Musical is giving me all sorts of feels about my verbally & emotionally abusive childhood (which, by the way, was 157,000 times worse than it would have been because I also grew up in such a deeply Fake Christian family; Jesus hates fags) (note: He really doesn't) (because he'd be too busy feeding all the hungry & healing all the sick) (but that's none of my business), which is always such fun.

  11. After work, on my way to the bus stop, I remembered that Sunday is Father's Day.

  12. So, yeah, I am an emotional mess. NOT SUICIDAL, but mental health is tricky and self-care is serious business.

  13. Remember how I said I haven't stopped thinking about this since hearing the news? Yeah, it's taken me this long to feel my feels enough that they start to make sense in a way I can put into words. I have more of them, which I may or may not share tomorrow. For now, I must stop writing and shmoke some Indica, because I refuse to have another sleepless night.

P.S. Since we're clearly queerly not safe in real life, can we at least be safe in fiction? I am beyond tired of hearing that such-and-such TV show is getting a queer character (or, gosh forbid, two) and thinking "Well, they're definitely doomed" and being right.

No Sleep Tonight
It is 3:48 AM in the Emerald City, and I am still not asleep! I actually went to bed earlier than usual, but it has been hours of toss, turn, adjust pillows; wash, rinse, repeat; toss, turn, adjust; wash, rinse, repeat; toss, tu---WHY AM I STILL AWAKE?! That was rhetorical. I know exactly why I'm still awake. It's because of #Orlando. I might need to temporarily delete Fakebook & the Instagram, because every time I open my phone I learn some terrible new detail: The shooter was a regular at Pulse, and allegedly had a Jack'd profile. Most of the victims whose names have been released so far were Latinx. It was Hispanic Night. One of the victims worked at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and J. K. Rowling can't stop crying. The shooter had been interviewed by the FBI on multiple occasions, but had zero problem getting guns because he was a security guard. Or something. The US has had more shootings in 2016 than there have been days in 2016. And on and on and on.

I just can't believe this is seriously the world we live in.

Merriam-Webster defines weltschmerz as "mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state" or "a mood of sentimental sadness."

Personally, I've only ever heard the word in Brian K. Vaughan's run of Ultimate X-Men. After Beast dies, Storm cuts her hair and gets a bold new outfit and generally feels angry most of the time. Nightcrawler tells her she's suffering from weltschmerz, which means (I'm paraphrasing here) she hurts because the way the world should be is so far removed from the way it is.

That's how I feel right now. I'm not a big news person, because the news is almost always sad, but it's pretty much impossible to avoid the headlines these days.

Brock Turner made me angry. His BULLSHIT sentence sends a message to other potential rapists, and that message is: "Hey, you might as well go for it. As long as you're white, of course!"

But that was a few days ago. Today we all heard the story of Pulse, a gay club in Orlando. Fifty people were killed. Another fifty-three were injured. It's the worst mass shooting in US history. Until the next one, of course.

I have no words. I just don't understand how this keeps happening. But it does. In 2016. You'd think we might have STARTED to move past this. But no, we simply cannot stop killing each other.

No one is safe.

Nowhere is safe.

People joke about moving to Canada. Personally, I'm starting to think it would be a better idea to move to Venus. Yeah, I know Venus can't support human life . . . but Earth can, and it is literally a miracle that anyone ever dies of old age.

Treat Yo' Self
As the first of three days off, today has been nothing less than epic.

  • Woke up around ten . . . with NO ALARM.

  • Took a shower.

  • Started a load of laundry.

  • Ate yogurt, blueberries, and granola for breakfast.

  • Bought some boots!!!

  • Ate some chocolate-covered espresso beans. From the pot shop.

  • Went to QFC.

  • Other stuff happened.

  • Made veggie burritos for dinner.

  • Bought Spy (the Melissa McCarthy movie) on my Kindle. Watched it for the first time since theater.

  • Today is payday, so I went on two #TreatYoSelf mini-sprees on Amazon.

  • In addition to the chocolate-covered espresso beans, I ate several Thick Mint Cookies throughout the day.

Actually, I need to get more of those tomorrow. And then ~finally~ go see The Jungle Book and get nachos. Showtimes are 11:25 and 2:00. I'm not setting any alarms, so 11:25 is possible but not likely. Obviously, the ideal thing would be to time it so that the cookies kick in right as I arrive at the theater.

It just occurred to me that this movie is playing at Pacific Place, which is in the same mall as a Barnes & Noble. Which I usually cut through on my way to the theater. And do you know what they have there? A whole display of Funko Pops.

Most Wanted Funko Pops

  • Storm

  • Mystique

  • Scarlet Witch

  • Black Panther

  • Captain Marvel

  • She-Hulk

  • Spider-Gwen

  • Gamora

  • Nebula

  • Dancing Groot

  • Black Widow with Shield

  • Civil War Black Widow

  • Hawkeye



  • Helena

  • Cosima

  • Alison

  • Rachel

  • Sarah

  • Felix


  • Pinkie Pie


  • Weeping Angel




  • Nerd Jasmine

  • Nerd Ariel

  • Mini FROZEN set (Elsa, Anna, and Olaf)



  • Alex

Awesome Sauce (literally . . .)
I just started a slow cooker sauce consisting of

  • 1 eggplant

  • 2 red peppers

  • 1 bag of sliced mushrooms

  • 1 can of cannellini beans

  • red pepper flakes

  • red cayenne pepper

  • black pepper

  • 3 cans of crushed tomatoes

Much excite.

So I Saw Apocalypse
There were some things I loved and some things I . . . didn't.

This is by no means a full review. I'm just going to write down some of my thoughts on Storm, Psylocke, Jubilee, and Jean.

~~SPOILERS~~Collapse )

Toys: My Most Major Wants of the Moment
EQG Minis
Sunset Shimmer

Funko Vinyls
Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle

Funko Pop
Scarlet Witch (will eventually get both, but I prefer the one from Civil War)

EQG dolls
Cheerilee or Sapphire Shores

Katana, of course

Giant Ponies

Ever After High
SDCC Cedar

Monster High

Abby Yates

I just ordered the Rosabella & Daring two-pack! Lori's post in the EAH comm is the only reason I had any idea it was in stock. But that was on Friday, so seeing that it's still in stock now is a bit of a pleasant surprise. Very pleasant. Rosabella is always an automatic must-have because her story is my favorite fairy tale ever and I wanted her character to show up as soon as I heard that EAH was a thing . . . but I'm actually more excited for Daring, because this is his very first doll. Finally! I've always liked him, but Dragon Games really made him one of my all-around faves.

They'll be here Thursday. Which I happen to have off. Squee.

Wish List Update

Spy Squad: Renee, Ken, pink Junior Agent, robo-cat, robo-bunny
Made To Move: Teresa, Renee
Fashionistas: 33, 19, 22, 16, 24, 18, 29, 20, 32, 17, 25, 21, 23, 26

Signature: Meeshell, Nina, Jillian
Birthday Ball: Duchess, Blondie, Cupid
Epic Winter: Crystal, Rosabella & Daring, Briar
Dragon Games: Raven, Holly
Way Too Wonderland: normal-sized Maddie, Raven, Apple
Book Party: Ginger, Kitty, Lizzie
SDCC: Cedar

Great Scarrier Reef: Peri & Pearl, Toralei, Lagoona, Clawdeen, Draculaura

Lyra & Bon Bon, Sapphire Shores, Cheerilee, Amethyst Star, Sunny Flare

Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, (maybe) Celestia

Spike, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Lyra, Bon Bon, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Big Macintosh, Luna, Celestia, Derpy, Dr. Whooves, Cheese Sandwich, Daring Do, Maud, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, Discord, Trixie

Agent May, Scarlet Witch, Gamora, Jessica Jones, every Black Widow (I only have the one from Age of Ultron), Captain Marvel, Storm, Mystique, She-Hulk, Nerd Jasmine, all four Golden Girls, most of the Orphan Black ones

Wicked Witch of the West

Wish List!
Spy Squad: Renee, Ken, pink Junior Agent, robo-cat, robo-bunny
Made To Move: Teresa, Renee
Fashionistas: 33, 19, 22, 16, 24, 18, 29, 20, 32, 17, 25, 21, 23, 26 (I already have 27)

Signature: Meeshell, Nina, Jillian
Birthday Ball: Duchess, Blondie, Cupid
Epic Winter: Crystal, Rosabella & Daring, Briar
Dragon Games: Raven, Holly
Way Too Wonderland: normal-sized Maddie, Raven, Apple
Book Party: Ginger, Kitty, Lizzie

Great Scarrier Reef: Peri & Pearl, Toralei, Lagoona, Clawdeen, Draculaura

Lyra & Bon Bon, Sapphire Shores, Cheerilee, Amethyst Star, Sunny Flare

Wicked Witch of the West

Update: Spy Squad!
CAT BURGLAR: Arrived today!!!

TERESA: Ordered! $16.99 on

BARBIE: Ordered! $16.99 on

RENEE: Tried to order her for the same price as the other two, but is fucking out of stock. Amazon has has her for $31.79, which is ludicrous. She's only $18.84 on, but their shipping takes so long.

CAT BURGLAR DOLL & BIKE SET: Ordered! Amazon has it for $31.91 PLUS $12.99 shipping. I checked TRU, and they have it for $29.99 with free shipping on orders over $19. #RyanWins

STILL NEED: Ken, pink Junior Agent, all four robo-pets, RENEE, and Barbie's bike (which doesn't come with a doll but does have a variant of the robo-dog).

That's how many dolls I have waiting to be opened.

Three of them are EQG Minis sleepover sets.

Five are MH.

One is an EQG Doll & Pony set.

One is the purple Junior Agent from Spy Squad.

Everything else is EAH.

I'm ordering more shelves (and a new doll or two, of course!) on Thursday. I need to clean my room tomorrow. Which might or might not actually happen. If not, Thursday is also my next day off.

Things I Love Right Now
1. Ever After High (obviously)
Thursday, this Thursday, three days from now, is payday. I am finally going to order some more shelves, which means I'll be able to justify opening ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of my boxed dolls! There are more than twenty waiting to be opened, and only seven of those are not EAH.

That said, I'm not sure if I will be buying any new EAH dolls anytime soon. I'm trying real hard to spend as little money as possible on fun things, and my current most major wants are actually . . .

2. Barbie Spy Squad
No, I still haven't bought any! Sad. I almost did this morning on my way to work. Marched into City Target and everything, and even took Renee off the shelf, but she was $30.99, almost twice as much as the website's price of $16.99, and I just did not feel like going to Customer Service and sorting it out. The store was super busy, and they seemed under-staffed, and I really just wanted to keep walking and get a burrito. So I did.

But anyway, yeah, I'm still in love with these dolls. I'm going to watch the movie after I get all, or at least some, of them. I love light-hearted spy fiction (Totally Spies, Charlie's Angels, Ryan always thinks of a third example), so it will probably be a whole lot of fun.

3. Captain America: Civil War
SO MUCH BETTER than Age of Ultron!

4. The Mindy Project
Honestly, it's one of the only things making me smile right now.

5. Finding Dory

6. TVD
It only took all season, but this show is finally good again. There's one thing that really bugs me (because there always is), but the latest episode is completely epic. The season finale airs on Friday, and I am so seriously stoked to see what happens. I haven't been this excited for this show since season two, I am not even kidding.

Of course, the reason it's so good right now? Simple: Everything is all about Bonnie. Absolutely every storyline happening right now has to do with her, in one way or another. The show is still not The Witch Journals, but it's so compelling (ha) that I do not even care.

7. Sunshine
It may be time for a reread. "You are not consumed by the darkness because you are full of light" and all that. V relevenat to my current predicaments. Also, for the past year or so I have been imagining that Sunshine & Con look like Bonnie & Damon, so that adds a whole other layer of fun.

8. The Heat
Can you believe I haven't seen this movie in at least a year & a half?! I saw The Boss a few days ago, and it was good, but not quite the laugh-a-minute rollercoaster I was hoping for. Like this one. Or Spy (another example of me loving light-hearted spy fiction, by the way).

P.S. I said there are "more than twenty" dolls waiting to be opened because I was having trouble counting them from bed because they are not all in the same place. Yeah, as soon as I stood up I spotted three more. Heh.

9 Things I Love Right Now
1. Legally Blonde: The Musical
Specifically, the soundtrack. Which I downloaded FOR FREE 'cause I'm a Prime bitch, and have been listening to several times a day. Yes, several times a day. It's an easy way to make work more fun. Some customers tip extra if I sing along. Not really, but that would be cool.

2. Barbie Spy Squad
Believe it or not, but I currently only have five Barbies in my entire collection. Four of them are from 1998 (Cool Blue Barbie, Perfect Pink Teresa, Purple Panic Christie, and Extreme Green Skipper). One is the purple Junior Agent from Spy Squad. She's adorable and everything, but not exactly fun to play with. All three main characters have transforming outfits and stuff. I'm too broke to spend any money on dolls right this second, but should have plenty by Sunday, if not before. I want them all, because Young Ryan would have loved them. Renee & the Cat Burglar are my two biggest wants.

3. Supergirl
The season finale made me cry like a bitch three times. Two of those times happened in the first ten minutes.
I really need to write much more about this show.

4. Great Scarrier Reef
Obviously. I have Kala, Posea, and Frankie. I need Peri & Pearl, Toralei, Lagoona, Clawdeen, and Draculaura. But I (probably) won't be buying any more of them until after I get all of Spy Squad.

5. TVD
Just kidding, watching this show is such a fucking chore right now. Every day makes me gladder & gladder that it's ending next year. It's gotten to the point that I'll get high and open Hulu and see that there's a new episode and go, "I got high to ENJOY MYSELF, thank you very much" and watch something else. For example, Broad City.

6. My New Bed
'Nuff said.

7. Power Rangers
There are going to be tons of great movies this year, but I kind of really can't wait for next summer. I literally have daydreams about the teaser trailer. I love how they're reimagining the original five teenagers with attitude in 2017. Elizabeth Banks is going to be such a fun Rita Repulsa. Her outfit is quite a departure, but I fucking love it. I'm eager to see what the new Ranger costumes will look like. ALSO, WE KNOW THERE WILL BE ACTION FIGURES.

8. Miss Congeniality
Today is April 25th ("the perfect date"), so it occurred to me that I haven't seen this movie since before I started shmoking.

9. Sleep
My absolute favorite thing right now. I'm so goddamn tired. Seems like all I do at the moment is work and sleep.

Wish List
Cat Burglar, Renee, Teresa, Barbie, all the robo-pets, Ken

Peri & Pearl, Toralei, Lagoona, Clawdeen, Draculaura

Dragon Games: Raven, Holly
Way Too Wonderland: Raven, Maddie, Apple
Book Party: Ginger, Kitty, Lizzie

That's it! These aren't the only dolls I want right now, obviously, but they are the ones I want the most. Next time I go doll shopping, I will most likely get the Cat Burglar, either Teresa or Renee, and someone from GSR.

Serious Thoughts on a Serious Topic
Kidding! I'm just gonna ramble about current TV for a bit.

Modern Family: This show is still one of the funniest things on the air right now. The latest most modern episode is one of the funniest in the whole series, because . . . Mitch & Phil get high for the first time ever.

Supergirl: My one complaint about this week's episode is that it's part one of the season finale, and IT IS FAR TOO EARLY for that! The whole season is only going to be twenty episodes. Oh well, maybe season two will have two extra episodes?

Agents of SHIELD: Not going to spoil anything, but I'm still in denial about something that happened a few episodes ago.

Fresh Off the Boat: WATCH THIS SHOW.

TVD: Ian Somerhalder recently "accidentally" announced that season eight is also going to be The Final Season. I have feelings, and they are mixed. Not long before this announcement, Kat Graham announced that she would be leaving after season eight. Which means I will have no reason to keep watching after season eight. Frankly, I have almost no reason to keep watching right now. Elena may be gone, but in general things are just as boring & just as ridiculous as they were when she was around.

  • Bonnie is still almost never allowed to do anything. It has so far only been used once, but the new Big Bad ~just happens~ to have access to some sort of drug that temporarily steals her powers. The show has always gone out of its way to "explain" why she can't swoop in and solve everybody's problems, but that's plain lazy.

  • Caroline isn't allowed to do anything anymore, either. I mean, clearly she can't have any actual fight scenes, what with Candice's real-life pregnancy, but you'd think they might find a way for her to occasionally do something other than . . . talk. Seriously, pay attention to how many of her scenes are just talking on the phone. That is, if she's even in the episode.

  • Matt is just kind of there.

  • Stefan is super boring around Valerie, so GUESS WHO HE'S OFFICIALLY DATING.

  • Damon has been getting better & better, but the writers still can't miss any opportunity to remind us that he is one thousand and one percent absolutely forever in love with Elena. Which is ironic, since anyone with eyeballs can see that he has much better chemistry with Bonnie.

  • I called this from day one, but the black Heretic was killed off.

  • I called this from day one too, but the lesbian couple of Heretics were also killed off.

  • The one remaining Heretic is Valerie, Stefan's Girlfriend. Gag me with a spoon.

So, yeah, I am the opposite of upset about the show ending sooner than later. To be totally honest, I was the itsiest bit annoyed when it got renewed for season eight. We are talking about a show on The CW, which has renewed Supernatural for a TWELFTH season. I don't watch Supernatural, so I have no idea if it's still any good, but I do know that the thought of TVD living forever (heh) is not a pleasant one.

Also, I am intensely curious to see how they actually end it.

The weekend is almost over. Recovering from Hell Week was no joke, so it's been a very relaxing two days. I have done almost nothing but sleep, eat, sleep, watch TV, sleep, and take naps. Which I don't even feel bad about, because I really was that tired.

Our schedule goes from Saturday to Friday, and we don't have the new one yet. I'm the tiniest bit anxious about this, since I requested Saturday & Sunday off months ago (Sunday is April 10th). If I do get them off, as well as my usual Monday & Tuesday, we are talking about a four-day weekend. Which will be the first time I've had that much time off ALL YEAR.

Friday should be good, because on my way home from work I'm going to see Melissa McCarthy's new movie, The Boss. Speaking of Melissa McCarthy movies, I really should buy The Heat and Spy on my Kindle. I haven't seen The Heat in at least a year, and I only saw Spy one time.

Right now, the only movies I have on my Kindle are Pitch Perfect and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Today was good because two dolls arrived: Kala Mer'ri & SU Holly. I love them both, of course. I've loved the Great Scarrier Reef dolls since they were first revealed, but haven't actually bought any of them until now. Kala had to be my first for obvious reasons. Holly is exciting because I now have the entire Spring Unsprung line.

Is it hot in here, OR IS MY HAIR JUST ON FIRE?!
Today was a bit of a struggle: My phone decided to kill itself twenty minutes before I clocked in for an eleven-hour shift.

A Complete Lack of Tact
Just look at this bullshit that a so-called friend sent to me yesterday:

I'm beyond offended. I am offended, shocked, appalled, annoyed, perplexed, and probably another handful of ajectives I can't think of right now because I'm so upset.

Even if you don't know that I get a little extra emotional around April 10th (which is one week from Sunday), even if you have no idea why The Lion King makes me extra emotional, even if you know absolutely nothing about me, WHAT PART OF THIS do you look at and seriously think to yourself, "Hmmm, I should send this to Ryan right away; it will clearly make his day better"? Well, guess fucking what, it did not make my day better. It very nearly ruined my day.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. This friend has a habit of saying & doing things that Just Do Not Make Sense. Still, though, this clearly crosses a line. I am so fucking flabbergasted. This friend is a fellow member of the Dead Dad Club, so you'd think they would fucking get it, but no. Apparently they were under the impression that I would like the thought of Mufasa being rescued. Here's the thing: THAT'S JUST A THOUGHT. HE STILL FUCKING DIES. If you don't understand that, maybe you could, I don't know, PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEXT FOUR PANELS. My reaction was the same as Superman's.

Obviously, I called them out on it, and this is what they had to say for themselves:

"I'm sorry I'm not as perfect as you need me to be."




What kind of fully grown human honestly thinks that's an appropriate thing to say after you do or say something that upsets a friend? Congratulations, you're not only tactless & thoughtless & tasteless, you're also callous.


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