5 Things I Love Right Now

  1. Pride + Prejudice + Zombies - Adam & I saw this tonight, and it's FANTASTIC. Equal parts disgusting, hilarious, and unsettling. Also, Lizzie & Jane obviously have the biggest parts to play, but there are actually FIVE Bennett sisters, ALL of whom are Girls Who Kick Ass. I did read the book in the year of its release (2009), but never again. The movie made me want to read it again, because I could have sworn a certain character tried a lot harder to kill Lizzie.

  2. Young Justice - SEASON TWO is now on Netflix! Among many many many other reasons, I love it because Batgirl and Wonder Girl and Bumblebee are now part of the team. All three of them are great, but Wonder Girl is my favorite because she kicks major ass and loves being a superhero, and Mae Whitman is her voice! Yes, Katara. P.S. Miss Martian is still on the team, and I still love her a lot too.

  3. Ever After High - Dragon Games is the best special yet. I don't have any of the dolls yet (Mira, Darling, and Raven are the only ones I really need) (well, and the baby dragons), but I did ~finally~ order Farrah today. Being the weirdo that I am, I've been keeping Justine & Melody in the box until she arrives.

  4. The Flash - It only just occurred to me that I haven't even tried to watch this week's episode yet, but LAST week's was amaze. Something I've been waiting for since the first episode FINALLY HAPPENED.

  5. "Pinkie Pie, who banished fear by giggling in the face of danger, represents the spirit of . . . LAUGHTER!"

So I Saw Dragon Games
SPOILERSCollapse )

Such Yay
I gave away my shift on Thursday (which is my Tuesday), so I get to wake up early on Wednesday and then clock out at noon and take a forty-hour vacation until it's time to wake up early on Friday. Which is great because, as an added perk of this new schedule, I have twenty-four hours between the end of my shift on Friday and the start of my shift on Saturday. Which is my Thursday. So yeah, this week is going to fly by.

As of a few days ago, I am all caught up on The Flash. When it returns from winter hiatus TONIGHT, I will be ready. I'll most likely start it during hour two of that forty-hour vacation. Also, I am very interested in Legends of Tomorrow. It's not nearly as relevant to my interests as Agent Carter, but it's still relevant to my interests.

Today is Buffy's birthday! I was thinking I might watch one of her birthday episodes, but they're all so emotional (she turns seventeen and loses her virginity to Angel, who loses his soul; she turns eighteen and Giles gives her a shot that steals her powers so she can be trapped in a house with a deranged vampire; she turns twenty and Dawn cuts herself) that I would kind of rather just watch The Flash. I caught up and then started over from the beginning. For research.

I kind of want to go see Star Wars again, but I kind of want to just stay home and watch The Flash. Maybe I'll go to the movies after work sometime this week. OH MY GAWD SPEAKING OF STAR WARS, Adam Driver is trending right now because "People on Social Media Share Photo of Cat They Say Resemles 'Star Wars' Actor."


I don't know. I kind of thought I might have more to say, but that is apparently it. Oh well, I'm gonna go watch The Flash.

I Heart Weekends
Monday is my Saturday, so today is glorious. I slept great thanks to some Aleve PM (note: my headache actually lasted for all of yesterday, and I think I can already feel it coming back; woe) and officially woke up about an hour and a half ago, around nine-thirty. So far, I have:

  • Thrown a tomato-based vegetable soup in the slow cooker

  • Taken a shower

  • Started a load of laundry

  • Shmoked

And right now I'm making some eggs. When they're ready, I'm going to watch
Screenshot 2016-01-11 10.50.01


Callooh, Callay
Ending the year with some frabjous news: We got the new schedule a few hours ago, and mine is exactly the same, except I will be closing on Saturday & Sunday. Which means waking up before the sun three times a week, instead of five. This may not sound like a particularly huge difference, but IT IS.

Speaking of work, I get paid next week! I am in fact doing the math right now, and DAMMIT, I CAN AFFORD to spend about $100 on dolls!!! I'm obviously not officially going to make up my mind until then, but I'll probably either a) get Melody, Farrah, Giant Maddie, Isi, and probably Courtly or b) hunt for some deals and get as many dolls as possible for as little as possible or c) finish off my Briar collection.

I still haven't seen Star Wars OR Tina & Amy's new movie, so I'll look forward to both of them in January. Possibly on the same day.

There are actually a number of things I'm looking forward to in January (example: Agent Carter and Galavant) (which is technically two examples), so that's refreshing.

Things & Stuffs

  • My roommate left for the airport about an hour ago. He's flying home and staying there for two weeks, which means I'll have the apartment to myself for two weeks. This is, as you might expect, spelltacular. I've already moved five plush, the Frightfully Tall Ghouls, and my two still-in-the-box dolls (Justine & Cedar) into the living room, just becaue I can.

  • Justine & Cedar are both still in the box because they might be my last dolls for the rest of the year. Probably not, though. I've been very good about saving money this week, so I only need to save a little bit next week, so we'll see.

  • Speaking of dolls, Amazon knows me too well. They sent an email to let me know about some Last-Minute Deals on EAH. These are the current prices on the four Briars I still need:

  • Getting Fairest: $18.99

  • Spring Unsprung: $14.95

  • Thronecoming: $34.80

  • Legacy Day: $15.75

  • It's not just Briar, of course. But, if tips are good enough to justify spending $85 on dolls, this would certainly be a satisfying way to end the year. Or maybe I'd get three EAH dolls and one OUAZ.

  • I'm hardly ever in the mood for doughnuts, but I'm thinking I might get a chocolate glazed one (or three) for breakfast. Top Pot is just a few blocks down the street.

  • It's come to my attention that the pot shop has $5 joints every day. To put this in perspective, most joints are usually in the $10-$17 range. Which may sound like kind of a lot, but trust, pot shop pot is strong enough that one joint can get you stoned three separate times, so $10 really is quite a bargain and $5 is somewhere between highway robbery and giving it away.

  • Justice League 1x14 is insanely good. Hawkgirl just got attacked because "No one escapes from Amazonian justice." Also, there's a villain team that includes STAR SAPPHIRE.

  • By the way, yes, I am still impatiently awaiting the arrival of the DC Super Hero Girls dolls. And action figures.

  • I read Amy Poehler's book and it made me cry a little bit.

Justice League AU
So the Justice League animated series has been on my "someday" list for years & years & years & years. I mean, it's not like I've never seen it. In fact, I have seen several episodes . . . here and there. In and out of order, who knows. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. You get what I'm saying. I know I'm going to enjoy the fuck out of it because duh, but somehow I've just never found the time for it.

Until now. I'm up to 1x13.

And I do like it.

I like it a lot.

Without hesitating for so much as one half of one millisecond, I'd go so far as to say I am inevitably going to love it even though I already know a lot of what's going to happen including, yes, everything re: Hawkgirl.

But one of the most fun things about superheroes is, they're so iconic, it's easy to look at them and think to yourself, "You know, this or that character could be or should be [x*]" and reimagine them that way. This is especially easy to do with superhero comics, since identities get passed down and traded sideways and usurped and overwritten literally every month in a SHOCKING CROSSOVER EVEN THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING fairly often. It is, as they say, The Canon.

My point is, reimagining superheroes is fun and I can't stop myself from doing it with the Justice Leage. I do applaud the show for using Hawkgirl instead of Aquaman specifically so Wondy wouldn't be the only girl & John Stewart specifically so the team would have a non-white character who wasn't a Martian, but they're still 5/7 white (or 5/6, if you argue that J'onn should be exempt because he's an alien who actually looks like an alien) and 5/7 male and 1,000% hetero, at least "officially." Consequently, despite their status as some of the most iconic icons in the history of superheroes, they're just never going to be my favorite team.

That being said, they do have a lot of potential. Here's how I would shake them up.


  • Exactly the same, but with three small crucial differences:


  • While it made sense for the show to make her the rookie, I personally don't like it, because

  • She should be the leader.


  • CBS_SUPERGIRL_104_IMAGE_NO_LOGO_thumb_Master


  • Look, I love Batman. I do. I always have. But the team would be twenty percent cooler if his spot went to . . .

  • 250px-Knightalone

  • Yes, specifically Cassandra Cain. We all love Barbara, but we all know she kicks even more ass as Oracle (which, bonus, leads to the formation of the Birds of Prey!). Also, when you're the only "normal" human on the whole damn team, you might as well be one of the top five martial artists on the whole damn planet.


  • Exactly the same . . . except, as a thousand-year-old shapeshifting alien who is greener than Elphaba, is it absolutely necessary for J'onn to pick one gender and stick with it forever?


  • Exactly the same. John Stewart is yes.


  • Exactly the same. Oh wow, look at that, he's the only white guy left on the team! It's almost like I planned that from the beginning! How fucking sneaky!


  • She's an alien, right? She's not from Earth, right? So why not make her a literal hawk girl? And not just her, either. Thanagar could be a planet populated by Hawk-Humanoid Hybrid people. Because why the fuck not, right? Comics!

P.S. Flash & Green Lantern don't necessarily need to be dudes. None of these people need to be white. Or straight. Also, now that I'm thinking about it, there's no reason Supergirl needs to look human. She could have, for instance, blue skin that glows in the dark.

*x can be literally anything: For example, if you love Spider-Man, you can easily imagine what it must be like to to be him and pretend to be him say to yourself, "You know, there's really no reason Peter Parker couldn't be . . ." Queer. Ugly. Literally any ethnicity. Literally anywhere on or off Earth. Shorter. Fatter. Literally any gender.

Hex Yeah
After paying my phone bill and ordering my roommate's Christmas present earlier today, my card has just enough money left on it to buy a new doll. Not quite enough for any of the newbies, but Amazon has some pretty sweet deals on older ones. Sig Cedar, Hat-Tastic Cedar, Spring Unsprung Briar, and Legacy Day Briar were all in my limited price range, and I decided on Sig Cedar. Hat-Tastic is actually cuter, and I definitely want her eventually, but I don't have any Cedars yet and I strongly prefer to get the signature first unless there is some pressing reason not to. As for the Briars, I'd rather wait and get them & Getting Fairest & Thronecoming together and finish off my Briar collection in one fell swoop. She's currently the only character I have multiple dolls of, and I am more than okay with that.

By the way, when Cedar arrives I will have thirteen dolls representing eleven characters. This simultaneously thrills me and makes me want to get more NOW.

P.S. Book Party Ginger was also in my price range, and I do need her eventually because I need every Ginger, but am I in any rush to buy a Ginger without glasses? That being said, since this is a budget line and there are only three of them, I'll probably get the whole line at once. Next month, maybe. Probably. We'll see.

Decent Day!
I still like the thought of staying in bed until December is over, but today was significantly better than yesterday.

  • Rain didn't start until 8:30, a good three hours after I got to work.

  • While never truly busy, it was much busier than I expected.

  • Ran two errands after work. (Would have been three, but decided to go to the library tomorrow. Or maybe even Monday. The book that's on hold will stay held until then.)

  • Paid my phone bill, because it's due tomorrow.

  • Ordered my roommate's Christmas present.

  • Got a little stoned and then took a hot shower.

My appetite is still gone, but I am kind of weirdly craving pineapple. Or peaches. Or Mandarin oranges. Speaking of food, I'm pretty much planning to get a burrito on my way home tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be even better than today, because it's Sunday and SUNDAY IS MY FRIDAY.

It's only 8:24, but I'm kind of ready to go to bed now.

Ryan Reacts To . . . Superchick's First Album
01. "Barlow Girls"
UGH. This song is so bad, it's pretty much the reason part of my brain wants to cringe when I admit that they're one of my favorite bands.

  • Such hetero, what normativity, ugh.

  • Oh my goodness, what's that I hear? Is it . . . casual slut shaming?

  • Enforced gender roles.

  • And so forth.

Sadly but truly, this was one of the first songs of theirs that I ever heard. The first three were all over the Christian radio station tweenage me listened to non-stop. Most people who interact with current me in real life would probably be shocked to learn that this is the culture I grew up in. It's so clearly not me.

No wonder I carried around so much guilt for being queer.

02. "Big Star Machine"
Oh my holy what now, this was the song that made me fall in love with the band! Listening to it just now instantly took me back to middle school. I distinctly remember waiting for it to come on the radio and then feverishly jotting down all of the lyrics on a piece of notebook paper (which, by the way, was much easier to read than the actual liner notes).

Also, in retrospect, it kind of sort of predicted how social media was going to work. Gross.

03. "Karaoke Superstars"
This was not quite the song that put their name in people's mouths, but it was huge enough that they named the album after it. And damn, if that wasn't the right decision! It really is a brilliant song.

04. "Get Up"

They have a lot of Go You, You're Awesome! songs. This one just happens to be the first.

05. "Not Done Yet"
This song is the reason we're here, and by "here" I mean "doing these reaction posts to Superchick albums, of all things." It's December, so Depression is doing such a good job of kicking my ass that it's pretty much been a week of Ryan and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

But then yesterday, like magic, fourteen-year-old me suggested that now me should give this a listen.

I was right.

06. "Super Trouper"
Nine years before 10/10/10, this song told a story about The Magic of Friendship. And lo, it was a beautiful story. I mean, I'm extra emotional right now, but damn.

07. "TV Land"
How did this & "Barlow Girls" come from the same band?!

And hey, speaking of songs so good they help me forget "Barlow Girls" . . . oh wait, put a pin in that, I forgot we have one more before "One Girl Revolution." My bad.

08. "Help Me Out God"
Bored now.

09. "One Girl Revolution"
This was the song that put their name in people's mouths. With good fucking reason. It's hexcellent. Basically, the singer introduces herself as a Girl Who Kicks Ass.

10. "Alright"
This is another one of those songs that should be on my work playlist. I wish I had some extra hands so I could give it more than two thumbs up. It remids me to calm down and just keep swimming.

11. "Let It Be"
"So tell me
What do I do with this backpack full of bricks,
Of sticks & stones and words that stuck to me like ticks?
Let it go, let it be
Brick by brick we can be free"

Ryan Reacts To . . . Superchick's Second Album
Yeah, you read that right. They may not be "cool" anymore, if they ever even were, but tweenage me couldn't get enough of them. So they'll always be one of my favorite bands in the history of music, even though I'm obviously sooo not Christian anymore and some of their references are, well, overt.

(Don't give me that look.)


01. "High School"
Not even joking, I should buy the whole album so I can play this song at work and sing along at difficult customers.

As far as the actual music of it, this is not their best song. It's annoying. But it's annoying in a way that reminds me of high school, so good job.

Then we get to hear Email of the Month from Allie in Illinois. I don't wanna give anything away for anyone who has never heard it for themselves, but Allie in Illinois is struggling with some real shit. So real, in fact, that it apparently inspired . . .

02. "Real"
In retrospect, this band clearly had kind of a lot to do with my love of Girls Who Kick Ass. This song is far from the only example, but it is the best one. Well, other than "One Girl Revolution," of course. Well, it might actually be a tie.

No, wait, this might even be better. I forgot about the choir that backs her up at the end.

03. "One & Lonely"
The first two verses are rather specifically about girls, but the rest of the song is just a self-esteem anthem that doesn't mention any kind of gender one way or another.

04. "So Bright (Stand Up)"
WHY don't I listen to this song EVERY DAMN DAY? It would really encourage me to get shit done.

Dear Ryan,
Please listen to this song EVERY DAMN DAY. It will really encourage you to get shit done.

It does contain some of those overt Christian references I was talking about, but a) the song is so good that it doesn't even matter and b) interestingly, "God gave you the gift of life" gets repeated later in the song, but they tweak it to "You've been given the gift of life," and I don't even know if they meant it this way, but it's such a major yes moment for me. Humans have this annoying tendency to use religion to point out the ways they're different from each other, but the whole point of basically any religion is that we're all looking for pretty much the same thing.

05. "Hero"
Okay, I probably wouldn't put this one on a work playlist. It's pretty dark. Which is of course a good thing, artistically, but it can rather ruin the mood when you're trying to make coffee and make chitchat and possibly make tips, you know?

06. "Na Na"
Shut up, you know that's a great name for a song.

This one is seriously good. They ask religious & non-religious people alike, "Couldn't we be friends if not for you?"

07. "Song 4 Tricia (Princes & Frogs)"
I still love them in general, but this song can go fall in a hole. Such hetero, what normativity, ugh.

08. "Wonder (If She'll Get It)"

09. "I Belong To You"
Not even listening to this one, because the religiosity is overt enough to be gack-worthy.

10. "Rock Stars"
So so so sooo good. This is another one I should listen to every damn day so it can inspire me to get shit done.

12. "We All Fall"
Again, not even listening to this one. Again, the religiosity is too much.

Sunday is My Friday
As predicted, work was pretty much slower than a very slow thing, but after that it was actually a rather productive day:

  • Reloaded my ORCA card.

  • Went to the library to pick up Amy Poehler's book.

  • Cashed my check.

  • Threw some cash on my debit card.

  • Bought a burrito.

  • AND THEN made it home.

  • Took a shower.

  • Shmoked a little.

  • Ate the burrito.

  • Took a nap.

  • Shmoked a little more.

  • Paid some bills online.

  • Ordered Captain Awesome's Christmas presents.

  • Ordered a new Ever After High doll for me.

Tomorrow I need to go to the pot shop and buy some groceries, but other than that I'm pretty much going to be COMPLETELY FREE for this entire three-day weekend! I'm going to sleep in, shmoke as much as I want, try to write some sort of something, make mashed potatoes, and just generally recharge. Every single day of this week has been exhausting. Except for today, which was beyond exhausting. The prospect of falling asleep as early or as late as my body wants, without setting an alarm for tomorrow, has me on the verge of happy tears.

+ & -
- If my phone is right about the weather, tomorrow's tips are going to be terrible. Not that people won't tip, but there will be hardly any customers coming in to tip.

+ Which basically means I'll be getting paid to read the first Ever After High book and drink tea.

- Depression is still kicking my ass. Verily, I am beyond exhausted.

+ My Wednesday shift has been given away, which means this will be my first three-day weekend since August.

- As it turns out, there is such a thing as enough rain.

+ But I still love rain more than I hate boring people.

There are multiple people on r/JessicaJones who swear up & down & sideways that Jessica is "a whiny bitch" and Kilgrave is "the best character on the whole show."

*logs off*

Really, I don't even know what to say. Yes, Jessica is rather standoffish; no, she doesn't put up with anybody's crap; yes, she keeps people at arm's length; yes, she's pretty much always irritable . . . because

His power is just one big metaphor for rape.* Except, you know, not a metaphor, because he actually uses it to rape everyone around him (mentally, if not mentally and physically) all the time always. If he gave out Honest Business Cards, they would say:
Best Rapist Ever
Get On Your Knees
At one point she even explains to him that she has to drink to get through her days without falling apart because of him.

What in the actual fuck is wrong with people?

*Actually, both of their powers are a big metaphor for rape (and pretty much every other sort of abuse there is): The victim is significantly stronger, but it doesn't matter because the rapist is the one giving the orders here.

This happens every fucking December, so it's not particularly surprising, but Depression is seriously kicking my ass at the moment. It's basically a combination of a) nonstop Humans Hurting Humans, b) "holiday cheer," and c) business has been slower than slow, which leads to d) sad tips. I know it will pass, but right now everything seems pretty hopeless.

My thoughts are constantly going in a zillion different directions at once, but almost everything that occurs to me to say feels like it isn't worth saying.

I have been reading kind of a lot, which is nice. Well, rereading, but still. I recently finished Rose Daughter, my very first Robin McKinley, which is probably my favorite version of Beauty & the Beast ever, and Confessions of a Shopaholic, which is one of those books that's such a fun easy read, you almost feel like you could write one yourself. I'm about seventy pages away from the end of Spindle's End, my favorite Robin McKinley that is not Sunshine, and then I'm going to read Shannon Hale's EAH books again. Oh, and I've been winding down for bedtime with Brian K. Vaughan's run of Ultimate X-Men! I love him so much. I need to finally read Saga sometime soon.

Jessica Jones is pretty much the greatest thing in the MCU. It deserves its own post (or two: one can be spoiler-free), but see above, re: almost everything that occurs to me to say feels like it isn't worth saying. Anyway, I devoured the whole season ASAP, then immediately started over and made myself go at a slightly slower pace this time. Two episodes to go. Maybe I'll talk about it more after that. Seriously, though, it's good.

On the one hand, TVDS7OMG is getting so ridic that I really do want to recap every single episode. On the other hoof, my motivation to start episode two is currently at zero.

Actually, my motivation to do pretty much anything is currently at zero. Clean my room? Nope. Do some comedy and put it on the Interweb? Nope. Do some comedy on an actual stage? Nope. Write a short story? Nope. Finish my review of the Frightfully Tall Ghouls? Nope. Ryan Reacts To . . . "Season One" of Ever After High? NOPE. All I feel like doing is getting in bed and staying there until next year.

I am looking forward to Tina & Amy's new movie, but that doesn't open for another two weeks, and right now tomorrow feels forever away, so.

I guess that's enough stuffs for now.

In Which I Ramble About EAH
My current most wanted dolls are (in this order): Justine, Farrah, Melody, Giant Maddie; Spring Unsprung; Thronecoming Briar, Legacy Day Briar, and Getting Fairest Briar; COURTLY; everyone else.

I also really want Isi Dawndancer, who is currently enrolled at Monster High even though DEER SPIRITS ARE NOT MONSTERS. If I had to put her on the list, she'd be grouped in with Giant Maddie & the three newbies. I could get all five of them for under $120, which is actually a pretty good deal for five brand-new dolls. Particularly when one of them is Frightfully Tall.

If you're wondering, I want those three particular Briar dolls because, after Spring Unsprung, they'll be the only Briars I don't have. And I must have at least one of every Briar. I adore Briar.

Duchess is still in the box because reasons (note: one of those reasons is "because I'm typing right now"), but I'm very excited for her & Faybelle to hang out. Which probably would have occurred to me eventually regardless, but it's actually canon: In her back-of-the-box interview, she proclaims that Faybelle is her BFFA.

Faybelle intrigues me. She's destined to be the next Dark Fairy from "Sleeping Beauty," but how exactly does that work? Did she curse Briar when she was a baby? Or is she going to curse Briar's daughter someday? Or both?

This line needs more

  • BOYS (because so far we have Hunter and Dexter and Alistair, and that's literally it; no Hopper, no Sparrow, no Daring)

  • VILLAIN BOYS (because duh)

  • TWINS (because they're pretty, but Holly & Poppy are boring)

  • ASIAN CHARACTERS (because so far we have zero)

  • children of villains who actually want to be villains when they grow up

As tanz_fanatika pointed out earlier this evening, there should totally be a boy villain whose goal is to seduce Raven into choosing evil. Good luck with that, obviously, but he would still be a fascinating character. They could have a whole lot of fun with that sort of story. BONUS, we wouldn't have Raven/Dexter shoved in our faces anymore.

I was browsing the EAH wiki a while ago, and now I know who Mira Shards really is! Dragon Games is going to be SO GOOD.

I've given this a lot of thought, and if you had to pick three of the dolls (just the dolls, mind, not the characters) to portray the Plastics, the most obvious choice would be:

  • Regina = Apple

  • Gretchen = Briar

  • Karen = Ashlynn

P.S. They're obviously not EAH, but I also really want all of the Great Scarrier Reef dolls. Mattel can just take all of my money, I swear.

EAH: Current Ranking
As of yesterday, I have ten Ever After High dolls. I thought it would be fun to rank them.

Here they are, from "least favorite" (definitely not worst!) to favorite . . .

10. Briar
2015-11-20 16.31.07

2015-11-20 16.31.48
You may think it's weird to see Briar so low on this list. You're right, it is! She was one of the original four dolls, she's still featured prominently, and she is consistently one of my favorites from the whole line. But her signature is kind of . . . not great. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot to love about this doll, and I do (the glasses, the roses, the use of black as her second theme color even though Raven also wears a lot of it) (not to mention: taking a character who is usually white and making her not), but her hair really could have been better and her shoulder thing loves to fall off whenever you move either of her arms and she can't sit down unless you redress her. Ultimately, she's just overshadowed by the other nine dolls.

As I'm writing this, it occurs to me that her hair would probably look a lot better if I gave her curls. We'll see.

9. Maddie
2015-11-20 16.33.45
Maddie got me into this franchise. She was easily my favorite character in the earliest webisodes, she kicks all kinds of ass in the books, and of course she was my first doll. I love all her details, and she'll always be very special to me. She probably "should" be higher on this list, but I've recently bought quite a few new dolls who are stunning, so I'm stunned. Heh.

8. Cupid
2015-11-20 16.56.13
I adore Cupid. She spends most of her time on Apple's fainting couch in this exact pose. She is frequently lovesick . . . because she briefly falls in love with absolutely everyone around her. She can't help it, she literally sees the best in people. She never seems to stay in love for more than a few days or (maybe) weeks at a time, though, which makes her wonder about her future as a love goddess.

7 & 6
2015-11-20 17.00.45
Yeah, these two are pretty much tied. Raven is more obviously my taste (she's a witch), but Apple is great too (she's very very smart), and I love how strong their friendship is even though one of them is "destined" to grow up and kill the other. As for their aesthetics, well, red & white & gold and purple & black & silver obviously work.

5. Rosabella
2015-11-20 17.07.23
2015-11-20 17.06.54
Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale ever, so I've been looking forward to this doll for quite a long time. Before she was released, before she was announced, before we knew anything about her. Basically, as soon as I heard that Monster High was getting a spinoff that focused on fairy tale characters, I knew I would buy this particular character eventually.

I finally did buy her about two weeks ago, and she thoroughly fails to disappoint. She's pretty much flawless. Her purse looks like a book!

4. Hat-Tastic Briar
2015-11-20 17.11.54

She's my newest doll, so I'm still very much stunned, so let's take a moment to bask in the glory of her.
2015-11-20 17.12.22
2015-11-20 17.13.55
2015-11-20 17.14.04

3. Ginger
2015-11-20 17.19.38
How can you not love Ginger? Like Raven, she is a witch who's "destined" to grow up to be evil (her mom is the Candy Witch from Hansel & Gretel), but evil is so clearly not her style. Unlike Raven, she is a MAGICAL BAKER.

2. Faybelle
2015-11-20 17.23.15
Fairy! An actual fairy character! The first actual fairy character in a line full of fairy tale characters! Hex yeah, a fairy!

No, but seriously, I would love Faybelle even if I didn't love fairies. I'm going to need a duplicate so one can be played with and one can stay pristine.

1. Way Too Wonderland Briar
2015-11-20 17.27.06 (2)
I didn't think I needed any of the WTW dolls. Then I saw the special, and what do you know? I want them all! But Briar was the only one I HAD to buy RIGHT AWAY. The others are just as whimsical, but she has those vines, which I think make her look like a greenwitch. So there you have it, she's my "favorite," even though the #1 spot really could have been a five-way tie.

OUAZ Cinderella!
Lori's Birthday Box included no less than five dolls: three Prettie Girls, EQG Roseluck, and . . . this girl.

2015-11-18 15.28.55

2015-11-18 15.30.03

Words fail me.

I really really love her. I love the whole line, actually. I can't even say why I love these dolls so much, as I don't like zombies nearly as much as everyone else seems to. I suppose my love of twisted princesses is greater than my lack of interest in zombies? Whatever, the dolls are gorgeous and grotesque and I will have them all eventually! This may change after I see them all in person, but at the moment I can't even pick a favorite.

2015-11-19 15.40.33 (3)

Oh, the journey that this book and this doll had to go through to get to me.

Amazon estimated arrival dates of Tuesday for the book and Wednesday for the doll, but on Tuesday I received text messages about each one that said, "Your item is ready to be picked up." Not has been delivered, but is ready to be picked up. Um, what? Picked up from where? Why were they delivered anywhere other than my house? I clicked Track Package for both items and found some snippets that made me even more confused: "We tried to deliver the package, but no one was home. We've rerouted it to a nearby store for your convenience."

First of all, delivering my packages somewhere other than my house without asking me first, and without telling me where, is the opposite of convenient. Second of all, WHY? I've been at this address since February, and I order shit from Amazon pretty much constantly. Well, not literally constantly, of course. Basically, as often as I can afford it! They used to do this thing where they would occasionally tell me my package was "undeliverable due to an address issue," but then just deliver it the next day. I finally emailed them to say stop it, and they did. It has never happened again, not even once.

I'm still not sure what happened with this latest mix-up. I've emailed Amazon enough times since Tuesday that I basically never want to speak to any of them ever again. At first they assured me that both packages were still on track to arrive on Wednesday, and I should contact them if they didn't arrive then. They didn't. It took a while, but they finally explained that UPS had delivered my packages to . . . a fucking gas station. Who even knew that was a thing? I mean, I know Amazon has lockers where you can choose to have your stuff delivered, but a) I chose to have my stuff delivered to my house and b) why a gas station? Not to mention, c) why wouldn't they tell me so up front? Anyway. Turns out I really was able to waltz right in and flash my ID and get my packages and waltz right out, but it still makes no sense. In the seven months that I've lived at this address, I can recall a total of two times I have actually been home and heard the knock when packages got delivered. They're always left on the doorstep or in the mailroom. Why didn't that happen this time? Amazon was never properly able to answer that question, but they have assured me they will "investigate" UPS and be sure it never happens again. Still, I'm going to send a passive-aggressive note imploring them to avoid any hiccups next time I order anything.

Happy Things That Happened Today
FIRST OF ALL, November 13th is my dear friend Morgan's birthday! So it was a happy day, even though it wasn't.

  1. When I woke up in the middle of the night to pee, I checked my phone and found a text from Lori that said, "Amazon Deal of the Day has 40% off some MH and the Frightfully Talls are $17.99." After walking to work, I ordered Frankie AND Laura for less than $40 (including tax!) TOGETHER. I'm so beyond thrilled. These dolls are usually $30 each, so I might not have ordered them for kind of a while if it hadn't been for this deal. Also, it's very lucky, because I came this close to ordering Giant Maddie last night, so I'm glad I didn't, because now I have ~two~ new dolls on the way! They're supposed to be here tomorrow or Sunday. Clawdeen & I cannot wait.

  2. I've been trying to limit most of my shmoking to the weekends, but it was such a dreadfully slow morning that I treated myself to one joint each of Alice in Wonderland & Durban Poison. The latter of which I do intend to save until the weekend, by the way.

  3. Having zero inspiration to do anything else, I threw one of the easiest soups I have ever made (potatoes + corn + carrots + vegetable broth + spices) in the slow cooker . . . and my roommate raved! Verily, he told me I should make it again sometime! That obviously made me very happy.

Ryan Reacts To . . . TVDS7OMGx01, "Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take"
DAMON: Previously on The Vampire Diaries . . .
EVERYONE: Welcome to the wedding of Alaric Saltzman & Josette Laughlin. Unh! Miss me? Stefan! She won't wake up. So, Bonster, I linked Elena's life to yours. As long as you're alive, Elena will remain asleep. We are here today to pay our respects to Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes. You and I, I can't do this right now. I'm sorry. I understand if you need time to heal, and if I have to wait for you, I will. Who's that? That's my mother. Before the 1900s, Lily fell in with a group of witches that were cast out of the Gemini Bitch coven. Heretics are ruthless---vampires with witch power. Lorenzo, it's our family. It's time for me to say goodbye.
RYAN: We get it, stuff happened! Tonight on TVD, more stuff happens!

DRAMA Here & DRAMA There, DRAMA Everywhere & DRAMA ForeverCollapse )

So I Read the Black Widow Book
And these are my (spoiler-free!) thoughts:

  • It isn't "officially" spelled out, but this book totally takes place in the MCU. Which is fantastic, because we ~finally~ get to delve into Natasha's backstory! Of course, there's plenty more to explore. We still don't know everything about her. But we haven't learned this much about the Red Room since Agent Carter, and we haven't learned this much about Natasha since those forty seconds of Age of Ultron ever.

  • Despite her name being the only one on the cover, Black Widow shares the spotlight with two new teenage characters, Ava and Alex. Both of whom are connected to her . . . somehow. This may sound like a complaint, and initially kind of feels like one (after the first twenty-four pages, she doesn't appear again until ninety-one!), but as the story builds we find out that Alex and Ava are connected to her in ways that are both mysterious and terrifying.

  • Tony Stark has a small role. Every other Avenger is mentioned at least once.

  • Except Hawkeye. (The next book should totally be Black Widow & Hawkeye: Budapest.)

  • Speaking of the other Avengers, she really does not tell them a thing. But who can blame her? Her past is horrible. It's extraordinary that she even wants to be a hero. Hell, it's extraordinary that she ever gets out of bed. That's all I'm saying.

  • Whoever edited this book could have done a much better job. There are typos throughout.

  • The narration refers to "Natasha Romanoff" by her full name so many times that you could easily make a drinking game out of it. (But please don't. You'll die.)

  • Coulson has a small role as Romanoff's handler. Hill doesn't appear, but she does merit a mention. Fury's name never comes up. Not even once. This is weird, when you think about it.

  • Actually, that's one thing I want to see in the next book (or, even better, a Black Widow movie/movies/miniseries/recurring role on Daredevil): What was their dynamic like when she first met Fury? Was he immediately fond of her, or did it take a while for them to develop the father-daughter relationship we saw glimpses of in Winter Soldier? Why did he choose Hill as his right hand instead of her? Was she more useful to him as "just" an agent? Did she even want the job? Again, it is WEIRD that his name never comes up!

  • Bottom line, this is not a perfect book. But it does make me love Black Widow more than I did before reading it. Which is, you know, saying something.

*tiny groan*
Amazon said they were going to deliver

  • Rosabella

  • Frightfully Tall Clawdeen

  • Black Widow: Forever Red

by 8 PM yesterday.

Amazon lied.

Which honestly wouldn't bug me too terribly much (even though I do live in the same city as their, how do you say, headquarters), but I have this rule about not ordering more fun stuff until at least one thing from my last purchase arrives, and I am fairly itching to order another Ever After High doll or two. I'll probably go to Target later today and buy Duchess, but I also ~~really~~ want Farrah. It's interesting that, after Faybelle, she's only the second fairy in the whole line. JUST PUTTING THIS OUT THERE, I am automatically interested in any doll of any fairy character. The end.

Friendship Games: One Opportunity Hasbro Missed Pretty Hard
~~SPOILERS~~Collapse )

EAH: Wanting & Having
As of this writing, I only have nine dolls:

  1. Maddie Hatter

  2. Raven Queen

  3. Apple White

  4. Briar Beauty

  5. C. A. Cupid

  6. Ginger Breadhouse

  7. WTW Briar

  8. Faybelle Thorn

  9. Rosabella Beauty (she'll be here tomorrow)

My current most wanted dolls are:

  1. Farrah Goodfairy

  2. Giant Maddie

  3. Justine Dancer

  4. Melody Piper

  5. Duchess Swan (only $14.24 at Target)

  6. Bunny Blanc (ditto)

  7. Cedar Wood

  8. Courtly Jester

  9. WTW Lizzie, Kitty, Maddie, Apple, Raven

  10. Darling Charming

  11. Cerise Hood

  12. TTW Ashlynn

Friday Funday
Friday is usually my Wednesday, but today I gave away my shift and gave myself the day off, and it has been glorious.

I was determined to get some actual good sleep last night, so I shmoked some God's Gift before bed. Twice. I don't recall the actual time I fell asleep, but I woke up around nine-thirty.

It hasn't been the most productive day, but I did order two new dolls. I was all set to order at least one of the Prettie Girls, but then I noticed that you get free shipping on orders over $50. These dolls are not quite $24 each, so you have to get three to qualify. So I'm going to wait and order three of them together, probably next Friday. (Friday should be New Doll Day, I've just decided.) The upside of this is that I've finally narrowed it down: First I will get Kimani, Lena, and either Valencia or Dhara; and then I will get either Dhara or Valencia, Hana, and Alexie.

And then I will have them all, and they can hang out with my EAH/MH/EQG dolls, and much fun shall be had.

As for the two new dolls I did order today, Amazon says they'll be delivered on Sunday, so I'll reveal them sooner than later.

Speaking of new dolls, I bought Faybelle Thorn at Target yesterday. I need to use something other than my phone to take pictures of her, because she is flawless. Seriously, it is true love. She's easily one of my favorite dolls in all of EAH. She makes me want to buy several more new EAH dolls over the next few weeks! Rosabella is top priority, but I also really want Justine, Melody, Farrah, Giant Maddie, Duchess, every Legacy Day doll who is not Ashlynn, the rest of the WTW line, Cedar, etc. Basically, I want everyone I don't already have.

But no matter how many I buy this month, Faybelle will still stand out as one of my top faves.

Here she is with Briar, her Best Frenemy Forever After (and another one of my favorite dolls).


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