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Things to Do On April 10th

  • Watch The Lion King.

  • Maybe watch Buffy 5x16, "The Body." You know, the one where Buffy comes home and finds her mother's dead body on the couch.

  • I'm kind of iffy on this idea even as I type it, but it might be good to watch TVD 3x22, "The Departed." You know, the one where Elena dies in a car crash that's more than a little bit reminiscent of the one that killed her parents . . . and then wakes up as a vampire, which she's always been very clear about not wanting to be, two seconds before the season ends. Also, Bonnie tells Klaus that spirits don't get to tell her what to do anymore, which is an excellent scene even if she does go back to being pushed around in the very next episode (which we all knew was going to happen because this show is stupid like that).

  • What the fuck else? Get high and cry a lot, obviously. That's pretty much it. I may try to sleep most of the day away entirely.

Some Stuff
EQG: I'm actually not allowed to buy any at the moment because I'm trying to save a bunch of money for something else. But it doesn't really matter until the rest of the Rockin' Hair girls are released, anyway.

PONIES: Once I do have some cash to burn again, it's occurred to me that my collection could really use some more Sunset Shimmer (right now it's just her original EQG doll, from the two-pack with Twilight). Amazon has some pretty good deals on her basic brushable and a Fashion Style, which is pretty exciting all by itself because I only have three Fashion Style Ponies. All of whom, by the way, are Pinkie Pie.

BOOKS: Last night I finished A Hat Full of Sky and started Wintersmith. Apparently I need to read Evil Librarian, but that will have to wait until I'm done with the Tiffany books. Which shouldn't take long. Especially since my first three-day weekend will kick off in a mere nineteen hours. I just requested Evil Librarian from the library, though (heh), and I am first in line.

WORK: Every day pretty much sucks right now. I know it's "just" Depression making me cranky & irritable, but goddamn.

FOOD: I haven't really eaten nearly enough today. We don't need to talk about it.

Such Excite
Hah, not really. But here are some updates. Try not to literally fall out of your seat.

EQG: The only ones I really need to buy sooner than later (other than the CMC set, which I might pick up tomorrow or the next day) are Rockin' Hair Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity. None of whom have hit stores yet, it seems. I really want to be patient and open all five of them together, but being patient sucks. Oh, and I'm probably going to get the slumber party Twilight eventually, althought I still don't understand why that line is just her and Pinkie and no one else. Especially since Rhea & I recently had a slumber party and watched Rainbow Rocks and noticed that, yeppers, there is a slumber party in the movie.

BOOKS: Almost done rereading A Hat Full of Sky! I think I'm going to blaze through all four books, then do a much slower, more "driven" reread with actual notes and things.

TV: I'm intensely curious about what's going to happen next on Agents of SHIELD, and it's still annoying that TVD decided to piss me the fuck off in the last three minutes of a pretty great episode and then go on a little mini hiatus for almost a month. I'm planning to watch the newest episode of Fresh Off the Boat as soon as I finish typing this entry. Season five of Friendship is Magic apparently starts next Saturday, which is obviously exciting. Netflix did not get rid of seasons one through four, so I still have the option of slowly re-watching everything at my leisure.

WORK: Sunday is now my third day off! Theoretically. When I made the request, I made it quite clear that, if I wasn't scheduled to work them, I would almost always be available to cover for anyone who needed or wanted to get a shift covered on Sundays, which kind of happens sort of a lot. Anyway, this Sunday was the first week it went into effect, and of course the usual closer at my usual store was out for a week due to emergency surgery. But the point is, I am definitely maybe getting a three-day weekend every week for the foreseeable future!

FOOD: I'm currently beginning a month-long experiment, actually. Details later. Oh, but also, yesterday I made soup because my roommate has been sick for a few days. Today I heated up the leftovers with some black beans & Sriracha and poured everything on top of some jasmine rice. Genius. Also-also, if I can find a way to healthy them up a bit, it might be fun to make pancakes for the first time in years.

Breakfast Burritos

  • 3 eggs

  • 1 tomato

  • 1 potato

  • 1 8-ounce pack of mushrooms, sliced

  • shredded mozzarella

  • leftovers of the beans & rice you had for dinner two nights ago

  • salsa of some sort

  • tortillas of some kind

  • Sriracha


  • When I had the idea to turn my leftover beans & rice (well, actually just beans; there's almost never any leftover rice in my house) into breakfast burritos, my first thought was to cut up the tomato and add it to the beans and mushrooms. When the time came, though, it occurred to me that this was a great opportunity to trick myself into eating a raw vegetable, so I just cut up the tomato and set it aside while I cooked.

  • Speaking of, you may note that there is obviously going to be tomato in the salsa, and isn't that too much tomato? But the thing is, you will only ask this question if you are a really boring bitch.

  • If you're a better person than me, you might even make your own tortillas. Or, at least, heat them up so they're extra soft and chewy and amazing.

  • I was going to scramble the eggs, but in the process of making them (while, you know, kicking Depression's ass) I accidentally taught myself the basic idea of how the fuck to make an omelet, which for some reason has never quite clicked in my brain. The whole thing was about as exciting as it sounds.

  • Pro Tip: Instead of bothering with a whisk, pour the eggs in the blender. Even if you only blend them for a few seconds, they will get so much air in them that you can't help but make them extra fluffy. Although, be advised that this takes significantly longer than the other way. Like, so long that you might start to worry that it's not working at all. But trust me, it does work and it is remarkably easy.


  1. Boil the shit out of the mushrooms. For best results, simmer them over medium heat in a covered pan, and take them off the heat basically as soon as they start to soften. You don't want to overcook them.

  2. Drain them and set them aside for a second.

  3. Get a frying pan and start heating up some oil or butter.

  4. Pour the beans on top of the mushrooms. Sprinkle some cheese on top. Give everything a good stir, put the cover back on the pan, and simmer on low heat.

  5. Add the eggs to the frying pan. Make them however you prefer.

  6. Tortilla, eggs, bean-mushroom-cheese concoction, salsa, tomato, Sriracha. You don't need me to tell you how to assemble a breakfast burrito. Come on.


I added red pepper flakes to my eggs. Because, of course.

Obviously, my beans & rice from two nights ago included red peppers and corn as well. Pretty much everything I ever make for dinner is an excuse to trick myself into eating vegetables. If you've ever wondered how I can shmoke so much and stay so skinny, that is how.

As you can see, this is spicy as all hell. What do you expect, though, from something made by me for me?

Believe it or not, but I actually was able to wrap this up and eat it like a burrito.


I forgot to do anything with the potato! Oh well, guess it'll have to go in whatever I make tomorrow night.

Stuff & Things & Things & Stuff
As you may or may not remember, dear journal, Depression has been pretty much kicking my ass lately for legit Dad-related reasons. I kind of predicted this was going to happen around this time, but the intensity of it still managed to sneak up on me. Obviously, I've been getting high once a day, not because I necessarily want to, but because skipping a day would be a bad idea. For one thing, getting stoned is the only reason I have any appetite right now. Which is actually awfully annoying, but I am more or less a badass for handling it so well without relying on The Magic of Friendship too much because zero of my friends actually live in the Emerald City yet.

I really wanted to write a snarky reaction post to last weeks's TVD, but just haven't been able to give enough of a fuck to get past the first three scenes. I may still eventually do it, because it's a fun little challenge: I genuinely enjoyed it, so snarking about it is not always easy. Heh. Speaking of, I am so freaking excited for this season to start streaming on Netflix so I can binge the whole thing. It's just been so epic. Depending on how the rest of it goes, it may eventually replace season two as the best overall. And it's already replaced season five as the second best.

The one good thing to report is that tips have been better than ever. I decided to treat myself to a Pony, so getting home from work included time for a trip to Target. They had one Rockin' Hair Fluttershy left, and I snatched her up. I still want to wait and open all five (I'm not getting Twilight) together, but she's practically perfect in every way! Such a fucking hippie. Which I mean as a compliment (mostly), because it really is perfect for her.

So that leaves Appleack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity (who, by the way, I want in that order). I haven't seen any of them in any stores, which is a real pain. I'm willing to get them online, but would really rather spot them on the shelf and be able to take them home right away. We'll see.

RH Fluttershy was the only thing I saw at Target that I absolutely had to have. Still not sold on super fancy Sunset Shimmer (although, if she were to go on sale for less than twenty dollars . . .). I'm conflicted about the pajama party Twilight Sparkle. I really don't care for her outfit very much, but she's actually pretty cute, which is super rare for a human Twilight Sparkle doll for some reason, and her hair is on point, and she does come with Spike as a dog. Pinkie Pie is the only other doll I've seen in this line, and of course I have her, and of course she's become one of my new favorite EQG toys ever, but I do wish they'd make the other four. I mean, just imagine it: Applejack & Winona, Fluttershy & Angel, Rarity & Opalescence, and Rainbow Dash & Tank. At a slumber party. Sleep is one of the only things I love as much as I love Ponies, you guys. I may or may not have Pinkie Pie lying down on the shelf right next to my stack of pillows, and she may or may not be helping me sleep better.

I need to take more pictures of my Pinkie Pie shrine. Group shots and individual portraits. That's something to look forward to when I have more energy.

Also, I need to de-box Octavia so I can shoot her with Vinyl Scratch & Zecora (and, eventually, Photo Finish).

I'm currently almost done re-reading The Wee Free Men for the nth time while one of my best friends reads it for the first time ever. Speaking of Tiffany Aching books, there is going to be a fifth one published this fall. Pratchett left behind a manuscript. My head is all tingly with anticipate.

The new Age of Ultron commercial is insane! I could only be more excited for this movie if I could teleport around the country to watch it with all of my friends. Yes, it's clearly going to be good enough that I'll most likely see it at least four times just in May. Don't even talk to me about the prospect of how Ultron fucking up the world is going to affect Agents of SHIELD, because I really can't wait for that.

However, my enthusiasm for the MCU just barely pales in comparison to my joy for Pitch Perfect 2.

On that note, I really need to stop typing and focus on eating something.

No Words, Just Pictures: Crazy Night In







For the very first time since 2013, my entire collection is completely organized.

This wasn't intentional (or was it?), but you'll notice that my museum display space is divided into color-coded zones.

RED: Funko Vinyls, new arrivals, no-longer-new arrivals that are still waiting to be de-boxed,  and assorted gifts from friends.

BROWN: Equestria Girls, Ever After High, and brushables.

BLACK: Sailor Moon, Mane Six blind bags, and storage.

WHITE: Pinkie Pie shrine, Rainbow Rocks and other EG dolls, empty shelf for books & snacks.

And then the windowsill is for "extra rare" Ponies and blind bags.

I'm so pleased.

Serious Business EPIPHANY

I just had a Serious Business EPIPHANY about precisely how to organize my entire collection.

Unfortunately, all I have time for right now is sharing the pic! I have a Twitter date to watch The Greatest TV Show of All Time with an Internet friend!

Out of the Box: Zecora & Ginger!


Happy Thoughts!
I'll be honest, y'all, Depression has been kicking my ass lately. Primarily because the twentieth anniversary of Dad's death is coming up next month and his birthday just happened yesterday. Because of that, I'm cranky and irritable and exhausted pretty much always. And everything takes forever. Oh, and of course I am all out of energy. Or motivation.

For example, remember how I finally replaced my camera battery a few days ago? I haven't taken anything more than arrival pics of the four Ponies (well: one Pony, one EG doll, and one doll & brushable set) who were delivered right after that. Because I haven't unboxed any of them. Because that requires motivation. And energy.

. . . But my point is, let's try to focus on some Happy Thoughts!

First Happy Thought: "Unbreakable! They alive, damn it! It's a miracle! Unbreakable! They alive, damn it! But females are strong as hell! Unbreakable! They alive, damn it! It's a mirace! Unbreakable! They alive, damn it! That's gonna be, uh, you know, a . . . fascinating transition. Damn it!"
For real, though, if you're not watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, WHY NOT? Do you hate the sound of your own laughter?

Second Happy Thought:
Oh my guts, I love this book so much.

Third Happy Thought: My weekend starts tomorrow! I intend to let myself sleep in until 4:50, then walk a block to rent a bike and fly there. Which is really easy to do, since the trip is mostly downhill.

Fourth Happy Thought: Eating super healthy has really been paying off.

Words & Pictures: Girls Who Kick Ass
"It"s about power."Collapse )

Terry Pratchett Died Today
Some of My Favorite Quotes from A Hat Full of SkyCollapse )

Delivery Update
All four new Ponies arrived without incident!Collapse )

Special Delivery
And by "special," I mean "before noon." Heh.Collapse )

"Watching" Glurr with Equestria Girls!
My new camera battery is here!Collapse )

11 Things I Love Right Now
1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
2. Grilled Cheese For Grown-Ups
3. my new Vinyl Scratch doll (who will be hanging out with Zecora & Octavia in their own little "impossibly cool background characters who sometimes steal the spotlight" corner, sooner than later)*
5. Stargirl
6. Harriet the Spy
7. Agent Carter
8. Amber Brown
9. Blueberries + Apple Grape Juice + Peach Sorbet = One of the Most Amazing Smoothies Ever Made
10. stargazing
11. Ryan Reacts To . . . CHARMED 1x01, "Something Wicca This Way Comes"


Technical Difficulties
Do you want to know one of the secrets to my resounding lack of success power confidence?

Here it is:

At this point, I don't even think of it as "writer's block" anymore.

No, it's just Technical Difficulties, as in: "Oh dear, the chemicals in my brain (the ones that are imbalanced and therefore why I have such serious depression that won't go the fuck away) are having the chemical equivalent of technical difficulties, and that is making it quite impossible to even take my notebook out of my bag right now, much less actually write down a joke."

Good thing I taught myself how to meditate.

Speaking of technical difficulties (and meditating), it's been a few several months since I took a "real" picture. Because my camera battery died. And I didn't bother to replace it because, hey, I wasn't having any creative impulses of any kind at the moment, and wouldn't it be more fun to spend that money on food?

A new one is on its way to me right now, estimated to arrive on Tuesday.

And I'm laughing really hard at myself, because the damn thing cost twelve bucks.

Ryan Reacts To . . . CHARMED 1x01, "Something Wicca This Way Comes"
You might expect "supernatural drama (on The WB, no less) about three grown-ass sisters who accidentally discover that they are the most powerful witches in the history of all time . . . ever" to be the sort of show I would really truly kind of sort of, you know, like.
Ever wondered why I, you know, hate it so damn much?Collapse )

Some Goals for March

  • Add more Zecora to my collection, dammit! I currently only have her blind-bag-sized figure (who came in a three-pack with Pinkie Pie and somepony else) and original glow-in-the-dark brushable. I also want her Pop Pony Pack and EG doll. Speaking of . . .

  • I bought Vinyl Scratch DJ PON-3 yesterday, and now I need Zecora and Octavia to hang out with her.

  • Continue to track down the Rockin' Hair dolls. Rainbow Dash is my favorite from the line, and I bought her a few weeks ago, so now I need everyone but Twilight, and the only other one I've seen in stores is Fluttershy. I will order Pinkie & Rarity & Applejack from Amazon if I have to, but I'd rather not have to, you know?

  • One thing I do need to order from Amazon, though, is a Pinkie Pie coffee mug. Two, actually, so I can keep one at work.

  • And a new Sunset Shimmer wouldn't make me unhappy.


  • Either replace my camera battery or just buy a new camera. That second option may sound a little dramatic, but I have had the thing since 2009.

  • Perform actual stand-up, either

  • a) on an actual stage for the first time in forever or

  • b) on the Internet or

  • c) ideally, both.

  • Photograph every Pinkie Pie in my collection.

  • Write.


  • Continue eating super healthy.

  • Get back into the habit of always having granola on hand at work ~and~ bringing some fresh fruit to snack on throughout the morning.

  • Drink a lot of smoothies. My new favorite is Blueberries + Apple Grape Juice + Peach Sorbet.


  • Go to Half-Price Books and spend more than twenty dollars.

  • Buy a copy of The Lion King on DVD.

  • Taxes, ugh.

  • Read more. Watch TV less.

Grilled Cheese for Grown-Ups
As you might expect, grilled cheese is one of my favorite things to make and one of my favorite things to eat. I typically do it a little different every time, but this way is so good that I just made it for the third time in the last week, and that seemed like the sort of something I should share with everypony.


  • olive oil

  • turmeric

  • two slices of your favorite bread

  • three to five slices of mozzarella cheese

  • baby spinach (or some other leafy green)

  • one tomato

  • one red pepper

  • some sort of frying pan


  • Look, you know I know you know how to make a grilled cheese fucking sandwich, you fucking fuck.

  • The important thing is to FIRST pour a bit of oil into the pan AND THEN assemble the sandwich WHILE the oil gets hot, and add a little turmeric to the oil a few minutes before you're ready to grill the thing.

  • Do I even have to tell you to layer the cheese between the veggies?

  • Huzzah, you're done!

In addition to the fact that it's really delicious, I like this version for two reasons. First, the mozzarella is white and the bread is brown and the spinach is green and the tomato and the pepper are both red. I figure, pretty much anything with that many colors going on is a subtle hint from nature that, yes, this is good for you. Second, I've been eating super healthy lately by "tricking" myself into eating lots of fruits & vegetables, and you wouldn't think grilled cheese would be an easy way to do that . . . unless you're a badass.

P.S. One tomato and one red pepper should slice up into more than enough for two sandwiches. Or, you could just eat whatever doesn't go in the sandwich on the side instead of, for example, fries.


Last night I listened to a YouTube video comprised of every Power Rangers theme song from Mighty Morphin to Megaforce, and these were my reactions:

MIGHTY MORPHIN: Obviously the best. This is not just my (correct) opinion, it's also science.

ZEO: Ugh, I don't like it. It's aurally offensive. My ears are mad at my brain.

TURBO: Mercifully short.


LOST GALAXY: "Great job, everybody! No one forgot their instrument at home, and we all finished at the same time!" . . . Or something. My point is, the song is disorganized and uninspired. If this was submitted as homework for a music class, the teacher would return it with a note that said, "Keep trying, I know you can do better!"

Gosh, I wish this video actually had video, instead of just music and publicity shots.

LIGHTSPEED RESCUE: "Get out of my classroom!"

TIME FORCE: Unintentionally hilarious. Fantastic.

WILD FORCE: "Let's throw some ideas at a wall and go with the first five that stick!"

NINJA STORM: Flawless.


SPD: Tolerable. Frustrating, because it's this close to being brilliant. I'm not really sure what went wrong where, but it was something.

MYSTIC FORCE: This song is so terrible, it makes me feel like the Rangers deserve to lose.

OPERATION OVERDRIVE: Reminds me of Inspector Gadget. Thumbs up. An inspiration to the lesser theme songs, frankly.


RPM: An honest effort, and an honest mistake.

Is this video playing every song twice? Seriously? What a fucking waste of time.

SAMURAI: Is a straight-up remix of the Mighty Morphin song. This is always acceptable. I approve. Well done.

SUPER SAMURAI: A repeat of Samurai. I think.

MEGAFORCE: Another straight-up remix of the Mighty Morphin song! How . . . fun. If not a tad . . . precedented.

This is the theme song for DINO THUNDER. I'm not necessarily going to actually watch the show, but the video makes me profoundly grateful that it exists, because:
The Pink Ranger is a person of color. Which has only ever happened, what, three times? Cassie from Turbo & In Space, that's one; Alyssa from Wild Force, who was technically a White Ranger, that's two; Vida from Mystic Force, that's three; and . . . that's it, right. In twenty-plus years, the Pink Ranger has always been a white girl, with only these four exceptions.
Furthermore, Shelby is the only female Ranger on the "main" team (Kendall is clearly a Sixth Ranger) (although the prospect of the Sixth Ranger being female is its own Big Damn Deal Awesome Thing), and those characters are almost always blonde. Delphine from MMAR, blonde; Tori from Ninja Storm, blonde; Kira from Dino Thunder, blonde; Lily from Jungle Fury, blonde; Summer from RPM, blonde.
Of course, the whole fucking point of why I go on so much about the importance of diversity in superhero fiction is that color doesn't matter, only character, and this POC Pink Ranger Only Girl on the Team character sounds awesome:
Shelby is a rough-n-tumble 18-year-old tomboy who loves to get into the dirt. She's strong-willed, stubborn, and direct, which makes dating a challenge... for the boy. She is clumsy and disinterested in all things that don't involve dinosaurs or being a Ranger.

Also, it's pretty cool that her Zord is the Triceratops.

Also, it's pretty cool that Kendall wears glasses.

And, yes, this is the third time the franchise has done Dinosaur Rangers, but I have zero problem with this. Because dinosaurs are fucking awesome. Frankly, we need more dinosaur-themed superheroes almost as much as we need more superheroes who are neither straight nor white nor human.

In conclusion, I might get high and actually watch this show.

No Words
Thank you, Google Images.

Some Thoughts on TVD 6x15, "Let Her Go"

Holy Heck, Ryan Read a Book With No Pictures

Believe it or not, but I haven't actually read a book in several months. One of my "big" goals for The Year of Yes was to read at least one every month, which got off to a pretty pitiful start for two reasons:

  1. The book I picked pissed me the fuck off. We don't need to go into details, but trust.

  2. My attention has just been Not There.

Fortunately, seraphprowess read it last week and said she'd like to hear what I thought of it.

What I Thought of ItCollapse )

An Update on Food
It's been one week and one day since I moved into this dream-come-true apartment with its gigantic kitchen, and these are the things I have made:

  • Spicy Not-Queso

  • "Sure, Why Not" Vegetable Soup

  • Spaghetti with Red & Yellow & Black & White Tomato Sauce

  • Tomato Tomato Tomato Soup

  • Strawberry + Pineapple + Yogurt + Orange Juice = Smoothie

Tomorrow, I'm planning to make:

  • Spicy Scrambled Eggs

  • Baked Bacon

  • Pineapple + Grapefruit + Blueberry + Yogurt + Apple Grape Juice = Smoothie

  • Grilled Cheese

  • Spaghetti with Alfredo Sauce* & Shrimp Scampi

*This alfredo sauce will have a bunch of vegetables stirred in, don't you worry. Definitely some peas, maybe also a red pepper or some mushrooms. Or, oooh, all three!

Some Thoughts on Glurr 6x03

That title is somewhat misleading. This isn't a snarky reaction to the episode as a whole, although it was so excellent I'm almost not quite so excited that this season is The End of Glurr, if you were wondering. No, this post is going to focus on the revelation omg such drama what reveal #current that Coach Beiste is trans . . .

. . . and I am beginning to feel fed up with all the people who are going on and on about how, while of course positive trans representation in the mainstream is always a good thing, in this case it doesn't make sense because she's had four seasons of character development in which she "looked" and "acted" shockingly masculine but wanted to "feel" like a girl when she was around "actual" men, who could make her feel good by telling her she was pretty and et cetera, so it "doesn't make sense" that she's suddenly transitioning into a man.


First of all, full points for pointing out that positive trans representation in the mainstream is always a good thing, because it can't be said enough. You think Girls Who Kick Ass are few and far between? You think non-white The Hero characters are rare? Those are both true statements, but compared to any trans characters at all who are not just cross-dressing villains, there are more than enough non-white Girls Who Kick Ass protagonists to fill a planet. So any articles about this "issue" should just say, "Positive trans representation in the media is always a good thing," and then get down to the real fun of dissecting Santanna's insult barrage (please note: If Santanna Lopez was a Magical Girl of any renown, her primary attack would absolutely be called Insult Barrage). So any articles about this "issue" that do say more than that are boring.

Because all of them then go on to spend pretty much the rest of their time finding the right words to respectfully point out that, for this particular character, being trans "doesn't make sense" because she's had four seasons of character development in which she "looked" and "acted" shockingly masculine but wanted to "feel" like a girl when she was around "actual" men, who could make her feel good by telling her she was pretty and et cetera, which is problematical for two reasons:

1. In real life, go ahead and tell a trans person it "doesn't make sense" for them to be trans because of any fucking reason. Seriously, go ahead and say the words "That doesn't make sense" out loud and listen to how you sound when you say them. For bonus points, say the words out loud to the mirror so you can listen to how you sound when you say them while watching how you look when you say them.

2. She's had four seaons of character development . . . and a large chunk of her character development has been about "looking" and "acting" and "thinking" and "feeling" like one gender or the other . . . but it "doesn't make sense" that this character is "suddenly" trans.

It's 2015, y'all. Nobody has time to be this bored anymore.

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