Busy Busy
Kind of a lot has happened since I left work today.

  • Went to the library to drop off & pick up.

  • Cashed my second Ayumi Paycheck.

  • Threw a bunch of that cash on my debit card.

  • Went to the pot shop.

  • Penciled in plans for sushi next Sunday.

  • Went to Safeway.

  • Made an epic grilled cheese.

  • Ate it.

  • Threw a tomato soup-sauce-curry in the slow cooker.

  • Bought a new Ayumi and a bunch of other stuff.

  • Including WTW Briar, heck yes.

  • Epic nap.

  • Wrote for one hour.

  • Watched BoJack Horseman with my roommate.

  • While eating some soup.

  • Epic shower.

September: Most Wanted Toys
Serious BusinessCollapse )

I get paid tomorrow, so I'm definitely ordering a new Ayumi (or two?) and a few books and at least one other something for My New Room. We'll see. Now that summer is "officially" over, business has slowed down significantly and tips have gotten somewhat sad, so I'm determined to be super responsible with money . . . all month long.

MLP Catch-Up, Round Two
4x19, "Maud Pie"
Loved it, of course. I will need to get a Maud plush at some point. Every line that came out of her mouth was awesome and hilarious and quotable. Also, she's an Earthbender! Well, an Earthbender who specializes in rocks.

4x20, "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls"
Fun! I always love episodes that focus on Sweetie Belle & Rarity, and this one was no exception. When you think about it, having Rarity for a big sister really must be difficult sometimes. As a bonus, it featured a Luna cameo in Sweetie Belle's dream.

4x21, "Leap of Faith"
I knew where this was going because I've seen the finale several times, but it's still a great episode. I love Granny Smith. I love Big Macintosh. I love Apple Bloom. And I really love Applejack.

4x22, "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3"
Rainbow Dash has been a somewhat polarizing character (for me) since 2x07. Yes, she is one of the Mane Six and I love her because of slash in spite of her flaws, but also she's just kind of a jerk sometimes. So I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this episode! I feel like lots of kids will be able to relate to its message about how there are several different ways to learn, and just because you haven't found the one that works for you yet doesn't mean you're stupid.

Having said all that, it does seem a bit weird that Rainbow Dash wouldn't know everything about the history of the Wonderbolts already, since she has been obsessed with them since forever.

4x23, "Inspiration Manifestation"
First of all, I love the fact that Rarity got an episode with "Inspiration" in the title, since that was almost her Element! (She was the only Pony who had to get a new one because Hasbro said so.) Second of all, Spike & Owlowiscious should have a spinoff. Even if it's "just" thirty-second segments that air over the end credits, I would still watch the hell out of it.

Anyway, yeah, this was another fun episode. I liked how we didn't actually get to see Twilight & Celestia & Luna cleaning up any of Rarity's mess at the end of the episode.

Also, I really loved how oblivious Spike was while getting the book.

4x24, "Equestria Games"
Any episode that focuses on Spike automatically earns a Seal of Approval from me! This one actually gave me an idea for the next time I want to get high and really make it epic. Basically, my idea is very simple: Watch every Spike-centric episode from all five seasons. That is, you know, it.

4x25 & 4x26, "Twilight's Kingdom"
I've seen the epic finale a handful of times already, but had to watch it again because it. Is. EPIC!

Tirek is arguably the most badass villain we've seen so far, who comes the closest to defeating the Mane Six . . . but he quickly loses this distinction as soon as you watch Rainbow Rocks. Heh.

And with that, I am all caught up on season four! I've actually seen slightly more of season five than I thought (the two-part premiere, 5x03, 5x09, AND 5x05, "Tanks for the Memories," which I had forgotten about), but I think I'm going to just go ahead and watch the entire season from start to finish. Not in one day, although that would obviously be doable.

P.S. One thing I really ~need~ to buy ~sooner than later~ is a Fashion Style Sunset Shimmer! She's (obviously) not in any of these episodes, but I love her and this addition to my collection is long overdue.

MLP Catch-Up, Round One
Believe it or not, but I'm woefully behind on Friendship is Magic. I still need to see the second half of season four (except for the Breezies episode and the epic finale) and most of season five (except for the premiere, "Castle Sweet Castle," and #MLP100). I have of course been itching to catch up sooner than later, and that itch morphed into a full-on desperate need after Lori watched the last three episodes of season five and implored me to hurry up and watch them because they are stellar. Today I have watched five episodes (so far), and these are my thoughts.

4x13, "Simple Ways"
Quite possibly my least favorite episode ever. I mean, I do love stories that focus on Rarity & Applejack's friendship, and yes, it did a good job of hammering home its Friendship Lesson about being yourself, and yes, if anypony is going to care about romance at all it is going to be Rarity, but come on, really? Really? A love triangle? Rarity is so much better than that! She's so fiercely brazenly confident. There is no reason she should be throwing herself out the window and (poorly) attempting to emulate Applejack so a boy will like her more. Ugh.

That said, I did really enjoy her conversation with Spike.

4x14, "Filli Vanilli"
LOVE. A capella quartet? Zecora? Reference to season one? Fluttershy pretending to be Big Mac? Pinkie Pie being an oblivious jerk? This episode has everything.

4x15, "Twilight Time"
All I have to say is it's HILARIOUS.

4x16, "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies"
I actually saw this one when it aired because I knew I wanted the merch. I still want the merch, because all I ever bought was the Fluttershy & Sea Breezie set.


I had to verify his name on Amazon, so I have added the Twilight & Sunset Breezie set to my list.

4x17, "Somepony to Watch Over Me"
Never thought I'd say this, but Applejack was actually pretty annoying! It clearly came from a place of love, though, and I liked how it was clear to the audience that none of the mishaps were in any way Apple Bloom's fault, and she could see that too, but from her perspective the whole thing looked pretty hopeless.

Oh, and I was seriously irritated with Scootaloo when she blew their cover.

But I did really enjoy getting to see just how dangerous it was to deliver those pies.

4x18, "Trade Ya"
Again, LOVE. It's another story that focuses on Rarity & Applejack's friendship, which is always great, but this is even more great because all of the Mane Six get paired off into three groups, and the other two groups are Pinkie & Twilight and Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash. Any combination would have been great, of course, but I really enjoy watching how all of these particular personalities play off each other.

Next up is "Maud Pie," which I understand will probably make me want to buy a plush.

Awesome August: Day 31
Paid rent, vacuumed, put away dishes, washed more dishes, AND cleaned the bathroom. Decided to reward myself with more weed. Now I'm gonna have some Cocoa Pebbles while I watch MLP with these nerds.


Awesome August: Day 30




2 Photos of Pinkie Pie


Awesome August: Day 29
After raining hard enough to make tips suck for most of the morning, the weather is now gorgeous. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Okay, I am a little bitter, but I know I shouldn't be, since

  • tips were good enough to get one THC Bomb and one 4-pack named for Captain Picard at the pot shop;

  • tomorrow might actually live up to its name and let me make some money;

  • I will have my paycheck in hand on either Wednesday or Thursday, and I will use some of it to buy a new Ayumi or two

  • (note: unless my math is wrong, this paycheck is going to be kind of major!);

  • I just shmoked for the first time since Monday;

  • I am one of the funniest people alive; and

  • I actually really love rain anyway.

So there. Suck it, weather.

UPDATE: Shmoking for the first time since Monday made me take a nap, then write down a budget for every last cent of my next paycheck, then organize more of my shelves & closet. And it's still only 6:18!

My New Desktop Background

MORE Pinkie Pie!

Dolls & Ponies






Plushie Mountain: My Current Top 10 Wants
1. This is cheating, but I'm going to say "the other four giant Ayumis" because counting them individually would take up almost half of the list. Realistically, I'm probably going to get Shine & Storm in September, and possibly Star as well, and then Surprise can be a birthday present to myself. Heh. Yeah, that is the plan. I've given this a lot of thought.

2. Wakko, the Warner Brother. He's the second childhood plush I have to have again as an adult, and the third is . . .

3. Simba. 'Nuff said.

4. As many other Mr. Flattso plush as I can find. So far, I've spotted a panda, hedgehog, lion, giraffe, and elephant. I'll adopt them all one day.

5.  Toddler Ariel & Baby Ursula.

6. some other Jellycat something

7. five random plush that "somehow" remind me of the Guardians of Kandrakar, aka W.I.T.C.H.

8. Crookshanks! Honestly, he might be another birthday present.

9. Pillow Pets Tiger, who is currently unavailable, grrr

10. Spike, duh! Oh, and Twilight, I guess. I will probably be buying Aurora World Spike the next time I am less broke than I am right now (for example, in a week), and 4DE Twilight . . . soon. Also, eventually it will be necessary to buy at least one plush version of all the Mane Six. And, eventually-eventually, countless other characters.

Plushie Mountain: 10

It occurred to me that Timothy's arrival is even more exciting because it means that Plushie Mountain has officially amassed ten citizens!

Here they all are, from left to right: Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Star, Shadow, Shadow, Serenity, Mr. Flattso the Tiger, Max, Chi, and Timothy.

Pinkie Pie was technically a gift. My former roommate gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas (I know, right?), and it had twenty-five dollars on it, and Pinkie was $23.99. She is, specifically, the 4th Dimension Entertainment version of the plush. There are a lot of Pony plush out there, but this is seriously one of the best.

Rarity was also a gift! Fittingly enough, since she does hold the Element of Generosity. Bonus, she was a gift from someone who got into Friendship is Magic because I bothered her until she gave it a chance.

Star & Shadow were something insane like $27 ~together~ so I had to jump at the chance to get two Ayumis instead of just one.

Shadow & Serenity are my first two giant Ayumis. I'll be buying two more of these ASAP.

Mr. Flattso the Tiger is obviously one of the cutest pillows ever made.

Max was one of my favorite plush from childhood, so it was kind of a big deal to buy him for only twenty dollars.

Chi is awesome because she is actually this size. Heh.

Timothy is obviously very special. Just look at him.

 ~sigh~ I love them all so much.

Meet Timothy
This is Timothy, my first Jellycat bunny.


Much like Ayumis, Jellycat bunnies are available in several different sizes. Unlike Ayumis, every Jellycat bunny is not necessarily available in every different size. But there are many more different bunnies. In fact, there are so many bunnies that they don't have stock names, they're just [color] bunny [size]. Timothy is one of the large ones, which I obviously want the most because they are more huggable. They're usually aboout $60 on Amazon, but I found this one for $11 and snatched him up!

I had been planning to name my first bunny Usagi Anya, but as soon as we saw each other in person he told me his name was Timothy.

Awesome August: Day 21
It's NOT EVEN FINISHED, but setting this up was the most productive thing I've done all day (other than, you know, actually going to work).


Awesome August: Day 17
Yesterday, the third & final day of HempFest, was extra difficult because I had to get through it on Not Enough sleep. Last night I slept for more than ten hours, though, so I woke up feeling pretty damn good!

Today really wasn't particularly exciting, but it was very relaxing. I went to the pot shop to buy two THC Bomb joints, I got some groceries at Safeway, I watched another episode of CHARMED for "research" purposes, I finished Volume 2 of the Sabrina manga. Oh, and I assembled my new bookshelf! I am actually pretty excited about that. It's been too long since I had somewhere to "properly" display all my toys. I'm too tired to do anything else with it today, but tomorrow I'll fill it with dolls & books & Ponies and take a picture.

And now I'm going to get high and then watch some Netflix. I'll probably start reading Volume 3 in bed.

Things I Do When My Roommate is Out of Town

  • Laundry at 3 AM or 7 PM because who cares about anyone else's sleep schedule?

  • Scrambled eggs at 4:59 AM because I woke up at 4 because my body is accustomed to waking up at 4 now, and I was hungry.

  • Watch Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland on the Apple TV.

  • Speaking of the Apple TV, I'm using it to write CHARMED snark.

  • Move 5/8ths of Plushie Mountain to his half of the couch.

  • (Note: As of Wednesday, it will be 5/9ths. Except it won't, it will be 6/9ths, because the newest addition will most definitely be joining us on the couch. Zomg, yes.)

  • Drag a bunch of stuff from my room into the living room and hallway so I can assemble a new bookshelf at my leisure.

By the way: My roommate is awesome. In fact, he's pretty much the best roommate I have ever had in my whole life. I'm just saying, it's fun to temporarily have so much time & space all to myself.

EAH Want List
Way Too Wonderland was way too good, and renewed my WANT for so very many of the dolls. I currently only have six: Maddie, Raven, Apple, Briar, Cupid, and Ginger.

And I want basically everyone else!Collapse )

A few of these characters don't have dolls . . . but THEY SHOULD, so they are staying on the want list until they get crossed off.

Hanging Out




Max & Mr. Flattso the Tiger


Awesome August: Day 14
Actually, "awesome" is not a word I would use to describe this particular day. Sorry, August.


How-ever, there are more than a few things to get excited about! Amazon delivered my new bookshelf, which they had estimated for delivery on Tuesday! My roommate left for his vacation, and I'll have the house to myself until Monday! Monday the 24th, not Monday the 17th! Lori alerted me that Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland is now on Netflix and I need to watch it! I'm tired of using exclamation points, so I'm going to shut up now!

Awesome August: Day 13
Worked, went to the grocery store, came home, watched Doctor What 8x06 while eating lunch, took a nap, finished volume one of the Sabrina manga and read most of volume two, should already be in bed.

HempFest officially starts tomorrow. Hooves crossed for lots of business and lots of tips.

Awesome August: Day 12
Work was kind of meh. "Officially" complained to my manager about the Tuesday closer, which felt really great (this is something I should have done months ago) because it's so difficult for me to, gasp, stand up for myself . . . but it was a rather slow morning and tips were somewhat sad. Also, HempFest is this weekend, so both Wednesday orders were fairly gigantic. Putting them away took so long that I didn't leave until 12:36.

But WHO CARES? When I made it home, the following stuff was waiting for me:And then, a few hours later, MY NEW MATTRESS arrived!

So, yeah, it was an Epic Mail Day. Nothing else matters. Heh.

UPDATE: It turns out this Epic Mail Day was even more epic! My roommate just came home and handed me a package he found in the mailbox! What was in it? Oh, just the first Spider-Girl trade. I haven't talked about it too much on here, since I did just start collecting the trades again, but this is one of my favorite comics of all time. I'm beyond thrilled to be getting back into it.

Awesome August: Day 10
More bullet points.

  • Amazon said they were going to deliver a package yesterday, but all they actually delivered was a text message saying they couldn't complete delivery because of an "address issue." They actually do this quite freuently, but then they do deliver it the next day with some sort of handwritten "address is correct" note on the box. This is obviously not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but it's weird because they also deliver my stuff to this address without incident all the time, so it's extra annoying when they do fuck up. All of which I'm mentioning because they've been telling me since last week that my two giant Ayumis would arrive today, and I really didn't want that delivery to fail, you know? Fortunately, as you'll see in this post, they did indeed make it to me safely & on time.

  • Just for reference, my current Ayumi want list is pretty much a) giant Sunshine & Storm, Surprise, Star and b) the rest of the mediums & the rest of the smalls.

  • This happened yesterday, but I finally read Black Widow: The Name of the Rose for the first time, and it.is.amazing! A lot of my favorite heroes are thrust into doing great feats of goodness because they have these amazing powers. Natasha Romanoff is basically the reverse of this. She's one of the most badass badasses in the history of comics. GIVE HER A MOVIE, MARVEL.

  • Completed some CHARMED snark, which always makes me happy.

  • Watched Doctor What 8x01. Oh my goodness, yes. Twelve is already one of my personal favorite Doctors. I'm still impatient for the day the two-thousand-year-old alien ~regenerates~ as someone who isn't yet another white guy, though. Also, I just love Clara so much. This episode made me want to watch the S7 finale again. Although I can't watch that without watching "The Time of the Doctor," which means I will cry like a bitch when Karen comes back to play Amy for four words, and those four words are, "Raggedy man. Good night."

  • Anyway, Serenity & I are going to cuddle through 8x02. Yes, the rest of the Ayumis are right next to us, but she's so new & so shiny that she just demanded to be cuddled.

Ryan Reacts To . . . CHARMED 5x06, "Sympathy for the Demon"

Giant Ayumis: Serenity & Shadow
My first two giant Ayumis arrived today! They're both practically perfect in every way. Just look:
I need to get a better shot of Shadow at some point. My camera needs to charge and I'm obviously pretty excited, so this will do for now.

And here's the inevitable size comparison pic:
I love them all very much, but the giant ones are clearly the most huggable. Which, since we are talking about plush, is fairly important. I can't wait to order more!


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