Some Thoughts on This Week's Pile of Comics
For less than $30, you can buy six brand-new stories featuring Girls Who Kick Ass every single week!

Just in case, years from now, I want to look back on the first week of Awesome August and recall precisely what I it made me think of these particular comics. Because, you know, I probably will.


Wakko Plush
This is another one who needs to be added to Plushie Mountain because I had him as a child and miss having him around.

I just found out that the show is on Prime Instant Video, but I would rather wait to watch it with him.

Yakko & Dot are also available as plush, of course. I'll probably order them both eventually, but they're at a significantly lower priority level than Wakko.

Jeremy's Visit: Pictures!
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Why I'm Excited for A-Force
Because any comic that features

  • She-Hulk

  • Medusa

  • Dazzler

  • Storm

  • Rogue

  • Wasp

  • Elektra

  • Aurora

  • Monica Rambeau*

  • Carol Danvers*

  • someone I don't recognize, but who looks like her name is probably Iron Woman

  • The Cat, or whatever Tigra was called before she became Tigra

  • Spider-Gwen

  • Firestar

  • Heather from Alpha Flight, whose codename escapes me at the moment (Guardian?)

  • oh, you know, what's her face, who isn't interesting enough to get her own movie (you know, Hulk's girlfriend)

  • Jubilee

  • Moondragon

  • Karolina Dean

  • Snowbird

  • Pixie

  • Jessica Drew

  • Jean Grey

  • Scarlet Witch

  • Nico Minoru

  • and a new cosmic character, Singularity

on the cover of its first issue is obviously relevant to my interests.

*PLEASE NOTE: I sincerely wish we lived in a world where the Captain Marvel movie could be about both of them. Just saying.

Awesome August: Day 2
July was . . . difficult (not bad, just . . . difficult), so I'm hopeful determined that this month should be, well, Awesome August.

Yesterday, the first day of Awesome August, was pretty much ideal: After taking Jeremy to the airport and reading a chapter of Shadows on the way home and paying rent, I basically did nothing all day but eat and watch some WOEE and nap and dream and watch the last two episodes of Orange with my roommate and eat some more and read some more. Oh, I also stopped by the library to pick up Black Widow: Name of the Rose, which I haven't read yet for some unreasonable reason.

Today was probably even better, though.

It was my first day of work since last Sunday, and tips were amazing. Seriously, amazing. That's not even a slight exaggeration.

Went to the comic book shop on my way home, and totally SCORED. I bought

  • Jem #5

  • X-Men '92 #2

  • their last copy of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2

  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4

  • A-Force #1 & #2

Absolutely all of these are exciting, for obvious reasons, but I'm especially thrilled to have Sabrina #2. I already have #1 and #3, but I haven't read #3 yet because I was waiting until I could track down #2. Which has not been an easy wait, since the first issue made me want so much more of this deliciously dark story.

Marched my new pile of comics to the bus stop at 4th & Pike, where I took the 11 to 22nd Avenue and walked to the pot shop, where I bought one joint of Space Queen & one joint of Blueberry Trainwreck.

Then I came home and got in bed and dozed off for an hour, until Adam showed up to shmoke before we walked to the theater to see Trainwreck. On the way there, I steered us in the direction of Big Mario's. Stoned + walking + pizza = brilliant! Heh. We were both a little worried that we were more than a little bit too stoned to ever make it to the theater in time, but then we realized that, duh, trailers take up at least an extra fifteen minutes.

(This was the first time Adam & I have hung out since June, by the way. Kind of a big deal.)

The movie was, of course, beyond hilarious. We were still coming down from our high when it was over, so the prospect of walking uphill all the way back to my house was somewhat daunting, but I insisted that we could do it. And you know what? I was right.

For the rest of the night, I'm going to read more of Shadows (with Shadow) and then solemnly swear that I'm up to no good (wink wink).

My only plans for tomorrow are to read and write and eat.

Things I'm planning to buy this week:

  • Sabrina: The Magic Within volumes 1-4

  • Spider-Girl volumes 1-4

  • (at least) two giant Ayumis!!!

  • more plushies

  • a new mattress

  • Wicked: The Grimmerie

  • (possibly) Elissabat & Viperine OR Sirena & Avea OR Ghouls Rule Clawdeen & Cleo

  • (possibly) FiguArts Jupiter, who was supposed to be a birthday present to myself last fucking year

Ryan and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Just kidding, today was spec-tac-u-lar. Behold:

  • Last day of work before my staycation, which is centered around Wicked Wednesday! Shockingly enough, considering that it was Sunday morning, tips were better than expected. Significantly better.

  • Decided to get high for the first time since Monday. This required a trip to the pot shop. On my way there, I checked the daily menu and did a silent cheer upon seeing Space Queen (one of my favorite pre-rolled joints ever, but haven't shmoked any in months). When my budtender asked  "Anything else?" I did make a request I've never made before, but have often thought about: I asked if there was anything awesome in their Last Chance box, which is full of stuff that has almost, but not quite, sold out. As it turns out, yes, there was anything awesome in the box. Three awesome anythings, actually: some strain of flower, strawberry cookies, and almonds. I chose the almonds (of course), which made my total $24. Spending more than $20 made me eligible for their secret daily special, which was another Phat Panda pre-rolled joint (Phat Panda is the company that makes Space Queen) for $6. I said yes please to that without thiniking about it.

  • Made some tasty noodles for lunch.

  • (Speaking of lunch, tomorrow I'm thinking I might go to Moti Mahal for the first time in months.)

  • Actually worked on my recap of Witches of East End 1x01. Finally made it halfway through the episode.

  • Library sent an email to let me know that two of the books I requested the other day are ready for pick-up. Of course, I forgot to actually go get them after work, but still, it'll be a fun little excuse to leave the house tomorrow.

  • Took a high nap and woke up to some of the first serious rain the Emerald City has had in a while.

  • Made beans & rice & corn & sunburst tomatoes for dinner, which was shared with my roommate.

  • Now, as a reward for having such a great day, I'm gonna treat myself to Doritos & iced tea & Netflix before bed.

  • Yes, I am high right now. And cuddling with Shadow.

Shadow & Star




True Luff
Shadow & I are quickly becoming inseparable. She's pretty much my new best friend.

(Please excuse the not-so-great pic. I took it with my phone, not my camera.)

"I don't belong to the spirits anymore. I belong to myself."

Effing Exhausted
This has been one of the longest weeks of my life. Wait, "has been"? Today is only my Wednesday! (And I'm hoping someone will let me steal a shift on Monday, as well.) I'm getting plenty of sleep, thanks to the magic of sleeping pills, but I'm still tired all the time. One of my oldest friends (we actually met on LJ, way back in 2004) is flying here all the way from Utah on Tuesday, so until then it pretty much feels like time is standing still moving e-x-t-r-a-s-l-o-w-l-y, and we all know how patient I am not.

Anyway, he'll be here for five days (well, technically less; he arrives on Tuesday and leaves on Saturday), and we have tons of fun things planned! For example, guess what we're doing on Wednesday.


Fucking guess.

No, okay, I'll just tell you:
We're seeing Wicked!

I have seen it before, but only once. A second viewing is long overdue. And I'm extra extra extra excited because this is obviously my favorite musical and, if I could pick one person on the planet to see it with me, it would be him. So it's literally a dream come true.

So, yeah, that's why I haven't had too much to say recently. Here are some quick update-y things:

  • I gave up on the only book I've tried to read all month, Bombay Blues by Tanuja Desai Hidier. This is a sequel to Born Confused, one of my favorite books in the history of books, which I was completely surprised to find out she had even written. Why did she write a sequel eleven years later? I have no fucking idea. I only made it to page thirty-something, and then waited a week, and then admitted that I didn't want to pick it back up again, because . . . well, the because is somewhat spoilery if you haven't read Born Confused (which you should!) yet, but trust me, it's sad. Realistic? Yes. Likely? Yes. Disappointing? HELL YES.

  • My process is slow as fuck (shockingly, it's been somewhat of a struggle to find a balance between this & real life), but I am working on a snarky recap of Witches of East End 1x01! Eventually, I do intend to recap all twenty-three episodes. This show is so unintentionally funny. From the first scene of the first episode until the last scene of the last episode, it's just constant DRAMA.

  • Believe it or not, but I haven't gotten stoned since Monday.

  • X-Men '92 #1 is so so so sooo good. I can't wait for the second issue, which will be out on Wicked Wednesday.

  • You know what's even better? Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1! I also have #3, but not #2, which is really annoying, because the first issue makes me want SO MUCH MORE. When they say that this series "takes Sabrina back to her horror roots," they are not fucking kidding! Everything is so deliciously dark. For example, it's strongly implied (twice!) that Aunt Hilda & Aunt Zelda eat human flesh.

  • The new Jem series is lots of fun, too.

  • I have a bunch of random issues of Ms. Marvel, but haven't read any of them yet because they're not in order and that bugs me. I guess I'll have to buy the trades and start from there, then start collecting the single issues after I'm caught up. I really need to catch up soon. I know I'm going to love, love, LOVE Kamala.

  • Know what I haven't done in almost a year (since the last time my friend visited the Emerald City)? Bake a cake.

  • I'm so apprehensive about TVDS7OMG. The other day I had a dream that the first episode was called "The New Elena," and nearly threw up. We'll see. seraphprowess and I are going to drink and snark our way through the whole season together.

I just found out that one of my favorite authors, Sloane Crosley, finally wrote a novel (her first two books, I Was Told There'd Be Cake and How Did You Get This Number, are collections of essays)! It's called The Clasp, and it will be released on October 6th! This obviously WONDERFUL news is actually even more WONDERFUL than you might expect, since my birthday is October 4th, which I'm actually not looking forward to for the first time in my entire life, and the TVD premiere, which is probably going to be all kinds of disappointing because the writers clearly just don't care anymore, is October 8th, so I'm beyond thrilled to be excited about something going on that week.
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Ayumi Be You: Name Changes
Yes, I've officially changed their names when I don't even officially own any of the all-important giant-size ones yet. What can I say, I'm weird like this.

Anyway, these are the first four:
From left to right, we've got Hope, Love, Fun, and Secret. Those names are fine & excellent, but I see (again, left to right) Star, Surprise, Serenity, and Shadow.

The two new characters are Harmony and Talent. Which, again, are fine & excellent names, but I hereby christen them . . .

and Storm.
(They're twins.)

UPDATED: Now with even more rambling about names!Collapse )

Plushie Mountain: A "Most Wanted" Wishlist
Such pics, how manyCollapse )

Recent Buys
Collecting has slowed way down this month in an effort to save as much money as possible by spending way less (#TheStruggle), but I have eked out enough money to buy myself a few things without feeling completely irresponsible. I love them all!
Each and every one of these dolls is awesome, but I'm most excited about the plush. I used to have a veritable mountain of stuffed animals and other plush when I was a kid, zero of which I'm ever going to see again because reasons, and lately it has become clear to me that I need another Plushie Mountain in my life, so that's going to happen over the next few months. Slowly. My collection is currently all Ponies & dolls, with only three plush. Yes, three including the two pictured here. (The third, obviously, is Pinkie Pie.)

Speaking of the two pictured here! They're from the Ayumi Be You line by Nici, and words really fail to convey my love for them. The bigger one is actually just the medium size. All three sizes are obviously adorable, but what I really want is some of the large ones. I'm pretty much spending zero more money on toys for the rest of the month, but as soon as August arrives, damn, I am throwing some cash onto my debit card and getting at least two.

The mermaid doll was an impulse buy at Safeway. I love mermaid dolls, but my collection is currently devoid. I'm most excited for Great Scarrier Reef, which should be in stores this fall (?), but it's not like there aren't plenty of other mermaid dolls I could be buying in the meantime.

Lagoona was my most wanted of the four current Monster Exchange dolls. I want them all eventually, but I really want Isi, who is one of the new ones that haven't been released yet.

Clawdia & Honey are both flawless. Elissabat & Viperine shall join them sooner than later!

That's all for now. I'm exhausted. I've been picking up as many shifts as possible so I'll have as much spending money as possible during the last week of July, when a dear friend is visiting the Emerald City and staying with me for five days. Tuesday was my only day off last week (our schedule goes from Saturay to Friday; I know it sounds confusing), and I picked up a shift tomorrow, and I'm hoping I'll be able to pick up a shift on Monday as well. It feels good when hard work pays off right in front of my eyes.

Steal of a Deal
I just ordered two plush for less than twenty dollars! This is, in fact, such a good deal that I hesitate to reveal anything about either of them. Amazon estimates that they'll both be delivered on Tuesday, and guarantees that they'll be here by Wednesday at the very latest. I'm so excited! I've been itching to buy rather a lot of plush lately, and these two were at the very top of my list. Prime Day is coming up on Wednesday, so Amazon is going to have all kinds of deals on everything, and I hope I'll have some more cash to put on my debit card in time for that, but that is then and this is now and right now I still can't believe I found this amazing deal.

How To Buy All the Weed I'll Ever Need for $112 a Week
The pot shop recently started selling these brilliant little four-packs of joints (available in Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid; all three are quality).

One four-pack costs $28.

I could go once a week and buy four four-packs for $112.

And that is pretty much it. Actually, sixteen joints in one week is usually an awful lot for me to go through in one week (in fact, I could just get three four-packs for $84), but that is the point: I would eventually always have more than enough weed on hand and never run out ever again, which is pretty brilliant.

Yay, routines & responsibility & stuff! Being an adult is so boring.

Oh. My. G-
Season two (the end!) of this show is finally coming to Netflix the day after tomorrow.

Um. Yes. Um. Oh dear. Words fail me.

Basically, this is one of those shows that looks cheesy as hell in the previews (because it is), but I eventually gave it a chance because I will give any story a chance if it is about witches . . . and wound up devouring the first season. Sure, I snarked my way through the whole thing, partly because snark is fun, partly because this is the sort of show where THE SNARK JUST WRITES ITSELF.

Of course, it must also be said that I did genuinely enjoy the show! It doesn't check off all the boxes on the list of Things Ryan Needs to See in a Show about Witches, but it does check off an awful lot of them. I hesitated to dive into the second season (I've seen two, maybe three, episodes?), though, because I just knew it was going to be the end.

I was right. From what I understand, the show ends on a massive cliffhanger. I'm prepared to be disappointed enough to start throwing things, but it should still be fun, because the second season introduces a new villain played by

James Marsters.

So, yeah, this is gonna have to happen. There might even be recaps!

Some (More) Thoughts on My MH Dolls
I've collected eleven dolls so far, and the Clawdeens definitely tend to have the best hair. Original Ghoul, ClawVenus, and Freaky Field Trip were ready for play as soon as they came out of the box. Getting Ghostly will require a trip to the salon at some point because she has gel in her bangs, but it's not nearly as bad as gel usually is.

Nefera's hair is basically flawless. The one thing keeping it from being completely perfect is that IT SHOULD BE SHORTER. She will be getting a haircut eventually.

Cleolei & Scarah both required two trips to the salon, but today they are finally completely dry, and I'm thrilled. Scarah is sporting a bob because she's dressed up like Toralei, and she looks so great that she's quickly becoming one of my favorite dolls. As for Cleolei, well: Again, HER HAIR SHOULD BE SHORTER. She will also be getting a haircut eventually.

Kiyomi is STUNNING. Her hair is sadly less than great, but even so, she's one of my favorites. I mean, I say "she's one of my favorites" about most of the dolls in my collection, and mean it, but she still stands out. In fact, I rather think she will insist on playing an important role in Ryan's Monster High Theater.

Sig Laura is still in the box, partly because of my "one doll must remain in the box until I buy another new doll" rule . . . and partly because she's somewhat disappointing. I got the Original Ghouls version, obviously, but looking at her and then looking at the actual original doll on Amazon makes me feel like I maybe should have waited and bought her instead. Sigh. I mean, I'm definitely keeping this one, but I might set aside $40 at some point and, well, upgrade her. Bonus: Count Fabulous! Heh.
Also, do note that, unlike Clawdeen, the Original Ghouls version of Laura will definitely need to go to the salon. Immediately.

Doll Review: Boo York Nefera!
The Doll Who Convinced Me To FINALLY Start Collecting Monster High is so flawless that her review writes itself, but check it out on Flickr anyway if you want.

Out of the Box: Getting Ghostly Clawdeen
She's not the best Clawdeen, but she is a Clawdeen, so I had to have her. And hey, she was only $13. Now that I have her, I'm actually really glad, because I actually do really like her. She's not quite as flawless as Clawdeens usually are, but she is still such a cutie. She will require a visit to the salon, though.

I edited this one to make her look a little extra spooky.

And this one.

Her shoes are so so so sooo great! The crescent moons are a theme throughout the whole outfit, but turning them into heels is easily my favorite example. Bonus, she can actually STAND UP ON HER OWN in them.

"A wolf needs to accessorize, okay."

Seen at City Target
In other words, this is a list of dolls I'm thinking about buying IMMEDIATELY. Heh.

  • Kiyomi Haunterly

  • Vandala Doubloons

  • River Styxx

  • Avea Trotter

  • Sig Cleo

  • Sig Draculaura

  • Freaky Field Trip Clawdeen

I can't remember if they have Sirena! They definitely have at least one Avea and at least one Bonita, but I'm not sure about Sirena. Which is kind of annoying, since I want Avea and Sirena, but not Bonita. Oh well. She can be part of my next Amazon order.

Week 1 of Collecting Monster High
Today is the first day of Week 2 (which, by the way, is off to a great start), so I thought I should take a few moments to talk about the dolls I purchased during Week 1.

Boo York Nefera (top) finally convinced me to go ahead and start collecting Monster High after observing the dolls from afar since forever. After adding her to my cart, I was pleasantly shocked to discover that I had more than enough money left on my card to also get Casta (who came ~thisclose~ to finally convincing me to go ahead and start collecting Monster High approximately one year ago) and Freaky Field Trip Toralei. I want to get just about every Toralei doll eventually, but her Signature is so rare that it currently sells for at least $150 on Amazon. Thanks to careful study of tanz_fanatika's MH album on Flickr, I know for a fact that this is the second-best Toralei. And, as a skinny box doll, she was only $12.99!

Anyway, I love them all. Obviously. Nefera & Toralei are both pretty much flawless, and Casta would be too, but I don't care for her outfit. Her bracelets are great and the mesh sleeve thing is badass, but her dress is stiff enough to stand up on its own and her shoes are kind of just okay and her shoulder puffs are awkward and the contraption that goes over her shoulder puffs is even more awkward. That being said, I really do love everything else about her: makeup, hair, hands, body, just everything. I wish they had given her a more obviously witchy outfit. You know, less purple & orange, more ACTUAL BLACK. But whatever. She's not actually a witch in my headcanon anyway, she's a fairy.

Speaking of! All three of these dolls will definitely be playing specific characters in Ryan's Monster High Theater. I mean, every doll I buy will potentially be playing a character, and any doll I received as a gift would of course be welcome, but these three are ready to go! So look forward to that.

On Friday, I went to Target and picked up Sig Clawdeen as a post-work pick-me-up! I fell in love with Clawdeen shortly after ordering the previous three. She's an original character, so she has almost forty dolls (so far), and I want most of them. She's consistently a favorite. I don't have a whole lot to say about her yet, but trust me, I l-o-v-e her!

And yes, I already know quite a bit about the character she'll be playing.

Week 1 concluded with Cleolei! Of these first five dolls, she's probably my favorite. I mean, I love them all, but she's Egyptian royalty and a weretiger. Come on.

I will be flooding the Internet with pictures of her . . . after I cut her hair. Which won't be until after it dries. Toralei & Casta both had so much gel in their hair that they also required a visit to the salon, but their gel was nothing compared to hers.

Cleolei will absolutely be playing a distinct character, but so far the only thing I know for sure about her is that, well, she is distinct. She's not going to be "just" a fusion of Toralei & Cleo.

Anyway! Plenty more to do today:

  • Review my Ultimate Monster High Wish List (which will be updated regularly), then post it.

  • De-box ClawVenus, Getting Ghostly Clawdeen, and Scarah as Toralei.

  • Keep taking pictures.

Ryan's Monster High Theater: Ultimate Wish List
* = This doll is currently being considered for immediate purchase.
BOLD = As of today, she was at City Target.
STRIKE = mine

This will require frequent updating!Collapse )

13 Times The Magic of Friendship Saved the Day
1. Never, ever, ever, in all sixty-four Animorphs books. That's arguably an exaggeration, but it's pretty small. Small for an exaggeration. Sorry, I'm having some small trouble typing right now because I just smoked for the first time since Monday* (to get fucking specific: the 22nd, the day after Father's Day, five days ago), so I'm both inspired and uncoordinated.

2. When it was officially announced that Equestria Girls was officially a thing that Hasbro was going to actually do, and that it officially boiled down to "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as human Magical Girls because, hey, why not and we wanna make some Monster High amounts of money, please" . . . well, honestly, I was okay with it, because I had hope that it might give us one thing:
A transformation scene.
Not, as it turned out, just a transformation scene (if there is such a thing as "just" a transformation scene; they're pretty much always kind of a big deal), either, oh no! What they gave us was an epic transformation scene in which Twilight Sparkle takes her time explaining to the villain exactly why she's going to lose because they have The Magic of Friendship, which is "the most powerful magic of all."
Which is so completely fantastic, when you think about it, because this spells things out for us: The Magic of Friendship isn't just for Ponies. The Magic of Friendship isn't limited to Equestria. The Magic of Friendship can redeem anybody.
Also, there's canon Pony Techno.

Honesty + Kindness + Laughter + Generosity + Loyalty = MAGIC

3. YouTube is being distinctly unhelpful on this one, but all seven seasons of Greatest TV Show of All Time are available on Netflix, so you can watch 4x21, "Primeval," whenever the fuck you want. Or, I guess I could just summarize it for you now, since that is pretty much the point of this list. Heh. Anyway, Adam is this big smart powerful crazy murderific scientist demon who is made out of parts of other demons. Yes, like Frankenstein. The thing that finally kills him is a spell that psychically links Buffy with Xander, Giles, and Willow. Because she can't defeat him alone, you see? Which is fucking epic, because they've spent the season growing further and further apart (which, by the way, happens even though Buffy & Willow, who have always been the most connected emotionally, are now roommates), and I cry like a bitch every time.
Also, I always enjoy a good Science vs. Magic story where Science loses.

4. The season one finale of Sailor Moon. Oh my gush. I can't even talk about it, so instead I'll share this awesome "Carry On" video.

I'm particularly fond of the idea that
"Only together we face the fight
Nothing can stand against our might"
5. There are tons of times The Magic of Friendship saves the day in the Magical Girl series I haven't written yet.
Fun Fact: I bought Nefera, my first Monster High doll* EVER, because she got me thinking about one of the Big Bads, who is an alien vampire fairy goddess (I swear, it will make sense in context!) immortal Regina George character.
She's not really a vampire. She doesn't drink blood, but she does suck the life out of people . . . somehow. And use it to extend her own life indefinitely slash forever.

6. There are zero times The Magic of Friendship saves the day on The Vampire Diaries.
Trust me, I know.

7. Why did I say thirteen? I'm tired and I'm hungry and I wanna read the new issue of Jem. This has been fun, but I can always finish it later.

*Because there are other ways to kick Depression's ass, that's why.

Rockin' Hair Group Display!


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